Buying Bread From Walmart (7 Things You Need To Know)

The convenience of an American hypermarket is that a shopper can make just one stop and purchase motor oil in the same place as baked beans.

So it can be a bit off-putting to buy bakery bread from Walmart, the same place where you can get your tires rotated.

But if you haven’t at least tried Walmart’s baked in-store bread, you could be missing out. There is a variety and a quality that might surprise you.

Here is all you need to know about Walmart bread from their in-store bakery.

Buying Bread From Walmart

Is Walmart Bread Baked In Stores?

According to a self-proclaimed customer service manager at Walmart, the stores do bake some of their bread on-site.

This includes French bread, Italian bread, baguettes, and rolls.

Another employee added that the bread arrives at the store in dough form (possibly frozen?); from there, it is baked in-store and packaged and put out for sale in the bakery area.

What Types of Bread Does Walmart Sell?

Walmart carries a surprising selection of fresh-baked breads from their in-store ovens.

Selection will vary by store, but on the whole, the types of bread from the in-store oven include:

  • French bread
  • Italian bread
  • French baguettes
  • Sourdough bread
  • Dinner rolls
  • Pretzel rolls
  • French bread toast/crostini
  • Pumpernickel loaves

What Kind Of Artisan Bread Does Walmart Sell?

What Kind Of Artisan Bread Does Walmart Sell?

Every individual Walmart’s selection of artisan loaves will differ, but here are some examples of the artisan loaves you could often find in stock.

Under the Marketside label, you might find brioche rolls, perfect for a fancy hot dog night or to elevate sub sandwiches.

The Freshness Guaranteed label carries all specialty loaves, including a garlic herb French bread.

Another great option from Freshness Guaranteed is the hard rolls with Everything bagel-type topping.

And if you’re lucky, you can pick up a Marketside label cranberry pecan loaf, pre-sliced and perfect for breakfast with a cup of coffee.

Again, the selection of artisan loaves will vary based on a number of factors, like location, time of day/week/month/year, or even what the warehouse sends out.

But keep your eyes peeled, and you can snag a fancy bread treat for the everyday low Walmart price.

How Much Does Walmart Bread Cost?

Speaking of prices, Walmart’s business model of selling everything under the sun for some of the lowest prices on the market certainly extends to their bakery bread.

Most loaves of bakery-fresh bread cost less than $5.

Freshness Guaranteed label breads range from $1.00 to $2.97. In fact, you can pick up an Italian loaf for just a dollar!

The Marketside loaves, which mimic the artisan loaves you’d find at small, boutique bakeries, start around $1.74 for baguettes and rise to $3.98 for items like brioche buns or pretzel buns.

It’s safe to say that you will not spend more than $5 for a single loaf from Walmart’s in-store bakery.

Is Walmart Breasy Any Good?

Is Walmart Breasy Any Good?

In a word: yes!

Okay, individual tastes will vary, but Walmart has received some pretty mighty praise for their in-store bakery bread.

For example, on, where people leave honest reviews of products, Walmart’s French bread has an almost-perfect score.

With 4.7 out of 5 stars, commenters leave reviews like “Walmart bakery bread is amazing…it tastes really good, and it’s inexpensive.”

Another added, “I always stop by the bread section and grab a loaf of the garlic herb! Soo delicious…”

A third fan said, “This French bread is so good when you get it still warm and fresh. It doesn’t have a hard outer crust, so tearing apart and eating is easy.”

These reviews even caught the eye of the writers at, who wrote a whole little feature on it.

One lucky writer at was on a mission to taste-test Walmart’s selection of bakery bread.

Dan Kane picked up the Everything Italian loaf and shared it among colleagues.

One person said, “Fresh and surprisingly delicious. I was not expecting such a great garlicky flavor.”

On the cheese bread, they agreed that toasting it was the best way to enjoy it and that once toasted, it was super flavorful.

However, the wheat Italian loaf didn’t fare so well; they found it drier and less unique than the other two.

From my own personal experience with Walmart’s bread, I think most of it is a step above what you’d find on the bread shelves in the grocery aisles.

I especially enjoy and appreciate their French bread and baguettes – they’re perfect with pasta or soup.

And I like that Walmart sells some of their breads intact, so you can use the loaves whole if you want or ask a bakery associate to slice them if you prefer.

Des Walmart Sell Keto Bread?

Des Walmart Sell Keto Bread?

From my research, it appears Walmart does not bake its own keto bread.

This is a shame, as fresh-baked bread that falls under any of Walmart’s bakery labels would no doubt cost much less than store-bought.

However, Walmart carries several store-bought options, including a 40-calorie keto-friendly honey wheat from Nature’s Own and Keto Culture hamburger buns.

Now that you know Walmart’s bread, you can also check our related posts on Walmart bakery cakes, Walmart cupcakes, and getting Walmart donuts.


Thanks to their everyday low prices, Walmart sells plenty of affordable, freshly baked breads and rolls, none of which cost more than $5.

Some of these options are quite fancy for what you might expect at Walmart, and many of them are delicious, especially their French bread.

Stop and take a look around their bakery department the next time you’re shopping – who knows what delicious loaf you might find!

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