Amazon Order Says Delivered But is Not Received? (Meaning, Reasons, Refunds + More)

Some of the best days include the sound of a thud outside your front door and the notification that your Amazon package has been delivered, but what does it mean when you get that same notification and open the door to see nothing?

So what does it mean when your Amazon order says delivered but is not received? I’ve found the answers for you below!

Amazon Order Says Delivered But is Not Received in [currentyear]?

In some cases when you get the notification that your Amazon package has been delivered but you have not received it as of [currentyear], it could be simply that it is placed somewhere you can’t see. At other times, it is possible that the package was stolen, at which point Amazon customer service will assist you.

I’m going to cover some of the reasons why your Amazon order is marked as delivered but you haven’t received it, how accurate Amazon’s tracking really is, what to do if your package is missing, and much, much more. Read on!

Why Does My Amazon Order Say Delivered When it’s Not?

There are a few reasons why your Amazon order might say that it’s delivered but you don’t see it.

  • It is placed somewhere you didn’t check.

This has occurred a lot, the customer will be notified of the delivery, but when they go out and check – the box was nowhere to be seen.

So, what actually happened to the parcel? Eventually, it was found hidden in a corner, behind a snow shovel.

While unnerving, the customer respects the delivery person’s dedication to making sure no one could see it and steal it!

  • It is actually with a neighbor.

Much in the same fashion that people’s regular mail ends up in their neighbors’ mailboxes, your package could have, too.

If you are familiar with your neighbors and feel comfortable asking, take a little walk over to ask if they have seen your delivery.

  • It’s been mistakenly scanned and is running late.

There is a possibility the package has been preemptively scanned as delivered but is still on the truck.

The deliverer has every intention of getting it to you that day, but it’ll be a bit later than the actual scan.

Some delivery services run as late as 10 p.m., especially during busy times of the year, like the winter holidays.

  • USPS mislabeled the delivery.

Sometimes USPS handles Amazon deliveries, and carriers for their service have been found to, well, falsify delivery data to keep statistics looking positive.

What Does that mean?

Occasionally when a carrier is running behind schedule, rather than return to the Post Office with undelivered packages, they will simply scan them as delivered.

The packages will sit on the truck overnight, and then the carriers will get them out first thing the next day.

This keeps the USPS’s delivery statistics on the up and up, so that they could claim something like “98 percent of packages are delivered on time.”

How Accurate Is Amazon’s Tracking?

Research shows that Amazon’s tracking is quite accurate.

One of the reasons your packages tend to arrive earlier than when anticipated is because Amazon overestimates how long delivery will take.

This accounts for any delays that might occur when delays seem possible.

Then, if no delays occur, the package arrives at your door early – and who doesn’t love that!

Further, the company has rolled out its Map Tracker, for packages being delivered by Amazon’s own fleet.

In these instances, you can watch the delivery person’s progress, on a map in the app. You’ll get a notification like “Your package is 10 stops away.” It is so specific!

How Do You Contact Amazon About A Missing Package?

How Do You Contact Amazon About A Missing Package?

Amazon prefers you wait 48 hours if you suspect you have a missing package.

After 48 hours, if your order still says delivered, but you haven’t received it, you can take the matter to it’s customer service.

Go into the app or onto and navigate to Customer Service.

On the app, you press the three horizontal lines at the bottom right and scroll down to the very bottom.

On the website, Customer Service should be just to the right of the three horizontal lines in the upper-left corner.

Chose “A delivery, order or return” from the menu and the app/site will navigate you through what you need to do to report a missing order.

Will Amazon Refund A Missing Package?

Despite losing $25 million – every single day – to lost or stolen orders, Amazon tends to issue refunds for missing packages more often than not.

After simply explaining the situation, or better yet showing a doorbell cam video proof of theft, you should have zero issues getting a refund.

Just make sure you read the fine print and get your claim in before the deadline.

What Happens When Amazon Delivers To The Wrong House?

If Amazon delivers your package to the wrong house, and it’s someone you know (like a next-door neighbor), you can go and ask them for your package.

If it’s not someone you know, the problem is a little trickier.

You won’t know where it is or if it was stolen, so the best thing to do is to contact Customer Service.

Hopefully, the person who received the package will do the same, and the company that has built its reputation on anticipatory tech will be able to put two and two together.

If not, though, you can go through the steps of getting a refund and/or replacement for your order.

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If your Amazon order says delivered but you haven’t received the package, there could be a number of reasons why, including an incorrect scan, well-hidden package, or a theft.

Amazon cautions its customer to wait at least 48 hours before reporting a missing or stolen package, but the company is quite generous when it comes to issuing refunds or replacing the order.

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