What Happens If You Cash A Fake Check At Walmart? (Beware)

As of 2024, Walmart offers a wide range of financial services via their MoneyCenters for sending money orders and cashing checks.

However, one question you might be asking is what will happen if you were to cash a fake check at Walmart? Here is everything you need to know!

What Happens If You Cash A Fake Check At Walmart?

Anyone who cashes a fake check at Walmart will be liable to consequences such as repayment, damaged credit score, and prosecution. Walmart verifies the authenticity of every check via third-party electronic systems and Walmart associates are trained to identify false checks. 

If you’d like to know precisely what happens to customers that cash fraud checks and how Walmart reduces the risk, keep on reading!

How Does Walmart Detect Fake Checks?

Walmart associates are well-trained when it comes to assessing checks of all types. Additionally, Walmart’s policy only allows customers to cash checks with their own personal names on them.

For this reason, Walmart requires a valid form of photo ids such as a passport or driver’s license, and Walmart associates cross-reference these details with great attention. 

Next, checks are authenticated on-site by electronic third-party systems powered by TeleCheck and Certegy. In many instances, this system will detect fake checks on the spot.

What Are The Consequences Of Cashing A Fake Check At Walmart?

Rules vary from store to store due to individual state law; however, offenders generally need to repay Walmart the total check amount.

Additionally, if you’ve already spent the check amount, you may be forced to dip into an overdraft which can incur additional fees. 

In some cases, Walmart can prosecute offenders resulting in a jail sentence.

For example, Walmart stores based in Florida have convicted customers who have deposited fake checks with the intent to defraud.

What Happens If You Cash A Fake Check Without Knowing It?

Walmart does not usually prosecute victims of a scam. However, payees will remain responsible for paying back the total check amount, consequently damaging your overall credit score. Protect yourself from scams by keeping an eye on Walmart’s fraud alert page.

Why Would Walmart Deny Cashing A Check?

Fake ID users will be turned away instantly and face the risk of a store ban. Walmart will not accept checks that fail at any stage of the verification process.

Additionally, Walmart does not process handwritten checks. The distribution company, its address, telephone number, your name, and the total amount must be stated in print. Signatures may be written by hand.

To see how Walmart combats theft and fraudulent activities in their stores, you can see our guides on how Walmart tracks shoplifters, if Walmart presses charges on shoplifters, Walmart door security alarms, and how long Walmart keeps CCTV footage for.

Conclusion: What Happens If You Fake A Check At Walmart?

Walmart will act in line with state law. Those cashing checks with the intent to defraud could face a prison sentence. Payees will be responsible for repaying the entire check, even if you were unaware of the fake check. Walmart associates verify checks using a valid photo ID and third-party electronic authenticators.  

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