Publix Shoplifting Policy (Don’t Make These Mistakes)

Whether you’re an employee or a customer of Publix, it’s a good idea to know the Publix shoplifting policy so that you’re aware of the penalties if someone’s stealing from the store.

If you’ve been trying to find information on the Publix shoplifting policy, I’ve researched all you need to know so that all of your questions get answered!

Publix Shoplifting Policy

The Publix shoplifting policy is one of zero-tolerance. That means that Publix calls the cops and prosecutes shoplifters in most cases. Additionally, Publix has loss prevention employees who approach and have the right to detain anyone suspected of stealing. Criminal charges include misdemeanor and grand theft and are filed based on the value of the theft.

Do you have questions about whether Publix can detain you for shoplifting or whether it presses charges? Keep reading to find the answers to these questions, plus more!

Does Publix Approach Shoplifters?

Publix has a Loss Prevention department at all stores, operating both in retail and corporate divisions.

That said, loss prevention employees can approach you if they suspect you of shoplifting.

However, suppose the employee is just a cashier or store associate. In that case, they are told not to approach anyone thought to be shoplifting and are supposed to notify loss prevention of the event.

How Do Loss Prevention Employees Confront Shoplifters at Publix?

The Loss Prevention department at Publix operates both in uniform and undercover. So, if they suspect someone is stealing, they may be following you around the store.

Further, once they believe you’ve shoplifted, they can make their move and approach you.

But, it’s important to note that the loss prevention employees must identify who they are when approaching you.

Additionally, loss prevention employees have the right to detain you, but only for a reasonable amount of time.

That said, they’re not allowed to threaten you or use excessive force to keep you from leaving.

Moreover, you’re within your rights to ask for a loss prevention employee’s name, and they must give you that information if you request it.

Does Publix Call the Cops On Shoplifters?

Yes, Publix does call the cops on shoplifters, especially when the theft is of high value since Publix operates on a zero-tolerance policy.

With that, it’s up to the Publix manager and loss prevention employee whether or not they call the cops on a shoplifter.

One of the jobs of loss prevention is to call the cops, which sometimes happens right before they approach the person they believe is shoplifting.

However, sometimes loss prevention employees wait until the shoplifter admits to stealing or gives a statement to the store, which then is given to the cops.

Does Publix Prosecute Shoplifters?

Does Publix Prosecute Shoplifters?

Publix has a zero-tolerance policy for shoplifting, so it almost always prosecutes shoplifting.

Further, loss prevention is responsible for monitoring, detecting, and apprehending those suspected of shoplifting and collecting evidence to be used against the person.

Does Publix Have Security Cameras?

Yes, Publix has security cameras in all of its stores at various locations.

However, it’s unknown how often the Loss Prevention department looks at those cameras or if someone watches them all day.

Further, loss prevention employees look at the cameras when shoplifting is suspected, and those camera videos are used in court during criminal cases.

Additionally, the location of the security cameras varies based on the Publix store.

What Are the Criminal Penalties For Shoplifting at Publix?

The criminal penalties for shoplifting at Publix vary depending on what you stole and the item’s value. Also, it depends on the state you live in since criminal codes can vary.

However, I’m going to tell you about what criminal penalties you could be facing if you shoplift at Publix in Florida just to give you an idea.

Shoplifting Items Worth $100 Or Less

  • A second-degree misdemeanor
  • Can lead to 60 days in jail
  • $500 in fines and restitution
  • Could be sentenced to six months probation

Shoplifting Items Worth $100 To $300

  • A first-degree misdemeanor
  • Could lead to one year in jail
  • $1,000 in fines and restitution
  • Could be sentenced to one-year probation

Shoplifting Items $300 Or Higher

  • A felony offense for grand theft
  • Could lead to five years in prison
  • $5,000 in fines and restitution
  • Could lead to a sentence of up to five years of probation

Also, if you’re shoplifting with another person at Publix, you both could be charged for the items’ combined value, leading to felony charges. 

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  1. Publix loss prevention is a JOKE, I have personally seen no less than 5 different occasions where people walked out of store with 8-10 Delmonico steaks. I’ve reported the theft to store managers / or department managers. Today while waiting to check out I watched as a young man walked out the front entrance of store with both hands full of different items, the irritating thing was that two employees at the self checkout area also saw him and did nothing.
    They told me it was company policy. No wonder that prices at Publix are so high.

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