Used Amazon Vans for Sale (Can You Buy Them + Other FAQs)

Many people have questions about buying used Amazon vans. If you are interested in driving for Amazon or starting a carrier business, this may interest you!

This guide will discuss if Amazon sells its used delivery vans, where you can find used Amazon vans, and more, so keep reading for more interesting facts!

Does Amazon Sell Used Vans In [currentyear]?

Amazon doesn’t sell used vans; however, drivers can lease them through the delivery service partner program, where carriers use leased vehicles to make Amazon deliveries, and can earn up to $300K. This program is beneficial because Amazon covers the maintenance of vehicles, and carriers have access to tools to help grow their business in [currentyear].

If you would like to find out more about accessing used Amazon vans for deliveries or programs that don’t require Amazon vans, and other useful facts, keep reading!

Does Amazon Sell Used Delivery Vans?

At this time, Amazon does not sell its used delivery vans. However, drivers can lease vans through its lease program.

With the Delivery Service Partner program, carriers can lease Amazon vans and do deliveries with them.

Is Leasing an Amazon Van Through the Delivery Service Partnership a Good Idea?

Leasing vans from Amazon is a good idea for several reasons.

First, drivers can lease a large fleet of vans, and Amazon Delivery Service Partners can lease a fleet of up to 40 Amazon delivery vans.

Not only does Amazon help with leasing, but it also provides many value-added tools to help make your business successful. Business owners will have access to the following:

  • A dedicated business coach
  • Employee uniforms
  • Vehicle insurance
  • Other operational tools to help the business run efficiently

Once you have decided to join the DSP program, it’s a simple three-step process to begin!

First, visit the DSP website to determine if your location is currently accepting new applications.

Next, before applying, applicants must watch a short 7-minute application webinar and download the Resume and Application Tips guide.

Finally, the applicant will create an account and submit their application.

Once approved, DSPs can see annual profits as high as $300K a year!

Besides having high earning potential, Amazon will also handle all of the maintenance on its vehicles, so there are no surprises.

This eliminates any hiccups or worries about getting vans serviced.

What Should Carriers Look for When Leasing a Used Amazon Van?

What Should Carriers Look for When Leasing a Used Amazon Van?

When leasing a used van, there are several things carriers will want to consider.

First, carriers will need to think about the size of the van. Will it be big enough to carry cargo? 

Next, carriers will need to check if the van has air conditioning, since some products must have a cold environment while shipping.

Also important is how far the van can go on a full tank of gas.

Another essential factor to consider is the safety features, like how well the brakes work, and if there are any issues with the tires.

How Much Is an Amazon Prime Van?

Currently, available models of Amazon vans are based on the 2018 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 2500, which has a base price of $50,860.

Do Amazon Drivers Buy Their Own Vans?

Although Amazon has drivers that work directly with the company, some Amazon drivers are independent contractors and are required to own their vans.

Delivery Service partners don’t buy their own vans, but they are required to lease them from Amazon.

Likewise, Amazon Flex drivers must have vehicles that meet the eligibility requirements for the program.

What Is Amazon Flex?

Another program created to assist with Amazon deliveries is Amazon Flex.

If you cannot afford the price of leasing an Amazon Van or the startup cost for the DSP program, Amazon Flex may be a more affordable option for you. 

With this program, drivers can use their own vehicles to deliver Amazon packages.

At this time, drivers with motorcycles, motorized bicycles, or scooters are ineligible for the program.

For Amazon Prime orders, any vehicle is eligible that can safely handle a delivery.

However, deliveries must be made using a 4-door, mid-sized sedan or larger vehicle, such as a truck with a covered bed, SUV, or a van.

Small or compact-sized vehicles and those with open beds are ineligible.

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Amazon does not sell used vans to Independent contractors who deliver for the company. Instead, these contractors can enter into a partnership with Amazon through the DSP program to lease a used van.

Amazon’s Delivery Service partnership program provides a cost-effective and convenient option for businesses looking to lease vans for deliveries. It offers vehicles at competitive rates with flexible lease terms, and the vehicles are delivered right to your business.

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