When Does Lowe’s Have Sales? (Full List Of Sale Days, Products + More)

As a big-box retailer, you would expect Lowe’s to offer products at low, affordable prices. But what if you wanted to save even more money when shopping at Lowe’s?

I’ve looked into Lowe’s biggest sale days to help you save as much money as possible when shopping with the retailer! Check out what I’ve found out below!

When Does Lowe’s Have Sales?

Lowe’s has sale days on or around the time of most major and minor holidays, including the Christmas season, Labor Day, the 4th of July, and Father’s Day. Additionally, Lowe’s has sales on specific products at varying times throughout the year, including seasonal discounts. Also, Lowe’s offers a clearance section for discounted products.

Now that you know when Lowe’s is likely to have a sale, find out when Lowe’s major sale days are and when Lowe’s has deals on appliances and grills!

When Are Lowe’s Sale Days?

Lowe’s has a number of sale days throughout the year, including:

  • President’s Day (save on appliances, home décor, tools, and bathroom essentials)
  • Memorial Day or the Friday before Memorial Day (save on garden items, grills, and patio furniture)
  • Father’s Day or throughout June into the beginning of July (find deals on tools, outdoor cooking, and major appliances)
  • Fourth of July or through June and July, depending on stock (best time to shop for appliances, grills, outdoor cooking, and patio furniture)
  • Labor Day begins the Friday before and continues through mid-September (a great time to shop for patio furniture)
  • Black Friday (beginning at 6 a.m., everything from appliances to smart home technology is on sale)
  • Holiday season (November – December) (find deals on almost everything in-store)
  • New Year starting 26th December (find lots of Christmas décor deals)

Along with a considerable number of sale days, Lowe’s also has plenty of seasonal discount periods, including:

  • March and September are when mulch goes on sale.
  • September and October are when you should be shopping for discounted appliances, as it tends to be when manufacturers release new models, meaning Lowe’s needs to make room for new stock.
  • April and May is the perfect time to save on refrigerators. Unlike other major appliances, refrigerators get an upgrade around July, meaning Lowe’s needs to move its old stock.

When Does Lowe’s Have Sales On Appliances?

As previously mentioned, the best time to shop at Lowe’s for major appliances is in September and October.

September and October are the best times to shop because most appliance manufacturers roll out new stock during this time, meaning Lowe’s needs to make room for new stock.

Because Lowe’s needs to get rid of its old stock, it can pass savings onto you!

The exception to this rule is refrigerators, as you can find significant discounts on new refrigerators during April and May.

When Does Lowe’s Have Sales On Grills?

When Does Lowe's Have Sales On Grills?

Lowe’s usually discounts grills and other outdoor cooking appliances during the late spring and early summer months.

For example, the Memorial Day, Father’s Day, and Fourth of July sale periods are the best time to shop for discounted grills at Lowe’s.

Also, you may find grills on sale during the mid-summer months.

For example, Lowe’s previously ran sales to compete with Amazon Prime Day during July, when grills and outdoor cooking appliances were heavily discounted.

When Does Lowe’s Have Sales On Patio Furniture?

Similar to grills, Lowe’s discounts patio furniture during the late spring/early summer months.

For great savings, shop Memorial Day, Father’s Day, Fourth of July, or Labor Day sales.

Or, try your luck during the Black Friday and Holiday season sales when almost everything is discounted!

When Does Lowe’s Have Sales On Lawn Mowers?

Usually, Lowe’s discounts its lawnmowers during the early summer months, particularly during the Father’s Day sale period.

Additionally, you may find some refurbished lawn mower models on sale for discounted prices at your local Lowe’s.

When Does Lowe’s Have Sales On Flooring?

Lowe’s usually has sales on flooring during the time between Halloween and Christmas, but the flooring type on sale may vary.

With that, you’re more likely to find savings on vinyl and laminate flooring than you are on natural stone and hardwood, but shopping during this period increases your chances of finding a great deal!

What Day Of the Week Does Lowe’s Markdown Clearance?

Lowe’s clearance items are permanently reduced items, either due to minor damage, a discontinued product, or because the store really wants to move them.

With that, the clearance section is a great place to save at Lowe’s! Usually, Lowe’s marks down clearance items on Thursday, meaning this is the best day to shop in this section.

Additionally, the clearance section runs all year long at Lowe’s, so you can save no matter what time of year it is.

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