Petco Senior Discount (Is There One + Other Ways to Save)

Senior discounts are meant to draw in senior citizens to different retailers by making items cheaper for them.

If you’re looking to shop at Petco, and you’re wondering whether the company has a senior discount, read the article below to see what we found out in our research!

Does Petco Have a Senior Discount In [currentyear]?

Unfortunately, Petco does not have a senior discount, either at its physical stores or online in [currentyear]. There are other ways to save money at Petco without a senior discount, including coupons, the loyalty program, getting someone to use their employee discount, and more. There are also different ways to get free shipping, including Repeat Delivery, ordering goods worth $35, or more.

Read on to learn everythingyou need to know about the situation with the senior discount at Petco, alternatives, and other ways to save money without it!

Why Doesn’t Petco Have a Senior Discount?

Petco hasn’t said why it doesn’t have a senior discount, but companies that don’t say it’s because they’re focusing company efforts on helping customers save money using other methods.

How Can I Save Money at Petco Without a Senior Discount?

Petco doesn’t have a senior discount, but there are several other ways to save money at the retailer.

However, these methods can usually only be applied one at a time, so choose the one that gives you the most savings at the time.

You can save money at Petco without a senior discount in the following ways:

1. Using Coupons

Petco has several coupons that give you access to exclusive deals on its items.

You can find them from most coupon sites, but many aren’t trustworthy, so we recommend going directly through Petco’s website.

Petco publishes coupons every month and tags them with their expiry date, as well as where you can use them, i.e. online and/or in physical stores.

2. Petco Pals Rewards

Petco has a loyalty program called Petco Pals Rewards that allows you to collect points with every purchase you make at the retailer.

As a member of this program, the more you buy, the more points you accumulate that can be redeemed for various rewards.

Some of the most popular rewards for members are free pet food and a free grooming service, both of which you get after buying each a certain number of times.

3. Use Free Shipping Offers

Petco’s Repeat Delivery program allows you to get items you buy frequently delivered to you automatically, and on a regular basis with no shipping fees.

For example, if you have a dog, and you always buy a certain brand and amount of dog food, you can sign up for the program and tell them to send it to you every month.

Aside from the free shipping, Repeat Delivery also provides these items at the lowest price at the time of delivery.

When you sign up, you get the first shipment immediately, and you can cancel your subscription any time.

You can add other items to your usual shipment, and they will also be delivered for free.

You can also get free shipping from Petco if your order is worth $35 or more. This offer automatically applies when the items in your cart add up to a $35 minimum before taxes.

4. Price Matching

4. Price Matching Petco

Petco has a price matching policy that you can use to get lower prices, both at the company’s physical stores and on its website.

When at a Petco store, you can get an associate to match the price of pretty much any retailer, which the company does for any competitor, including PetSmart, Chewy, Walmart, and Target.

When shopping online at Petco, though, you can only price match for the following retailers:


Whether you’re at a store or online, you can only get price matching for items that are exactly identical.

You also can’t get prices matched for items that have been marked down at the competitor store, or whose prices are part of a membership and aren’t available to everybody.

5. Use an Employee Discount

If you know someone who works at a Petco store, like your grandchild or one of their friends, you can ask them to use their employee discount for you.

Petco’s employee discount provides 20 percent off on most items, and 40 percent off on items from Petco owned brands.

It can only be used by an employee, so you can ask them to do it from their account when shopping online.

Which Pet Stores Offer a Senior Discount?

Because Petco doesn’t have a senior discount, you should look at an alternative pet focused retailer like PetSmart.

PetSmart has a 10 percent senior discount on services like grooming, but it’s heavily limited and only available on certain days.

There is also a senior discount at PetSmart’s pet sitting hotel service, known as PetsHotel, but it doesn’t extend to add ons, doggie day camp, and bundle packages.

PetSmart doesn’t offer a senior discount on its physical products and most services, so you should look into other ways to save money from the list provided above.

To learn more, you can also read our posts on the Petco employee discount, Petco student discount, and Petco complaints.


Unfortunately, Petco does not have a senior discount, either at its physical stores or online. However, there are other ways of saving money at the retailer without this discount, including using coupons, enrolling in their loyalty program, and using the price matching policy to your advantage.

There are also ways to get free shipping when shopping online at Petco, such as signing up for Repeat Delivery, and placing orders that are $35 or more.

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