Verizon Bloatware (List of Apps + How to Remove)

If you’ve ever purchased a smartphone, especially Android, then you know that there is a lot of bloatware on the device, but the bloatware amount fluctuates between carriers.

Someone considering Verizon might want to know what the Verizon bloatware is, and how to remove it, which is what I’ll explain to you below, so keep reading to learn how to get rid of it!

What Is Verizon Bloatware In [currentyear]?

Verizon bloatware comes preinstalled on all Verizon devices, and isn’t needed to run your device properly, such as Verizon Navigator, Slacker, and NFL Mobile in [currentyear]. Additionally, Verizon installs apps like DT Ignite on your device, which is important to get rid of, as it can install other bloatware on your device without your permission.

Do you want to know more about Verizon bloatware on your phone, and how to get rid of all of it quickly? Well, keep reading, because I’ll go over all of that and more!

List of Verizon Bloatware Products:

  1. Slacker
  2. Go90
  3. Verizon Cloud
  4. Digital Secure
  5. VZ Protect
  6. Verizon Navigator
  7. Visual Voicemail
  8. NFL Mobile
  9. Verizon Login
  10. My Verizon Mobile
  11. Caller Name ID
  12. Verizon Tones
  13. DT Ignite

Additionally, if you have purchased a Samsung device through Verizon, Samsung has a huge list of bloatware you can safely remove from your device, including the following:

  • Samsung Books
  • Samsung Clock
  • Samsung Notes
  • Samsung Games
  • Samsung Health
  • Samsung Pay
  • Samsung TV Plus
  • Samsung Weather
  • Samsung Hub
  • Samsung Galaxy Friends
  • Samsung Store
  • Samsung Shop
  • Samsung Email
  • Samsung Max
  • Samsung Cloud
  • Yahoo News
  • Yahoo Stock
  • Voice Recorder
  • Samsung Autofill
  • katana
  • system
  • appmanager
  • services
  • Flipboard
  • Dictionary
  • Discover
  • Themes
  • Game Launcher
  • Bixby
  • Snapchat
  • Google Duo
  • Digital Wellbeing
  • Pandora
  • Pluto TV
  • Google Pay
  • Samsung Members
  • Bleacher Report
  • foxnextgames.m3
  • Google Mobile Printing
  • Aetherpal.device
  • Playstudios.popslots
  • Sec.penup
  • Wavemarket.waplauncher
  • synchronoss.dcs.att.r2g
  • Samsung Emoji updater
  • Samsung AR Emoji
  • Stickers for AR Emoji

However, this is just a small list of some of the most common Samsung bloatware you’ll find on your device, which is preinstalled, even if you purchase it from Verizon.

What Programs are Considered Bloatware?

What Programs are Considered Bloatware? Verizon

If you’re trying to get rid of Verizon bloatware, but are having issues finding which apps are bloatware beyond the Verizon apps themselves, then look for some of the following:

  • Game Centers
  • Games (Poker, Slots, Candy Crush, and other games)
  • Sports apps (NFL Mobile, ESPN, Fox Sports)
  • Navigation apps (Verizon Navigator)
  • Map apps
  • Video apps
  • Messaging apps
  • Productivity assistants
  • Weather apps (AccuWeather)
  • Fitness apps
  • Video players
  • Music apps
  • Money apps
  • Health apps
  • Toolbar apps
  • Productivity apps
  • Financial apps
  • Facebook (Facebook Messenger, Facebook app)
  • Wallpapers
  • Update app (usually for the operating system)

Should I Disable or Remove Verizon Bloatware?

When it comes to whether to remove or disable the Verizon bloatware, you’ll have to consider whether you might use the app later or not, such as My Verizon or Verizon Cloud.

Furthermore, just disabling the bloatware still keeps the app from running in the background, and it won’t take up any RAM, so it’s a great option if you just want to get rid of it all for now.

However, there are some apps that you cannot remove from your device, nor can you disable them, even if you don’t have a use for them, since they are needed to run the device.

If you cannot disable an app on your Verizon phone, then it’s likely because it’s needed for the system to run, so don’t try to force remove an app, as it could cause problems with your device.

How Do I Get Rid of Verizon Bloatware?

If you want to get rid of Verizon bloatware by disabling it, then it’s simple to do by following the steps below:

  1. Go into “Settings”
  2. Select “Applications”
  3. Select “Application Manager”
  4. Find the app you’d like to disable and select it
  5. Tap on “Storage,” and then select “Clear cache and data”
  6. Go back
  7. Select “Disable” to disable that app

Additionally, quite a few Verizon bloatware apps can be simply uninstalled from your device by using the following guide:

  1. Go into “Settings”
  2. Find “Applications,” and select that
  3. Tap “Application Manager”
  4. Look for the app you want to uninstall and click that app
  5. Go to the bottom and select “Uninstall”

However, all devices are a little different, so the process for disabling or uninstalling an app will vary by device.

Nevertheless, the process is generally the same by going into Settings and then Apps.

You might have to choose “See All Apps” to see all of the apps on your device.

Additionally, some devices separate the apps by whether you installed them yourself, or if they were pre-installed on your device, depending on which one you own.

Therefore, if your device allows you to choose preinstalled apps, it’s going to help you find the bloatware apps and remove them quicker and easier.

To learn more, you can also read our posts on why is Verizon so expensive, Verizon carrier update, and Verizon app manager.


Verizon bloatware is fairly common, and is safe for you to get rid of, although some you may want to choose to disable and not uninstall, just in case you want to use the app later.

For example, you may want to disable Verizon Cloud if you want to use it at a later time, but will want to uninstall apps like DT Ignite or Verizon Navigator, as they are not useful apps.

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