What Is UberXL? (All You Need to Know)

These days when you request a ride via Uber, you’ll see several options available at different rates.

However, many of these options aren’t very well explained when you first see them. So, if you’ve seen UberXL and the name caught your attention, here’s everything you need to know about it!

What Is UberXL In 2024?

UberXL is a ride type available on Uber that gives access to larger vehicles than the standard option in 2024. Vehicles used for UberXL are vans and SUVs that can seat at least 6 riders at once. UberXL is also targeted toward transporting riders with more luggage than would fit in one of the standard vehicles used for the service.

Read on to find out everything you need to know about UberXL, including how it compares to other ride types, which cars it uses, and more!

What Is UberXL Used For?

UberXL is used for the following scenarios:

  1. Trips to the airport with family or heavy luggage
  2. Carpooling on the work commute
  3. Transport for nights out with larger groups

What Kind of Cars Are UberXL?

UberXL uses cars that have four doors and can carry at least 6 riders at once. SUVs and minivans fit this description best.

Some of the cars that are used for UberXL include the following:

  1. Acura MDX
  2. Audi Q7
  3. Buick – Terraza, Enclave
  4. Cadillac Escalade
  5. Chevrolet – Enjoy, Tahoe, Venture, Trailblazer, Suburban
  6. Chrysler – Voyager, Aspen, Pacifica
  7. Dodge – Caravan, Journey
  8. Ford – Everest, Expedition, Freestar, Excursion, Tourneo
  9. GMC – Yukon, Acadia
  10. Honda – Airwave, Freed, Pilot, Odyssey
  11. Hyundai – Trajet, H-1, Grand Starex, Palisade
  12. Jeep Commander
  13. Kia – Telluride, Sorento, Sedona, Carens
  14. Lexus – LX, RX L
  15. Lincoln Navigator
  16. Mazda – 8, MPV, CX-9
  17. Mercedes Benz – V-Class, Valente, GLS-Class, E-Class Wagon, GL-Class
  18. Mercury – Monterey, Villager
  19. Nissan – Elgrand, Serena, Yumsun, Pathfinder, Armada
  20. Toyota – Tarago, Highlander, Picnic, Fortuner, Alphard, Innova, Gaia, Noah, Sienta, Sienna, Ventury, Land Cruiser

How Big Are UberXL Cars?

As per the list above, UberXL cars can be SUVs or vans, as long as they can seat at least 6 riders at once.

These kinds of cars need to have at least 7 seats in total, including one for the driver, and four doors.

Unlike an option like Uber Comfort, which has space requirements, UberXL only requires the right number of seats.

Therefore, the vehicles can be as large as a full-size SUV or as small as a standard minivan.

Is UberXL More Expensive?

Is UberXL More Expensive?

UberXL is slightly more expensive than the standard ride options available on the platform because it offers vehicles with a larger capacity.

However, it’s not expensive by much, because many of the vehicles used are similar to the ones used in regular rides in almost everything but the capacity.

Uber markets XL as an everyday option with affordable rates for anyone that’s unable to take the standard rides only because they’re smaller.

Can UberXL Carry Luggage?

UberXL can carry luggage, and this is actually one of its biggest selling points alongside the ability to carry more riders at once.

With four riders, you still have enough space for a decent amount of luggage, because you’re getting either a van or SUV.

If you’re riding by yourself with a lot of luggage, Uber XL might be the best option if you’re looking for something affordable because you’d have the space for five riders just for luggage!

Can UberXL Take Furniture?

UberXL can take furniture but only the ones that are small enough to fit inside a car.

Because UberXL uses vans and SUVs, emphasizing how much space they have to carry luggage, you could also use the ride type to transport some furniture.

Ideally, the furniture wouldn’t be too long or too tall; it should be able to fit in the back of a 7-seat vehicle with all the rear seats folded down.

This means that you can only get small to moderately sized furniture such as armchairs, two-seater couches, and disassembled beds.

What Is the Difference Between UberXL and UberX?

UberXL is different from UberX in that the first uses large vehicles (SUVs and minivans) for a minimum capacity of 6 riders.

In contrast, the other uses regular-sized vehicles with a minimum capacity of 4 riders.

This is the main difference between the two ride types, and they’re similar in most other aspects.

For starters, both are intended to be affordable everyday options, with XL only being slightly more expensive because of its capacity.

Additionally, both UberX and XL also use vehicles that have four doors.

What Is the Difference Between UberXL and UberPool?

UberXL and UberPool differ in how they get the people that are going to be riding in the car.

When you order an UberXL, you have full control of who’s going to be with you on the ride, all 6 seats, and you can also go by yourself.

In an UberPool, you can only bring one other person with you, and you’re going to be riding with strangers in the car.

For this reason, UberPool has multiple pickups while XL only has one per ride.

What Is the Difference Between UberXL and Uber Black SUV?

UberXL and Uber Black SUV differ in the kinds of vehicles they use for service, specifically their value.

UberXL uses minivans and SUVs to provide larger capacities while, as the name implies, Uber Black SUV only uses SUVs that also need to be black.

However, UberXL uses regular vehicles for affordable rides, while Uber Black SUV only uses luxury vehicles for more expensive rides.

Both ride options need vehicles with the capacity for 6 riders at once, so there’s some overlap in the cars that are eligible.

For example, you can use a Cadillac Escalade for both XL and Black SUVs, but you can only use a Honda Odyssey for XL.

What Is the Difference Between UberXL and Uber Comfort?

UberXL focuses on higher capacity, while Uber Comfort’s main focus is on using vehicles that are more spacious.

UberXL only uses minivans and SUVs, while Comfort can even use a sedan, as long as it has more head and legroom than an average car.

Both XL and Comfort need vehicles with at least 4 doors, so there’s some overlap in what vehicles qualify, e.g. newer models of the GMC Yukon.

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UberXL is a ride option that provides access to larger vehicles, specifically SUVs and vans. Eligible vehicles need to have the capacity for at least 6 riders at a time and four doors.

UberXL is slightly more expensive than the standard ride type (UberX), owing to its higher capacity, but is still considered an affordable everyday option.

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