Walmart TV Return Policy [All You Need To Know!]

Televisions are one the biggest purchases you can make for a home, so whether you are looking to buy a TV, or looking to return one, you may be curious about the Walmart TV return policy.

Below, you will find our full guide on if Walmart returns televisions, and if so, what the terms and conditions are. Let’s get stuck in!

Walmart TV Return Policy

Walmart provides returns on all LED, LCD, OLED, and QLED TVs within 30 days of purchase as long as the TV is in good condition, includes all accessories (remote, legs, remote), and a receipt. Customers can return TVs to Walmart without the original box, but it is recommended to bring any original packaging.

To learn more about returning a TV to Walmart beyond the 30-day return period, what to do without a receipt, and more, keep on reading!

Can You Return A TV To Walmart Past The 30-Day Window?

Generally, if you are planning to return a TV to Walmart (including brands such as Samsung, LG, Hisense, Sharp, Panasonic, etc.), you should aim to make that return within 30 days to save you and Walmart staff the potential stress.

If you are not able to make your return before this, then Walmart staff may, by their own discretion, choose to accept a TV return past 30 days.

If a Walmart store refuses your return past 30 days, you can always visit another Walmart store (with a more relaxed view on returns) or escalate the return and request to talk to a Walmart store manager.

If the store manager is still not able to help you, and you feel like you are eligible for a return, you can announce you will make a formal complaint to Walmart corporate headquarters about the store.

By this stage, the Walmart store manager may be more inclined to accept your return. Of course, it is always best to be polite and respectful during the entire process.

Can I Return A TV To Walmart Without The Box?

Yes, Walmart customers can return televisions to Walmart without the box or any original packaging as long as the customer has a receipt and is within 30 days of purchase.

Additionally, the TV must be in its original condition with no marks, damage, and all accessories provided for a full refund or exchange.

To learn more about returning items to Walmart with an opened box or no box at all, see my full guide here.

Can You Return Refurbished TVs To Walmart?

For refurbished TVs, Walmart treats these like any other brand new product. This means customers can still return refurbished televisions within 30 days of purchase for a refund or exchange if a receipt is provided.

Unfortunately, if you purchased a TV from a third-party seller on the website, you will have to take up your returns request with that individual vendor.

Can You Return A TV To Walmart Without A Receipt?

Walmart will allow a number of returns to be made without receipts (including televisions), but this is entirely at the store manager’s own discretion.

If you are within the 30-day return window and your TV return is accepted, customers are generally only eligible for an exchange or store credit.

Additionally, when bringing in the TV for a return, try and bring any of the original packagings, a bank statement, and also a government-issued ID as this can help you in getting a refund.

Can You Return A Damaged TV To Walmart?

This will depend entirely on how your TV ended up damaged. If your TV is faulty straight out of the box, this may be due to poor workmanship, or bad handling on the part of Walmart staff.

If this is the case, and it can be clearly shown, Walmart will issue you an exchange or a full refund for the trouble.

If a TV has clearly been damaged by customer misuse or mishandling, then Walmart will most likely outright refuse the return (even if you have a Walmart Protection Plan).

Therefore, when buying a TV from Walmart, you should be careful with your setup and installation, as drops and cracks will most likely be marked as due to customer misuse.

Can You Return An Opened TV To Walmart?

Can You Return An Opened Tv To Walmart?

Generally, when returning boxed products to any store, it is best practice to return your item in as close to perfect condition as possible. You should aim to have all original packaging, and have the item be in good enough condition to be resold.

If the box for your TV is opened, and clearly damaged in some way, then it may lessen its chances of being resold, and lessen your chances of having a full return.

Because of this, you should make sure to take good care of your TV’s packaging, until you are sure that you will not be returning it.

If you do return a TV with a damaged box (or no box at all), you may still be in with a chance of receiving a replacement or refund, provided that the box’s original barcode is still undamaged and readable.

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Walmart offers a highly generous tv return policy to their customers, allowing them 30 days to make a return. Customers can even stretch this rule if needed.

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