What Kind Of Tuna Does Subway Use? (+ Other Common FAQs)

In recent months, a lawsuit filed against Subway claims that it doesn’t make its tuna sandwich with real tuna. For fans of this sub, this news is disheartening.

Subway claims these allegations are false and that its tuna is 100% real. Who is right, and what kind of tuna does Subway actually use? Here’s what I found as I researched this topic!

What Kind Of Tuna Does Subway Use In [currentyear]?

Subway obtains 100% of its tuna from wild-caught skipjack tuna, which comes from the coasts of Indonesia, Thailand, and the Philippines as of [currentyear]. People consider skipjack tuna to be a sustainable type of tuna. While a recent lawsuit claims that Subway’s tuna isn’t real, Subway stands by its statement that its tuna is responsibly sourced and real tuna.

If you have more questions about Subway’s tuna and the details of the lawsuit claiming it’s fake, keep on reading!

Is Subway’s Tuna Real?

While the lawsuit mentioned above brought out that Subway’s tuna failed a DNA test, other sources, including USA Today, have pointed out that cooked tuna would have an altered DNA.

Since that’s true of cooked tuna, the supposed proof from a DNA test doesn’t prove anything. That said, Subway continues to confirm that its tuna is, in fact, real tuna meat.

Based on the evidence at hand, there appears to be no legitimate reason to believe that Subway’s tuna is fake in any way.

In addition, Subway’s wild-caught tuna undergoes thorough testing once it arrives at the supplier’s facility to confirm that it’s authentic.

What Testing Does Subway’s Tuna Undergo?

After fishing ships bring the wild-caught tuna to a shipping facility, it undergoes strict testing to ensure quality.

In addition, the FDA has rules that govern how tuna is handled and the Seafood Import Monitoring Program (SIMP), which monitors where fish comes from and where it goes.

Also, Subway has to pass several certifications to prove that its products, including its tuna, are of good quality. That said, these certifications include the following:

  • The fisheries certificate of origin
  • The Captain’s Statement
  • The Catch Certificate

All of these regulations are put in place to keep the seafood supply up to par. With that, Subway has to abide by these and other rules to continue to sell seafood items such as tuna.

What Sources Does Subway Purchase Its Tuna From?

What Sources Does Subway Purchase Its Tuna From?

In the United States, the two main sources of Subway tuna are Rema Foods and Jana Brands.

These brands began as small, one-person, or family-owned businesses and have been trusted partners with Subway for decades.

In addition, Rema Foods and Jana Brands both put out very strong statements denying the allegations that Subway’s tuna is not real tuna.

So, the fact that these two brands are standing with Subway indicates the loyalty of the business relationship.

Will Subway Change Its Tuna On Its Revamped Menu?

Recently, Subway made several major changes to its menu to breathe new creativity and life into its image and brand.

However, despite so many updates, tuna was left alone with no modifications.

Although the tuna has been under scrutiny of late, the decision to leave it on the menu and do nothing to edit the basic formula of the tuna sub is interesting.

How Is Subway’s Tuna Prepared For Subs?

When tuna arrives at a Subway restaurant, it’s packaged in pouches. That said, these pouches of tuna are precooked and need to be placed in a container and mixed with mayonnaise before serving.

Also, these pouches are large, not like the small pouches at a supermarket.

After grabbing a tuna pouch, a Subway employee will then place the pouch contents into a bowl or container of some sort. After that, they will add mayonnaise.

The amount of mayonnaise added is unclear, but it needs to be enough to bind the tuna together and create a spreadable consistency.

Finally, this tuna salad mixture is then transferred to the refrigerated unit, where customers can view the ingredients at Subway.

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Subway’s tuna has been under fire in the recent past due to a lawsuit, but it seems that its tuna is indeed authentic and ethically sourced.

That said, the tuna is wild-caught skipjack tuna fished off the coasts of Indonesia, Thailand, and the Philippines. Here in the US, the two leading suppliers are Rema Food and Jana Brands.

Additionally, Subway submits rigorous testing and regulations as it remains committed to providing a quality tuna salad for customers.

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