Walmart Truck Driver (Duties, Is It A Good Job, Pay, Hours + More)

Part of what makes Walmart so successful is its extensive supply chain that stretches across the country. Of course, one of the jobs responsible for getting products to Walmart stores in a timely manner is the Truck Drivers.

If you’re looking to start a new career with Walmart, you might be considering applying to be a Truck Driver. But before you apply, check out my research about the job, including the pay, job responsibilities, and requirements!

Walmart Truck Driver In [currentyear]

Walmart Truck Drivers are a vital link in the supply chain that moves goods from place to place as of [currentyear]. To become a Walmart Truck Driver, you must have a valid driver’s license, a clean driving record, pass a background check and drug test. On average, Walmart’s Truck Drivers earn $87,500 a year.

To learn more about Walmart Truck Drivers and how to become one, keep reading!

What Are The Requirements For Becoming A Walmart Truck Driver?

Becoming a Walmart Truck Driver isn’t easy. In addition to Walmart corporate guidelines, there are several commercial licenses that you’ll need to spend time studying for.

For example, Walmart requires new applicants to pass their Class A Commercial Driving Test with a Hazmat endorsement.

Further, they must have the Federal background check process completed.

Since Walmart prefers to work with experienced drivers, it requires that truck drivers have documented at least 30 months of past work experience driving a Class A Tractor/Trailer within four years of hire.

Also, since safety is a must, more than two moving violations with a Class A vehicle or even their personal vehicle in the last three years will be ineligible for hire! Safety is that serious at Walmart!

So, if you have had a serious traffic violation in the last three years or a DUI, DWI, or any similar conviction within the previous ten years, then this position is not a good fit for you!

Additionally, Walmart shies away from drivers who have a past employment history that has indicated:

  • Commercial accidents that could have been avoided
  • DOT recordable accidents that required medical treatment
  • Avoidable commercial accidents resulting in catastrophic injury or fatality

How Can I Find And Apply To Walmart Truck Driver Jobs?

Fortunately, there are multiple ways to connect you to an exciting new career as a Walmart Truck Driver!

That said, many job seekers initially begin their job search on the Walmart Career website.

On Walmart Careers, under Distribution, Fulfillment & Drivers, you can pull up the section for Drivers and Transportation.

Inside this section, job seekers can find a treasure trove of helpful information to help them as they decide if the Walmart Truck Driving job is a good career choice for them.

Most importantly, to apply, at the top of the page, you’ll find a link that says “Search For Available Openings.” Then, there are two ways to search for openings; by job title or location.

Most people usually search by job title first, which pulls up the job description for the position. In this case, you can find an example of a job description here.

Applying On The App Portal/Social Media

Applying on the Walmart app is easy! After reviewing the job description, just click the “Apply” button, and you are sent to the application portal.

Also, applicants will need to sign in with existing login or use a Facebook or Twitter account to access.

Applying On LinkedIn

Alternatively, you can apply for openings directly from LinkedIn using your LinkedIn profile, resume, and any certifications or licenses that you may have on the website.

Moreover, if applicants need assistance during the application process, they can reach Walmart Candidate support by phone at 1-888-596-2365 (Option 5) or email

Do Walmart Truck Drivers Have To Load Or Unload Freight?

At Walmart, one of the benefits is that drivers are not required to load or unload cargo!

Rather than risk injury and time off from moving items, Truck Drivers at Walmart can focus on driving products from location to location within their designated territory.

How Often Are Walmart Truck Drivers Home?

How Often Are Walmart Truck Drivers Home?

Many Truck Drivers are used to spending extended time away from their families while delivering loads. At Walmart, family and having a positive work-life balance are important.

Therefore, all Truck Drivers work a delivery schedule where they’re guaranteed to have a schedule that allows them to be home once each week.

That said, being home one day a week allows more face-to-face family time and increases employee morale.

How Much Is The Hourly Pay For Walmart Truck Drivers?

On average, Truck Drivers at Walmart can earn $87,500 annually and receive bonuses related to safe driving, training, mileage, and other activities.

What Benefits Are There For Working As A Truck Driver At Walmart?

Alongside a great annual salary, being a Truck Driver at Walmart comes with several other benefits!

Low Turnover Rates

At Walmart, you’ll find one of the lowest Truck Driver turnover rates in the retail industry! That said, this is mainly because Walmart is dedicated to helping its drivers become better.

Payment From Day One

From the start, Truck Drivers at Walmart are eligible for pay for mileage, activities, and training. Each quarter, drivers can earn a bonus just for being a good driver!

Industry Leading Salaries

Moreover, Walmart pays some of the highest salaries in the driving industry. For example, Truck Drivers receive $42 for their mandated ten-hour DOT driving break.

Consecutive Off Days

When drivers are home, they don’t have to go back on the road suddenly. Instead, Walmart allows drivers to have days off consecutively so families can spend time together uninterrupted.

Regional Routes And Schedule Flexibility

Additionally, Walmart recognizes the need to stay close to loved ones.

For example, Truck Drivers have smaller regional delivery routes to allow for schedule flexibility and more days off in the month.

Replacement Vehicles

Since Walmart recognizes drivers spend a lot of time in their trucks, they value comfort and maintenance.

As a result, if a driver with a newer model tractor has any issues that require replacement after 525,000 miles, it’s covered by Walmart!

Condo Sleepers

For the convenience of Truck Drivers, must trucks come equipped with condo-styled sleep cabins, which allow them more room to relax during mandated DOT breaks.

Qualified Maintenance Staff

Also, if you’re having any issues with your tractor or trailer, you can rest assured because Walmart is fully staffed with qualified on-site maintenance technicians to assist you!

Did Walmart Truck Drivers Go On Strike?

Yes, Walmart Truck Drivers went on strike in 2021 to protest low wages and inadequate treatment.

Further, these strikes resulted from a long-standing grievance against Walmart, claiming it failed to pay drivers minimum wage.

Currently, Walmart pays Truck Drivers by the mile, standard for the truck driving industry.

However, the issue comes from the daily activities that Walmart fails to pay workers for, like washing trucks, completing paperwork, or doing inspections.

So, since it can be argued that all these activities are necessary functions of the job, Truck Drivers felt like Walmart was being negligent by not paying them for performing these services, which led to the strike.

Is Walmart Truck Driving A Good Job?

Overall, Walmart truck driving is an excellent job that comes with many benefits and a low turnover rate. Also, many Truck Drivers at Walmart stay with the company until retirement age.

To learn more about Walmart, you can also read our related posts on Walmart delivery drivers, how to pass the Walmart assessment, and if Walmart hires at 16.


Many people think the trucking industry is booming, and drivers are in high demand, so this is an excellent time to join the workforce and become a Walmart Truck Driver.

Although there were recent strike concerns, there are still many benefits to working as a Truck Driver at Walmart, such as flexible schedules, high pay, and regional delivery.

Overall, the benefits outweigh the negatives, and the Truck Driving job is an excellent job at Walmart.

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