Safeway Shoplifting Policy (Loss Prevention, Cameras, Tracking, Pressing Charges + More) 

Shoplifting is a major problem for many retail and grocery stores, and the way that many of these businesses approach store security is limited. 

If you’re a customer at Safeway, perhaps you’re wondering what their policy is for theft. If so, continue reading this article to see what I learned!

Safeway Shoplifting Policy 

The way Safeway deals with shoplifters will vary per store and the province or state in which the store is located. While some Safeway stores employ security guards and regularly check for shoplifters, other Safeway locations are limited in how they can deal with shoplifters and cannot always stop theft in action. 

If you’d like to learn more about how Safeway approaches shoplifters, if they use security cameras, if they press charges, and more, continue reading for more useful information.  

Does Safeway Approach Shoplifters?

Safeway employees in most store locations are held to very strict rules when it comes to apprehending shoplifters.  

For example, Safeway cashiers are not allowed to approach a suspected shoplifter. Instead, they are asked to report their suspicion to a supervisor or manager, who will then monitor the situation.  

If the shopper appears to be stealing (for example, filling a cart and walking toward the exit), management has until the person has exited the store to approach and confront them. 

However, if the shoplifter manages to exit Safeway before the manager can confront them, Safeway cannot run after the perpetrator or press matters further.  

Can Safeway Employees Apprehend Shoplifters?

Company-wide, Safeway employees who are not managers or supervisors cannot approach shoplifters.

If a cashier sees a theft, they are to report it to their store manager. 

Additionally, if a cashier or other lower-level employee approaches a shoplifter, they can be disciplined or even fired for doing so. 

This rule has been put in place to prevent an employee’s injury. There is a risk of armed shoplifters, and Safeway will not permit such an unsafe situation.  

The employee’s safety will always be placed above the value of the loss from a shoplift, as Safeway doesn’t consider an employee’s injury to be worth less than their products. 

According to a current Safeway employee, if the items stolen are valued below $900, the Safeway manager may not take further action and instead give them a ticket. 

However, other Safeway stores treat shoplifters more severely.

Often, they will be required to pay a fine and will not be allowed to re-enter the store for a certain period of time.  

How Does Safeway Deal With Shoplifters?

How Does Safeway Deal With Shoplifters?

If Safeway manages to apprehend a shoplifter before they exit the store, they will deal with the situation in varying ways depending on the amount stolen and the manager’s discretion. 

According to two previous shoplifters, some Safeway stores will ask the shoplifter to step into the manager’s office. This will usually be handled discreetly and by security or management. 

Once management has calculated the value of how much was stolen, they will decide how to proceed, and will usually require that the shoplifter pay a fine.  

Safeway requires shoplifters to pay a fine ranging between $50- $500. The amount the shoplifter is required to pay will depend on the value of how much they stole. 

One example of a Safeway shoplifter had the perpetrator pay a $300 fine for a theft valued at $50. The amount to be paid will be served through mail and must be fulfilled by a certain time. 

After expressing their disciplinary action against a shoplifter, Safeway may enforce a company-wide ban on them entering the store.  

The ban can be anywhere from 1 year to a lifetime, depending on the severity of the shoplift. Safeway may also require shoplifters to sign a paper confessing to their theft.  

Does Safeway Press Charges Against Shoplifters?

Safeway may decide to press charges against a shoplifter depending on the severity of the situation.

They will, however, usually let shoplifters off with a warning.  

Provided that the shoplifter doesn’t return to the store for the duration of their ban, Safeway will often refrain from pressing matters further and may not inform the local authorities.  

Further still, if the amount Safeway requires shoplifters to pay is not paid by its due date, Safeway may exercise their right to take civil action against them in a court of law.  

A shoplifter being brought to trial by Safeway is rare. Still, shoppers who may be inclined to steal should be aware that Safeway reserves the right to press charges after the fine is paid in full. 

Does Safeway Use Security Cameras?

According to various Safeway employees, Safeway does have security cameras installed. However, many stores do not closely monitor their cameras and rarely check recordings. 

For this reason, shoplifters will often go undetected in Safeway stores, making some locations more vulnerable to theft than others that closely monitor security.  

Many Safeway stores will regularly monitor their security cameras, and some Safeway stores have security guards employed on a regular basis to prevent any theft.  

However, if a customer suspects anything untoward or unsafe from a shopper, they can discreetly approach a store associate or the manager and express their concern.

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The way Safeway handles shoplifting will vary per store location. S

ome Safeway stores employ security guards and regularly monitor their cameras to keep a close eye on shoppers who appear suspicious so that they can be apprehended.

Some Safeway stores, however, are less attentive to shoplifting, and put a larger emphasis on the safety of their employees by not allowing associates to apprehend shoplifters.

Only managers, supervisors and security guards are allowed to approach.

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