When Does Costco Flooring Go On Sale? (Full Guide)

Costco offers a wide range of renovation goods for home improvement projects, including paints, furniture, and flooring.

But customers might wonder about the ideal time to purchase new flooring at Costco, to ensure the best price and when it does on sale. I did some digging, and here is what I unearthed!

When Does Costco Flooring Go On Sale? 

Costco typically has sales and special deals on flooring in late December and early January, and mid to late May, when demand is lower. Additionally, if you buy flooring products from Costco at full price and then there is a sale, Costco is generally happy to give customers a price adjustment.

Read on for more information on Costco’s flooring and how to purchase it! 

Keep An Eye Out For Deals Online And In-Store

From our research, there is no way to get alerts of sales from either the Costco.com website or in-store when flooring products go on sale.

Because of this, you will most likely have to do some manual detective work and ensure you keep a keen eye on any promotional material.

What Kinds Of Flooring Does Costco Sell? 

With a variety of colors, finishes, and materials, Costco flooring options include: 

  • Carpet flooring tiles
  • Carpet runners
  • Carpet
  • Deck tiles
  • Engineered hardwood plank flooring
  • Garage floor tiles
  • Laminate flooring
  • Vinyl flooring

Costco offers lower prices on name-brand flooring and tile products, including Golden Arowana, Harmonics, JVL, and Shaw Laminate, without compromising on quality. 

How Much Does Costco Flooring Cost? 

Because Costco’s flooring is easy to install and has a low cost for initial purchase and maintenance, it is popular for home renovations.

Flooring at Costco starts at around $36 and goes up to $230 for high-quality materials. Some Costco warehouses allow you to buy flooring in bulk for money off a volume sale or will have clearance overstock sales. 

Some brands of flooring come with extended warranties from the manufacturer, such as Shaw Laminate warranty coverage. So, if your new flooring doesn’t hold up to your standards, there’s no worry about out-of-pocket expenses to fix it. 

How Do You Purchase Costco Flooring? 

You can purchase flooring at Costco online or at a warehouse store. Because flooring can be packaged in hefty boxes, you can opt for home delivery.

The delivery fee is even included in the price. Alternatively, shop from home with Costco.com or via the mobile app, and get flooring delivered straight to your door. 

Can You Return Costco Flooring? 

Costco has a very lenient return policy, so getting a refund for unused flooring is easy. You don’t even need the original receipt—make you have your membership card to return the flooring, so employees can search your purchase information.

Typically, refunds will go straight to the credit card used, or into Costco cash cards for the same value. These cash cards don’t go over $1,000 in value, so if you have a lot of unused flooring to return, they might not be an option. 

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Even though Costco does not have scheduled flooring sales, prices for their flooring materials are of great value. The prices of renovation materials typically drop around January and May, so try shopping for flooring then.

Use Costco.com or their mobile app to keep track of prices and any potential sales, and proceed to purchase your new flooring either in-store or online.

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