Petco Coupon Policy (Expired, Competitor, Manufacturer + More)

Most large retailers will use coupons to draw customers in and set themselves apart from the competition by offering lower prices.

Petco also uses this strategy and, if you’re interested in using it to get good deals, either at Petco stores or online, we’ve gathered all the information you’ll need!

What Is Petco’s Coupon Policy In 2024?

Unfortunately, Petco has not published its official coupon policy online, but we’ve found information from different sources on what it might be in 2024. Petco does not accept competitor coupons, but it will price match. Petco does not take its own expired coupons. Additionally, Petco takes manufacturer coupons if they’re not expired.

Keep reading to learn all you need to know about Petco’s coupon policy, including where to get them, using expired coupons, as well as the company policy on competitor and manufacturer coupons!

How Can I Get Petco Coupons?

You can get Petco coupons directly from the company website where all the latest coupons are published by the company.

These coupons are updated regularly, and the page actually shows you the current month so you can be certain that it’s not an old batch.

The company also includes important information, such as the expiry date ,and where coupons can be used during purchase.

Each coupon’s expiry date is listed along with when it became active, so that you can plan around when to apply it.

You’re also shown where the coupon can be used, i.e. whether you can only apply it online, at Petco stores, or both.

There are also special coupons that can be used both in a store and for curbside pickup.

This also lets you pick the Petco coupon options that work best with your shopping style and schedule.

On the company website, where there is a dedicated section for coupons, there are a lot of them available for a limited time only, so you should check back regularly to make sure you don’t miss a good one.

If you can’t make this, you can also subscribe to Petco’s emails that will come with a lot of information from the company, including coupons and other deals.

These will likely go into the “Promotions” tab in your email inbox, so check in there to see them when they reach you.

You can get Petco coupons by downloading the app, either from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

Major retailers have their own apps that let their customers do a lot of things, including accessing deals through coupons.

This is meant to encourage them to download the app and become repeat customers in the long run.

Aside from the app, you can get Petco coupons by following the company on social media, where the social media manager regularly posts the store deals.

We’ve found the official verified Petco accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest, where the handle is always @Petco.

You can also find Petco coupons from most sites that provide their visitors with coupons and other deals.

However, this isn’t recommended, as some of these sites give out bad coupons, and you might end up paying for one that will not work when you go to use it.

For example, there are some of these sites that we’ve found where they are giving coupons for student discounts when Petco doesn’t have any student discounts, coupon or not.

How Many Coupons Can You Use at Petco?

How Many Coupons Can You Use at Petco?

You can use multiple coupons at Petco, because the company lets you stack your coupons to get better deals and lower prices.

Our search revealed several customers who do this regularly at Petco’s stores.

Does Petco Accept Expired Coupons?

Petco doesn’t accept expired coupons. As stated above, the company website lists the date when the coupon expires, so you know when it’s expired.

Does Petco Accept Manufacturer Coupons?

Petco accepts manufacturer coupons. In the past, the company had a section on its website that mentioned it.

When conducting our research for this article, however, we verified this through customers that have applied manufacturer coupons at Petco.

One of the customers we found in that search had their manufacturer coupon applied after taxes, despite the ad saying it was supposed to be applied before taxes.

Therefore, you should confirm before using it.

However, Petco doesn’t accept expired manufacturer coupons.

This is in line with the company’s policy for its own coupons, so you should ideally collect ones that don’t have an expiration date.

Does Petco Accept Competitor Coupons?

Petco doesn’t accept competitor coupons. During our search, we found old and recent incidents of customers trying to use competitor coupons at the retailer, but getting turned down.

In place of this, Petco has a price matching guarantee that covers most retailers if you’re shopping at one of these stores.

If you’re shopping online, you can only price match items from the online shops at PetSmart, Chewy, Amazon, Walmart, Target, and Jet.

Does Petco Accept PetSmart Coupons?

As stated above, Petco doesn’t accept PetSmart coupons. Instead, Petco will price match PetSmart both online and in-store.

To know more about Petco, you can also read our posts on Petco employee discount, Petco senior discount, and Petco student discount.


Petco has not published its official coupon policy, but the company does accept manufacturer coupons, and allows you to stack your coupons at checkout.

Unfortunately, Petco does not accept expired coupons or competitor coupons, including PetSmart. However, the company will price match most competitors at its stores and a handful of them online.

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