Walmart Stock Associate (Duties, Is It A Good Job, Pay, Hours + More)

If you have experience working in a warehouse and are willing to work long hours, working as a Walmart Stock Associate could be your next step towards finding a fulfilling career with a company that provides good pay and benefits.

But before you apply for the position, you probably have some questions about its duties and responsibilities. To learn more about how to get one of these positions and start your Walmart career, check out my research on the duties, pay, hours, and more of a Warehouse Stock Associate at Walmart!

Walmart Stock Associate In [currentyear]

Walmart Stock Associates are entry-level hourly employees responsible for multiple functions on the sales floor and warehouses as of [currentyear]. When customers require assistance, the first point of contact is a Stock Associate to help locate an item on a shelf. Beginning as a Stock Associate, which pays $13 or more an hour, often leads to promotions within Walmart. 

If you would like to learn more about the Walmart Stock Associate job and how it can boost your career with Walmart, keep on reading!

What Is A Walmart Stock Associate?

At Walmart, Stock Associates are hourly customer services employees responsible for many warehouse and store floor functions.

That said, managers may ask Stock Associates to assist customers in finding their desired products, placing orders, and maintaining the store.

What Are The Qualifications To Become A Stock Associate At Walmart?

To become a Walmart Stock Associate, you’ll need to be at least 16 years of age or older with a valid government-issued ID.

Other than that, since this is an entry-level position, no other qualifications are required!

What Are The Duties And Responsibilities Of A Stock Associate At Walmart?

As a Walmart Stock Associate, you’ll have several functions throughout the backroom and on the sales floor at Walmart dealing with customers.

First of all, you would be responsible for helping maintain the cleanliness of the store and assisting customers with their shopping experience.

Also, managers often ask Stock Associates to maintain the shelf space by stocking items, checking goods in or out, or counting inventory.

On top of that, Stock Associates are responsible for cleaning up spills or other messes in the store.

When a customer hits a call button, the Stock Associate is often the one who comes to help them find the item they are searching for in the store.

If Stock Associates cannot assist a customer with their request, they’re responsible for helping connect customers with other staff.

In the warehouse, Stock Associates help unload shipments from trucks and get them quickly processed, priced, and placed in their correct locations on the sales floor.

Further, keep in mind that these are only a few of the job duties that a Stock Associate may be responsible for.

In this fast-paced job, the overall goal is to make sure products from the back of the store are processed and placed on the sales floor.

What Qualities Make You A Good Fit For The Stock Associate Job At Walmart?

Some best qualities hiring managers to look for in potential Walmart Stock Associates are patience and working well with people.

With that, since Walmart’s core values are centered around providing excellent customer service, workers need to exhibit patience when dealing with customers who come in looking for something specific and may not find it on the first try.

Moreover, there are thousands of products in Walmart, and Stock Associates cannot possibly know the location of all of them by memory, so you must be understanding when your customers have difficulty finding things.

Similarly, working with people is essential because you must coordinate services through departments to address needs efficiently to serve customers better at Walmart.

What Hours Do Walmart Stock Associates Work?

What Hours Do Walmart Stock Associates Work? Walmart

Since most Walmart stores are open 24 hours, Stock Associates can be found at stores round the clock Monday through Sunday.

Also, Stock Associates can work part-time, full-time, or seasonal shift schedules, allowing you to earn additional income without committing too many hours per week.

Do You Need To Submit A Resume For The Walmart Stock Associate Position?

As with other entry-level positions, no applicants looking at the Walmart Stock Associate position need to submit a resume.

That said, resumes are only necessary when applying for supervisor-level jobs.

How Do You Apply For the Stock Associate Position At Walmart?

To apply for a Walmart Stock Associate position, you need to apply online by searching for the Walmart Careers webpage.

On Walmart Careers, Walmart lists available jobs searchable by job title and location.

From the careers page, once you pull up the Merchandise and Stocking Associate job description, you can review all requirements, duties, and information that is relevant for the position.

After you feel like you understand the job, you can apply by clicking on the “Apply” button to your right.

When you click on “Apply,” you are sent to an applicant portal that allows you to apply.

Suppose you have applied for Walmart positions before. Great! In this case, you don’t have to make a new profile. Instead, you can just sign in with the same login information.

If you’re a new applicant, you’ll need to set a profile, which takes about 15 minutes.

Further, profiles need contact information, employment, and education history. Also, you cannot edit your application after you submit it, so make sure the information is accurate!

Next, after Walmart receives your application, hiring managers will review it and decide if you’re a good fit for the job.

How Much Does The Stock Associate Position Pay At Walmart?

Walmart’s new Stock Associate position pays an hourly wage of $13 or more, depending on location, and offers full-time work without a college degree for those who want to start their career with Walmart.

Do Past Walmart Employees Think The Stock Associate Is A Good Job?

According to Indeed reviews, the Stock Associate job is considered an excellent job for workers who want to find a way to begin a career at Walmart.

With that, since Walmart is known for promoting from within, starting as an entry-level employee is advisable.

Also, due to the coordination between the different departments, workers learned many new skills they felt were more valuable.

As for negative aspects, the only real drawbacks were the physically demanding nature of the job and how fast-paced the job was.

However, overall the past employees tended to report it was a good job.

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At Walmart, Stock Associates are responsible for many functions in the backrooms of stores and on the sales floor.

That said, they stock shelves, direct customers, and make sure inventory is available.

Additionally, for people without work experience or a college degree, Walmart offers an opportunity to develop skills that will last a lifetime.

Further, Walmart’s company values of commitment and hard work extend to its Stock Associates, which provides many growth opportunities!

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