Walmart Late Delivery Compensation (How To Get Compensated + Other FAQs)

The face of retail has changed so much in the last two decades; whereas we used to visit brick-and-mortar stores whenever we needed something, now we can order everything from home and expect it to show up as quickly as within a few hours.

Walmart competes with Amazon in several ways, including fast shipping for online orders. But what can you do if your delivery order is delayed and arrives later than the given arrival date? Does Walmart owe you money? Let’s take a closer look.

Walmart Late Delivery Compensation

Walmart’s late delivery compensation is not a formal practice, but shoppers can receive compensation nonetheless if they express their displeasure to the company. While legally, Walmart is not under any obligation to recompense shoppers for delayed deliveries; the retail giant has a long history of going above and beyond for customer satisfaction.

To find out more about how you can initiate compensation for late delivery from Walmart, what Walmart’s two-day shipping policy entails, and why Walmart’s delivery seems like it takes so long, see below!

How Can You Get Compensated For A Walmart Late Delivery?

As I mentioned, Walmart is locked in an eternal struggle with the absolute retail megalith that is Amazon.

Prime members get free two-day shipping on millions of offers, so to sweeten their pot, Walmart has started to offer a similar shipping deal on select items for orders over $35.

Before you get any disproportionate ideas about compensation, it is highly unlikely that Walmart will actually reimburse you for the entire order.

However, if you are polite and straightforward, you could very well receive a bit of reimbursement. Here’s how to do it.

First, you could bother calling or emailing, but the writer at Miles To Memories, Mark Ostermann, used Walmart’s online chat help feature. You can find this by navigating to Walmart’s help page, scrolling down, and finding the blue Contact Us button.

Click on that button and the chat feature will open in the bottom right corner of your web browser.

From here you will be connected with a customer service associate (you might have to wait a bit if all the associates are currently busy with customers).

Hopefully, you have your order information ready, so that the associate can look into your transaction and its veracity.

Explain your issue – your item was supposed to arrive on Monday but didn’t arrive until Wednesday.

Then, as Ostermann so cleverly instructs, ask if they offer compensation “like Amazon does” for two-day deliveries that did not arrive on the intended date.

Ostermann’s associate quickly responded that they “absolutely” do, and while your exact interaction might differ, chances are good that you will receive an affirmative and an offer.

If you don’t hear a yes right away, press a little – you know of others who have receive compensation for their late two-day deliveries, you want Walmart to make this right.

Ostermann received 10 percent off his order, so you will likely receive something similar.

Another thing I would do: before you “hang up” the chat, ask the associate when Walmart will process the compensation so that you have an idea of when you can expect to see it.

What Is Walmart Free Two-Day Delivery?

What Is Walmart Free Two-Day Delivery?

Walmart shoppers can expect to receive some compensation for their late two-day delivery order thanks, in part, to Amazon and their free Prime shipping.

Walmart had to rise to the occasion, and their two-day shipping applies to millions of qualified items (it’s important to note that it doesn’t apply to all Walmart items); the order must be placed by 2 p.m. on a non-holiday weekday; and the order must be at least $35.

(Non-pre-2 p.m. orders will still ship free at $35, but they will arrive between a three-to-five day window instead.)

Track your order through the app or via the delivery service tracking number to get an idea if you’re going to have a delayed shipment on your hands.

Why Does Walmart Delivery Take So Long?

A common complaint is that Walmart delivery seems like it lags versus Amazon’s surprisingly robust system.

This might be partly because Walmart’s delivery isn’t necessarily slow; Amazon’s is just incredibly fast.

Amazon has many strategically placed warehouses all over the U.S., making their logistics an increasingly easier and quicker process.

If you have an Amazon warehouse near you, you have probably benefitted from one-day shipping or, if you’re really lucky, same-day shipping – and you don’t have to hit a minimum cart amount if you’re a Prime member.

Walmart hasn’t yet developed its own well-oiled shipping system; it relies on third-party shippers like FedEx and the United States Postal Service.

And you still have to order at least $35-worth of goods to get that free shipping.

If you want to know more about Walmart’s shipping and delivery services, you might also be interested in reading up on how to get free shipping at Walmart, Walmart’s pre-order policy, and the Walmart cancellation pending issue.


Walmart goes above and beyond for their customers, so it’s not surprising in the least that they offer avenues to receive compensation for late deliveries.

While this also keeps them competitive with Amazon, and that company’s very generous customer service policies, Walmart has long made the extra effort to accommodate their shoppers at every possible turn.

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