When Does Home Depot Restock (Plants, Lumber, Furniture + More)

As the world’s largest home improvement retailer, Home Depot carries an extensive product range across its stores and at HomeDepot.com, with products quickly running out of stock.

Since it can be frustrating to find that your desired item is out of stock, you may be wondering – when does Home Depot restock? Here is what I’ve found out through my research!

When Does Home Depot Restock?

Home Depot restocks its stores throughout the week after the store has closed its doors. Additionally, Home Depot typically stock products such as plants, grills, appliances, lumber, etc., from Thursday – Friday to prepare for the weekend rush. Extra products like patio furniture and air conditioners are typically stocked during the summer month.

If you want to learn more about when Home Depot stock shipments arrive, when items such as plants, lumber, and furniture are restocked, and much more, keep reading!

When Do Home Depot Stock Shipments Arrive?

Home Depot employees say stock shipments can arrive throughout the day on any day of the week, depending on stock availability and the suppliers used.

Although the stock is delivered during the day, new stock is usually displayed during the evening when the store is closed.

When Does Home Depot Restock Plants?

Home Depot restocks most products overnight, but there are specific days when new shipments of house plants arrive.

According to employees, new house plant shipments arrive on Wednesday at most stores, so Thursday mornings would be the perfect time to shop for house plants at Home Depot.

However, remember that this day may vary between Home Depot locations.

Some employees also recommend shopping for new house plants on the weekend, as some Home Depot stores get new shipments in time for the weekend rush.

There are a number of dedicated online forums sharing information on buying house plants at big-box retailers such as Home Depot.

Users on these forums suggest that the best way to find out restocking days at your local Home Depot is to call the store or ask employees.

When Does Home Depot Restock Lumber?

Generally, lumber is restocked overnight as Home Depot employs staff to work night shifts in its lumber departments.

The role of these staff members is to get the department set up and restocked for the next morning.

For the best lumber at Home Depot, customers should get into the store early to have the first pick of products available.

Note that lumber restocking varies across locations and suppliers due to lumber’s varying prices and availability.

When lumber is at its most expensive, some stores may wait until lumber prices have dropped to order large restocks, and so restocking may be slower for lumber.

When Does Home Depot Restock Patio Furniture?

When Does Home Depot Restock Patio Furniture?

Home Depot stocks a huge range of patio furniture product options, and the biggest restocks appear to occur in the months leading up to summer.

During the summer months, patio furniture is restocked as much as possible, and after summer, it is usually discounted to make way for new products for the next summer.

Keep in mind that patio furniture appears least likely to be restocked in winter months as prices on excess stock are usually already discounted to clear the inventory.

When Does Home Depot Restock Air Conditioners?

Similar to patio furniture, air conditioners are generally restocked most frequently in the months leading up to the hottest weather.

Home Depot generally restocks air conditioners frequently throughout summer, although demand may exceed availability during, particularly hot weather.

The best time to look for air conditioners in Home Depot is during the winter months, as older stock is most likely to be discounted to make way for new products.

Additionally, if the air conditioning product you are looking for is unavailable in your local store, it may be worth speaking with an employee to determine if and when it will be restocked.

If it is not going to be restocked, you can visit the Home Depot website or head over to another store.

When Does Home Depot Restock Online?

The Home Depot website relies on supplier availability for its restocking capacity.

Fortunately, the site lets users know when an out-of-stock item is restocked by inputting their email address.

When the item is restocked, an email will be sent to the customer notifying them that the product is now available.

Note that unavailable items still display information as Home Depot works to restock.

The Home Depot website may be the easiest place to find in-stock items as the warehouses are regularly replenished, subject to the availability of each product.

How Do I Know If An Item Is In Stock At Home Depot?

You can check for the availability of an item at your local store in the following ways:

  • Check online that the product you are looking to buy is available in-store
  • Call ahead and speak with an employee at your local store
  • Use the mobile app to find your product’s availability

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Home Depot store employees restock the shelves of each store overnight with all products that are available. Some products have more specific shipment days, such as plants.

New shipments of house plants appear most likely on a Wednesday, though weekend restocks have been reported. Other product shipments may depend on the availability of the supplies.

The Home Depot website offers a notification system for when an out-of-stock item is restocked.

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