Uber Eats Dress Code (Can You Wear Anything While Delivering?)

Uber Eats promises anyone that signs up to be a delivery driver complete control over several aspects of the job.

If you’re wondering whether this level of freedom extends to the dress code, read on to see what I found out in my research!

Uber Eats Dress Code In 2024

Uber Eats does not have a dress code, so you can wear anything you want while delivering in 2024. Uber Eats classifies its delivery drivers as independent contractors, and, under US law, this means that they’re considered self-employed. Companies with this kind of structure cannot make workers follow a dress code or wear a uniform.

Read on to learn everything you need to know about Uber Eats’ dress code, including what’s best to wear, a look at other aspects of the job, and more!

What Should You Wear When Delivering For Uber Eats?

Since Uber Eats does not have a uniform or a dress code, what you wear comes down to what you want.

Still, I recommend you wear clothing that makes the job easier. For example, get comfortable, breathable shoes if you can.

If it’s hot out, you can wear shorts to keep cool. In contrast, you should keep warm when it’s cold, but it’s ideal to use clothing that you can take off easily if you have to do it inside the car.

For example, a hoodie with a zipper can keep you warm until it gets hotter outside, at which point you can take it off even while driving without obscuring your vision.

Also, you could look for something that identifies you out from a crowd, so you’re not stuck waiting at restaurants when they’re busy.

For this, a branded Uber Eats hat would work because you can take it off and put it back on only when you need it.

However, Uber Eats does not provide these, but you could buy one from sites like Amazon and Etsy.

Additionally, I recommend keeping a waterproof jacket or poncho in your car where you can access it easily.

Still, I’ve found some reports from Uber Eats drivers that say business casual outfits get them better tips and treatment at restaurants, but a lot say that what you wear doesn’t make much of a difference.

Whatever you wear, make sure you’re clean because customers value hygiene when it comes to who handles their food, and your appearance might be the difference between a positive and negative review.

What Can’t I Wear When Delivering Uber Eats?

What Can’t I Wear When Delivering Uber Eats?

Without a dress code, it’s on the drivers to decide what to wear and what to avoid when doing Uber Eats.

However, I recommend avoiding clothing items that could offend some people because this could result in low ratings and eventual deactivation.

Also, since what constitutes offense varies between people, you should try to go for plain clothing and avoid anything with symbols or messages.

Moreover, you should avoid clothing that won’t be comfortable if you wear it for long periods or that isn’t good for walking in.

For example, you should avoid dress shoes because they would be a pain if you had to walk up several flights of stairs.

Does Uber Eats Provide Equipment?

Unfortunately, Uber Eats does not provide equipment for drivers except for a few reusable face masks from time to time.

So, unlike other food delivery services of its size, Uber Eats does not send new drivers a welcome or starter kit, so drivers need to buy everything themselves.

What Equipment Do You Need For Uber Eats?

Uber Eats recommends equipment intended to make it easier to transport large orders, maintain the food’s temperature and increase safety.

For people doing deliveries on motorbikes, scooters, bicycles, or anything else with two wheels, Uber Eats recommends the following equipment:

  1. Helmet
  2. Insulated delivery bag: this is what people refer to as a hot bag, and it helps you get more positive reviews
  3. Reflectors or lights: these help you become more visible at night to other motorists
  4. Phone mount: this holds up your phone, so you can follow the GPS without having to use your hands
  5. Flashlight: this helps you see pathways, house numbers, etc. better at night

For people using regular cars, Uber Eats recommends the following equipment:

  1. Insulated delivery bag
  2. Phone mount placed where it makes your phone visible while driving so you don’t have to take your eyes off the road
  3. Flashlight to make it easier to see at night when you’ve left the car
  4. Extra drink holders that can be attached to the vents or center console to prevent spills

Additionally, Uber Eats has an official shop where you can buy these and more equipment, but you can look around elsewhere to see if you can find better deals.

Further, since you don’t have to buy directly from the company or use the branded versions of these items, you have more options for where you get and use the equipment you buy.

Uber Eats Vehicle Requirements

Currently, Uber Eats does not require you to have any company branding on your vehicle.

Still, you can order branded stickers and similar decals for your car online, but they’re so regulated that it’s often not worth having them.

To know more, you can also read our posts on Uber Eats privacy policy, Uber Eats DUI policy, and does Uber Eats pay for gas.


Uber Eats does not have a dress code since the drivers are classified as self-employed independent contractors.

Therefore, you can wear whatever you want when delivering, but it’s best to keep your clothing when doing Uber Eats plain, practical and comfortable.

Also, Uber Eats does not provide a welcome kit, so you’d have to pay for any branded clothing or equipment.

Lastly, you don’t have to mark your Uber Eats vehicle with a company sticker or decal if you don’t want to.

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