Petco Student Discount (Is There One + Other Ways to Save)

Large retail chains receive and maintain their status by offering various promotions and discounts targeted at specific groups.

As one of the biggest pet focused stores in the country, Petco also has its own set of discounts. If you’re wondering whether a student discount is one of them, read on to learn what we found!

Does Petco Have a Student Discount In [currentyear]?

Unfortunately, Petco doesn’t have a student discount, either at its physical stores or online in [currentyear]. Petco also doesn’t offer any special discounts or sales specifically meant for students. However, you can take advantage of many other ways to save money at Petco, including coupons, price matching, rewards, and subscription programs, free shipping on a minimum spend, and more.

Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about why there isn’t a student discount at Petco, and alternatives to help you save money!

Why Doesn’t Petco Have a Student Discount?

Petco likely doesn’t have a student discount because it would cut into one of the company’s biggest sources of revenue.

A lot of companies with customers in the same general age demographic as college students do not have student discounts.

This is because these discounts are meant to draw in customers, making them unnecessary in this case.

They would also mean that the company earns less from a key demographic of customers if they get reduced prices, so they don’t bother.

However, Petco has some other ways to help its customers save money, even without a student discount.

How Can I Save Money at Petco?

In the absence of a student discount at Petco, you can use the following strategies to spend less money at Petco stores or online:

1. Use Coupons

Like other major retailers, Petco has various coupons that you can use to get deals on the items it sells.

There are several sites that provide these coupons, but this opens you up to fake coupons and scams, which is why you should get your coupons directly from Petco’s website.

2. Petco Pals Rewards

Petco Pals Rewards is the company’s loyalty program that you can sign up for to receive points every time you make a purchase.

You can collect these points and redeem them later for most things that you can find at Petco. You also get access to perks, such as free grooming and free pet food.

3. Price Matching

Petco has a price matching policy, both at its stores and website that you can use to get lower prices on identical items that its competitors also stock.

Petco will price match pretty much any other retailer when you’re shopping at a Petco store.

Online at, however, the company will only price match items from the following platforms:


Like most price matching policies, you can’t use another discount or coupon when it’s applied, and it only works for items that are exactly the same.

You also can’t use price matching to save money at Petco if the price you present has been marked down in a discount or other offer, or is part of a membership perk and isn’t available to everyone.

4. Repeat Delivery

4. Repeat Delivery Petco

Petco’s Repeat Delivery program lets you schedule regular deliveries for items that you get frequently with free shipping.

When using Repeat Delivery, you will also get charged the lowest price for the item at the time when it ships to you.

You can also add certain items onto your regular shipment and you won’t be charged for delivery, even if they ship separately.

5. Employee Discount

If you know someone who works at Petco, you could get them to use their employee discount on your behalf.

Petco’s employee discount gets you 20 percent off most items, and 40 percent off items in brands that are owned by Petco.

6. Bulk Purchases

You can put off your purchases, and buy everything online at Petco all at once to save money on shipping fees. If your order is more than $35, you get free shipping.

Which Pet Stores Have a Student Discount?

There aren’t many big dedicated pet stores with a student discount for the reasons described above, so you should look to other retailers.

As of now, Amazon provides the strongest alternative to Petco for people who are looking to get discounts for being students.

Amazon sells a wide variety of pet supplies and accessories, including pet food. You can pick them up using Amazon Prime Student.

Amazon Prime Student costs half the price of Amazon Prime, and you actually get a six month trial of Prime when you sign up.

When that’s done, you can pick up pet accessories and supplies with the following money saving perks:

  1. Free delivery
  2. Exclusive deals for students
  3. Early access to certain lightning deals

Your subscription will last four years, or until you’re no longer a student, whichever comes first.

When signing up, you will need to provide your student ID, and this is what Amazon will use to determine when you’re supposed to be done with school.

To know more, you can also read our posts on Petco senior discount, Petco employee discount, and Petco coupon policy.


Unfortunately, Petco does not offer a student discount, probably because these deals are meant to attract new customers, and students already shop there.

You can use other methods to save money at Petco, such as using coupons, subscribing to their various membership programs, buying in bulk to get free delivery, price matching, following the company on social media for deals, and more.

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