Safeway Gas Discount (Rewards, Points, How It Works, Chevron Coupons + More)

Safeway stores have many varied departments, including exterior buildings for liquor (in Canada) and their Safeway brand gas station, all of which are eligible for Safeway rewards.

If you’re a Safeway shopper and frequent their gas station, perhaps you’re wondering what their gas station discount is. If so, continue reading this article to see what I learned!

Safeway Gas Discount

Safeway stores don’t offer a gas station discount but rather offer Gas Rewards through the Just For U Rewards Program. Members of the Just For U Rewards program can swipe their Safeway card when filling up their car and receive points for every dollar spent. Customers can save their points to gain discounted gas prices.

If you’d like to learn more about how Safeway Gas Rewards work, how the Fast Forward program allows customers to save on gas, and more, keep reading!

How Do the Safeway Gas Rewards Work?

The Safeway Rewards program operates by swiping the Safeway Club Card/ Just For U card every time a customer makes a purchase.

Customers can earn rewards by purchasing qualifying groceries, pharmaceuticals, and gift cards, which can be redeemed at the Safeway Gas station until they reach an expiry date.

Additionally, customers earn a 10 percent gallon reward for every 1000 points they earn (or every $1 they spend). Customers are able to redeem up to $1 per gallon in rewards on one fill-up.

However, customers can only redeem their 10 percent discount of up to 25 gallons for one vehicle per transaction.

The points-earning system will look like the following:

  • 100 points = 10 cents per gallon
  • 200 points = 20 cents per gallon
  • 500 points = 50 cents per gallon
  • 1000 points = 1 dollar per gallon

It should be noted that any points totaling less than 100 will expire by the end of the month they were earned.

Gas Rewards earned can also be used until the end of the following calendar month from when they were earned.

Additionally, customers do not need to purchase gas station-specific items in order to earn Gas Rewards. They can use the rewards earned from any in-store purchase that is eligible for rewards.

How Can I Check How Many Gas Rewards I Have?

In order to check how many Gas Rewards a customer has earned, they can download the Just For U app on their phone.

Under the Rewards section on the app, customers can check how many points they currently have, how many points they have until they earn another reward, and how many rewards will expire by the end of the month.

In addition to showing the Rewards count, customers can also find a local Safeway gas station with the real-time map built into the app.

Can I Use Safeway Fast Forward to Earn Gas Rewards?

Safeway Fast Forward is an option for payment at participating Safeway locations.

Customers can add payment functionality to their Just For U Rewards card, enabling them to earn all points and rewards directly from their checking account.

Additionally, customers are able to use their Fast Forward card to earn and redeem Gas Rewards at any Safeway that uses the Fast Forward program.

Safeway currently offers 2X Gas Reward Points, allowing customers to earn a bonus point with every purchase.

Customers can earn 2X Gas Rewards anytime they pay with their Fast Forward card. The increase in points earned will look like the following:

  • Qualifying groceries: $1 = 2 points
  • Qualifying pharmacy items: $1= 2 points

If customers use their Fast Forward card to purchase gift cards, they will earn 3 extra bonus points for every dollar spent.

For example, purchasing a $100 Safeway gift card will earn 300 Gas Reward points. They earn 100 bonus points for using their Fast Forward card and another 100 for buying a gift card.

What Items Are Not Eligible for Earning 2X Gas Reward Points?

In order for customers to earn 2X Gas Rewards, they can only purchase select groceries. The items that do not qualify for this promotion are the following:

  • Beer, wine, and spirits
  • Tobacco
  • US postage stamps
  • Gas purchases and services
  • Bus passes
  • Fishing licenses
  • Ski tickets
  • Lottery tickets
  • Gift certificates
  • Money orders
  • Event tickets
  • Safeway Club Card savings
  • Safeway coupons
  • Select gift cards
  • Metro passes/ tickets
  • Amusement park passes
  • Fluid items and dairy

In order to earn 2X Gas Reward Points, customers cannot use their Fast Forward cards for gas station products and services. These purchases are not currently eligible for earning rewards.

Can I Use Safeway Coupons for Safeway Gas?

Can I Use Safeway Coupons for Safeway Gas?

There are currently a variety of coupons that customers can redeem for the Safeway gas station. These coupons can be found on websites such as Coupon XOO.

Safeway’s flyers may also offer coupons for their gas station, though this will vary from flyer to flyer. There may be more opportunities for gas coupons during high-sale times such as holidays.

Are There Any Hacks to Get Safeway Gas Rewards?

While there are no hacks for earning Safeway Gas Rewards, there are some methods customers can utilize in order to earn more rewards.

Just For U Rewards members are urged to open a Safeway Fast Forward account, as this allows them to earn double the amount of Gas Rewards points.

If customers purchase gift cards with their Fast Forward card, they will earn triple the regular points they can redeem as Gas Rewards.

Does Safeway Have a Discount for Gas in Canada?

Currently, no coupons or discounts are available for the gas stations in Safeway Canada. However, Safeway has historically offered gas station coupons for Canadians.

Therefore, it is reasonable to conclude that they may offer more discounts in the future. If customers want to stay updated on Safeway coupons, they can check the Safeway flyer.

Unfortunately, Safeway Canada doesn’t currently offer Just For U Rewards. Therefore, Canadian customers cannot earn Gas Rewards or Fast Forward Gas Rewards.

Can I Use Safeway Rewards at Chevron Stations?

Currently, there are a number of gas stations that will accept Just For U Rewards cards. Customers can use their cards when filling up at Chevron, as well as the following stations:

  • Exxon
  • Esso Mobil
  • Shell
  • Texaco
  • Tom Thumb Express
  • Vons

In order to redeem Just For U Gas Rewards at the above stations, customers must inform the cashier before they use the gas pump.

Like the Safeway gas station, customers can only redeem 10 percent on the gallon for up to 25 gallons. Shell stations only allow discounts to be redeemed for up to 20 gallons.

The gas stations customers cannot redeem Just For U Rewards are as follows:

  • Amoco
  • BP
  • Casey’s General Stores
  • Circle K
  • Clark
  • Costco
  • Flying J
  • Kroger
  • Love’s Travel Stops
  • Meijer
  • Phillips 66
  • Pilot
  • Sam’s Club
  • Speedway
  • Sunoco
  • Valero
  • Wawa

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Safeway offers discounted gas prices for Just For U Rewards members. Customers can redeem 10 percent per gallon for up to 25 gallons. As well, they can earn double points by joining Safeway’s Fast Forward program.

Customers can redeem points by swiping their card at the gas pump. Gas station products and services do not qualify for earning Gas Station Rewards.

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