Roku Return Policy Walmart (Used, Open Box, After 90 Days, + More)

Making a return at Walmart is simple and easy if you follow their return policy, but you may be concerned that their policy may not apply to all items, such as electronics like the Roku.

So, what is Walmart’s return policy for the Roku? If you’d like to find out, keep reading this article to see what I learned!

Roku Return Policy at Walmart

Under Walmart’s return policy for electronics, Roku devices may be returned within 30 days. You will be eligible to receive a full refund as long as your Roku is unopened and you have proof of purchase. Without a receipt, customers can only make an exchange or get a Walmart Gift Card.

Making returns at Walmart is an easy process, so read what else I learned about the Roku return policy at Walmart!

Can I Return My Roku at Walmart?

Yes, Walmart allows customers to return items at any Walmart location at the customer service desk, where an associate will guide you through the process.

If you do not have a receipt, though, visit the Roku store, as store associates may be able to locate your past purchase.

For items that were bought online, you are only able to return them via mail. Marketplace purchases require you to contact the seller to determine the proper way to handle returns.

How Long Do I Have To Return My Roku to Walmart For a Refund?

According to Walmart’s return policy, customers have 30 days to return electronics (including Roku devices) after purchase.

What Do I Need To Bring For a Roku Return at Walmart?

Before you rush out to return your Roku, be sure you bring your photo ID, proof of purchase, and the credit/ debit card used at purchase.

If you don’t have the above items with you, the store associates at Walmart will be unable to process the return.

Do You Need a Receipt For Roku Returns at Walmart?

In general, you don’t need to use a receipt for a return at Walmart, but it makes the process both quicker and easier. Nevertheless, Walmart will allow you to return your Roku without a receipt if you follow specific guidelines.

The guidelines for making a return without a receipt are as follows:

  • Present the Customer Service Associate with a valid government ID card
  • Credit/ Debit card used for purchase
  • Email or phone number used to make a purchase

In some situations, the Walmart associate may look up your receipt with the information you provide. However, if you are unable to provide proof of purchase, you can only receive the following:

  • An exchange for the same item
  • A cash refund for items less than $10
  • A Walmart gift card for items over $10

Can I Return My Roku Through the Mail To Walmart?

At this time, online purchases from can only be returned through the mail and cannot be brought to a physical store location.

Online items can be returned through USPS, UPS, and FedEx, and customers can receive a shipping label for printing online after initiating the refund process in their profile.

How Do I Return My Roku Online To Walmart?

How Do I Return My Roku Online?

Both in-store and mail returns can be started on the Walmart Website, and if you do not already have a Walmart account, the system will guide you through creating a profile.

In order to begin the return process, you must first log in to your account. If the purchase were made online, you would need to locate the order containing your Roku from the one-time purchases link.

Next, you will have the option to begin a claim by clicking on the “start a return” button, and the system will then guide you through the rest of the process.

To complete the return process, customers must utilize the following method:

  • Select the Roku
  • Choose a reason for the return and then click next
  • Select a return method, and you will either receive a refund or a replacement item
  • Review, claim and hit submit
  • Finally, a confirmation email with the shipping label and return barcode will be emailed to you

Can I Return an Open Roku To Walmart?

Walmart allows opened Rokus to be exchanged as long as they are in good condition. However, opened Rokus that have been noticeably used and show signs of wear will not be accepted for return.

Can I Return a Roku That Was a Gift at Walmart?

If you received a Roku as a gift, there are special circumstances to meet before you can get a full refund, and it’s easier when you have proof of purchase.

For proof of purchase, you may present a gift receipt, find the item on your online gift registry, or if the item was shipped to you, you should have a shipping confirmation.

However, without proof of purchase, items can be exchanged or refunded to a Walmart Gift Card.

What If I Need To Make a Return For My Roku After 30 Days?

If you exceed the 30-day deadline, Walmart will not accept your refund. However, you may still have other available options.

Begin by checking to see if your Roku device is under warranty, as devices that have a warranty can be returned to the manufacturer, and they will usually send a replacement rather than try to fix it.

At Walmart, you can purchase a Protection Plan from Allstate that protects your Roku from damage that occurs from wear and tear, power surges, electrical failures, and loss of power.

Additionally, Roku offers a warranty of one year for issues that result from system defects and quality. This does not require a separate purchase.

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