What Is Kroger’s Rehire Policy? (All You Need To Know)

Like most retailers, Kroger has a number of company policies that employees are expected to abide by from the date of employment. For example, Kroger has policies that guide its hiring process.

So, what happens to former employees who want to return and work for the retailer? What’s Kroger’s rehire policy? Here’s all you need to know!

What Is Kroger’s Rehire Policy In 2024?

According to Kroger’s policy, the company can rehire former employees, but this depends on the circumstances that led to their departure in 2024. If a staff member resigned and was not fired for any misconduct during their employment tenure, they can get rehired at Kroger. However, if the employee was terminated, the chances are that they might not get rehired.

Read on for more information about Kroger’s rehire policy and how it varies depending on whether an employee resigned or was fired!

What’s Kroger’s Rehiring Process?

If you want to get employed by Kroger again, the process is quite direct. You can apply online via the Kroger job board, create an account and browse the available positions.

Furthermore, you’ll need to provide your personal information, and then the retailer will follow up with a phone and one-on-one interview.

Additionally, the retailer also runs a background check before confirming you for the job.

According to most hires, the entire process takes a few days to one week before confirmation.

In some cases, it might take a shorter time for returning employees, especially if you left the company with no issues and served a notice period.

Therefore, this process might vary depending on the individual.

Will Kroger Rehire Employees Who Quit Without Notice?

When quitting Kroger, it’s advisable to put in your two-week notice, especially if you are planning to come back at some point.

However, if you choose to quit without notice, it’s highly likely that the management might not rehire you.

Furthermore, leaving the store with credibility boosts your reputation and increases your chances of getting your job back.

In some cases, employees who left without completing their notice period got rehired because they were not flagged on the system.

Therefore, if you leave without notice, you can try your luck in several stores, and you might get a second chance.

Does Kroger Rehire Fired Employees?

Does Kroger Rehire Fired Employees?

If you were fired from Kroger and want to return to the retailer, you might not be rehired. However, this also depends on your reputation and whether you are coded on the no-hire list.

Kroger former employees are allowed to re-apply for their jobs after several months; however, this might not apply to you if you were let go for serious reasons such as insubordination.

Therefore, if you were asked to leave by Kroger’s management, you need to consider your reasons for termination, which will make your reapplying process difficult.

How Long do Employees Have To Wait To Reapply At Kroger?

According to former employees, you can reapply for a job at Kroger after 6 months. However, this depends on whether you left the company after serving notice and without any issues.

Other former employees say that you can get your job back as soon as possible as long you have good credibility with the store.

When reapplying for a new job, the system will detect whether you are on the no-hire list; therefore, it’s a critical determinant of whether you get your job back.

In addition, you can also contact your former store and clarify the requirements for reapplying with the manager.

Furthermore, you can also apply for a job at a different Kroger store or the family of stores.

Does Every Kroger Store Have The Same Rehire Policy?

According to additional comments from current and former Kroger employees, every store follows a different policy, and some have separate procedures than others.

Based on these comments, some employees have quit one Kroger store and applied at a different one a week later and successfully got the job.

Therefore, it appears that as long as you pass the background check, you can move to another Kroger store easily.

In addition, some stores can rehire after six months, while others do the same after a few days or months.

This feedback shows that not all Kroger stores are strict with the rehire policy.

Furthermore, some locations are quite flexible while others are not, and individual managers are different, making it easier for former employees to get their jobs back.

Therefore, when applying, you can check with different stores to improve your chances of getting a job at Kroger.

Will You Keep Your Seniority If You Are Rehired By Kroger?

According to some employees, you won’t lose your seniority if you return within three months.

However, this will also depend on the terms you have on your union contract. Since this varies, you can confirm with your store manager before reapplying for a job at Kroger.

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According to Kroger’s policy, the company can rehire former employees, but this depends on the circumstances that led to their departure. If a staff member resigned and was not fired for any misconduct during their employment tenure, they can get rehired at Kroger.

However, if the employee was terminated on bad grounds, chances are they won’t get rehired. Moreover, it appears that every store and individual manager has a different rehire policy; therefore, this policy is not uniform across all Kroger stores and might vary in each location.

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