When Does Grubhub Pay Bonus? (All You Need To Know)

Food delivery services like Grubhub give its drivers a lot of freedom to choose which jobs they want to take and ignore what doesn’t appeal to them.

To keep drivers from not letting too many jobs go untaken, Grubhub offers bonuses as incentives that keep the service running. Here’s when Grubhub pays those out!

When Does Grubhub Pay Bonus In 2024?

Grubhub pays bonuses within two pay periods when you complete the tasks, assuming the work you did meets the criteria as of 2024. Grubhub pays weekly, meaning you can expect to get your bonus within two weeks of completing special missions. Bonuses are added to your balance, and you can cash out whenever you want before the weekly payday.

Read on to learn all you need to know about Grubhub bonuses, including what they are, whether or not they’re worth it, and more!

What Is A Retention Bonus With Grubhub?

A retention bonus on Grubhub is extra money given to drivers as an incentive to make sure they stay with the service.

That said, retention pay with Grubhub isn’t common because I only found one instance of drivers discussing it on Reddit.

In this case, the driver got an extra $24, and they said it was from the previous week, which was the holiday season/New Year period.

Further, this bonus was sent to the driver as part of their adjustment pay.

Aside from the drivers, Grubhub might have retention bonuses for its actual employees that could work more or less the same way.

In these kinds of situations, companies give a lump sum separate from the salary to an employee to encourage them to stay longer.

What Are Bonuses On Grubhub?

Bonuses on Grubhub are incentives given to drivers to encourage them to complete tasks and keep the service running.

Usually, these come in when there are orders that many drivers have rejected, and they’re intended to make the offers more attractive.

For example, one of the most popular instances where Grubhub introduces a bonus is in orders where the customer has left a very low tip or none at all.

Also, Grubhub uses bonuses to encourage drivers to work when there aren’t many of them available.

For example, there could be a bonus for completing 25 deliveries in one day to push drivers to accept more offers.

Moreover, certain bonuses are tied to conditions such as needing to finish a certain number of deliveries within a set amount of time while maintaining a predetermined acceptance rate.

Therefore, when you complete the tasks required to earn the bonus, Grubhub will review them and decide whether you qualify for the payment.

If you’re successful, Grubhub will pay your bonus within two pay periods by adding it to your account balance for withdrawal.

Are Grubhub Bonuses Worth It?

Are Grubhub Bonuses Worth It?

Whether or not Grubhub bonuses are worth it depends on the volume of orders you receive and how much work you’re willing to do.

As previously stated, Grubhub uses bonuses to encourage drivers to take orders that others have rejected, meaning they’re often attached to ones that are harder to complete

Also, offers that come in with low or no tips get sent out with bonuses after getting rejected too many times, but the bonus often does not consider the specifics of the order.

With that, this means that you could get offered an extra $5 for an order that’s so large you couldn’t take on any more until you’ve completed it.

Further, another restriction is in how some bonuses don’t have provisions for how an area works, making bonuses harder or impossible to complete.

For example, you could get a bonus that requires you to do several deliveries between 6 PM and midnight but the restaurants in your area close before then.

In this situation, you would be unable to complete the required amount of tasks, and all your work towards the bonus will essentially be for nothing.

That said, this is also the case for bonuses tied to the acceptance rate.

Moreover, there are some instances of drivers reporting how hard it is for Grubhub to actually approve the tasks as completed.

For example, bonuses are tied to conditions that aren’t always clear to the drivers when they take them on, and they’re often up for interpretation by Grubhub.

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Grubhub pays bonuses within two pay periods when the assigned tasks are completed. Since Grubhub pays weekly, you would get the bonus within two weeks of approval.

Also, Grubhub bonuses are usually given out attached to orders that several drivers have turned down due to issues like low tips or long distances.

Therefore, this means that whether or not they’re worth it depends on how willing you are to deal with orders like these.

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