Walmart Merchandising Fee [What Is It + Other FAQs] 

Whether you are shopping online at or you have just looked down at your receipt after a purchase, you may have noticed a “merchandising fee.”

Since there have been several questions about the Walmart merchandising fee, I decided to create this handy guide explaining exactly what it is and why it costs you extra. Let’s get started!

Walmart Merchandising Fee

Generally, the Walmart merchandising fee is charged by third-party sellers on the website. Some Walmart third-party sellers charge a 0.34% fee in compliance with the U.S. Customers and Border Control for certain imported items outside the U.S. The merchandising fee is capped at $25 for orders under $2,500.

However, there is more to the story…

While there is a 0.34% merchandising fee for some products ordered online, there are also in-store merchandising fees (separate from the online one) for certain products sold in-store!

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Why Is Walmart Charging Me a Merchandising Fee For Batteries, Mattresses, TV’s, Tires, & iPads?

Depending on your state and jurisdiction, some Walmart customers may be charged a merchandising fee when purchasing certain products, including tires, car batteries, mattresses, TVs, iPads, and some cell phones.

In short, the Walmart merchandising fee is a tax for certain items (tires, electronics, mattresses, etc.) that require extra resources to dispose of as they can typically not be recycled or disposed of in waste facilities.

Additionally, some Walmart’s also use a merchandising fee as an incentive for customers to dispose of the product via their own disposal sites.

A prime example of this is car batteries, which Walmart charges a merchandising fee for (also known as a battery core charge) and gives customers cash back or store credit when returned.

Why Is Walmart Charging Me A Merchandising Fee For Online Orders?

Walmart will apply a merchandising fee on items that need to be transported via air, ship, and international mail.

Merchandising costs are issued by U.S Customs and Border Control covering the labor of delivery.

The fees are entirely separate from Walmart’s regular shipping fees. Therefore, both charges must be paid in full.

Who Pays Walmart Merchandising Fees?

Who Pays Walmart Merchandising Fees? customers may be required to pay a merchandising fee if their order travels overseas.

Many third-party merchants on Walmart Marketplace are based outside of the U.S., meaning merchandising costs will apply on top of regular delivery charges.

Merchandising fees will be added at the final stages of’s checkout process. Ensure to review your complete statement before paying.

How Much Are Walmart Merchandising Fees?

Merchandising fees at Walmart depending on the total value of the item. Factors such as size and weight can influence the overall price.

Lightweight goods will cost considerably less than large, heavyweight packages. Fragile items are guaranteed to ramp the price up due to the additional care the parcel requires.

Walmart orders under $2,500 are considered at Informal Entries. At present, fees equate to 0.3464% of the item’s total worth meaning merchandising fees usually cost $2-$10 per package. 

On the other hand, if your Walmart orders exceed $2,500 or you intend to commercially sell purchased goods, the order will be deemed a formal entry where merchandising fees increase to $25-$485.

Merchandising fees are sometimes influenced by the delivering/recipient company’s own custom charges. The seller’s name can be located within product information at, enabling you to identify a seller’s origin. 

What Happens If You Don’t Pay Walmart Merchandising Fees?

If you fail to pay the required merchandising fees, your package will be sent back to Walmart or the original third-party seller.

Once your parcel has returned, you may be eligible for a refund or request to reattempt delivery. aims to avoid unpaid merchandising fees by automatically charging the amount at checkout. Until you pay the merchandising fees, your transaction is deemed uncompleted.

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Conclusion: What Are Merchandising Fees At Walmart?

Merchandising fees are applied to Walmart orders that travel via air, ship, or international mail. Most Walmart deliveries under $2,500 are considered Informal Entries with fees averaging at $2-$10. Orders over $2,500 are deemed Formal Entries costing $25-$485. Merchandising fees equate to 0.3464% of an item’s total value.

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