When Does Walmart Mark Down? (All You Need to Know)

Walmart is well known for having good prices on a range of merchandise, but it’s possible to get even better bargains when markdowns are taken.

To get your hands on clearance merchandise, you have to get there before other shoppers. So, you may want to know when Walmart marks down. We did the research, and here’s what we found!

When Does Walmart Mark Down In [currentyear]?

Walmart generally marks down clearance items in the first five days of the month in [currentyear]. Markdowns continue each month until the item is sold. Seasonal items like grills are marked down after the season ends, at any time during the month. Meats and bakery items are marked down first thing in the morning.

To learn more about finding clearance items at Walmart, and how to get the maximum savings, read on for all the details!

When Do Walmart Clearance Markdowns Occur?

Walmart is known for its low prices, but savvy shoppers will always try and save a little more.

If you’re one of them, you’ll find it useful to know that Walmart clearance markdowns are taken at the start of the month, usually within the first five days.

In fact, items are marked down monthly until they sell, so the beginning of the month is a good time to shop at Walmart for extra savings.

However, seasonal items are marked down all month following the end of the season, so you should keep your eyes open whenever you go to the store.

There are major clearance sales on items like toys in December and July. You can get discounts of 75% off, and that’s a good time to buy.

Clearance discounts go as low as 90%, but by the time prices go so low, the selection is more limited.

What Time of Day Does Walmart Mark Down Meat?

If you’re looking for the best prices on meats and grocery, the best time to go shopping is in the mornings around 8 a.m.

Walmart marks down meat and bakery goods first thing in the mornings.

In case you were worried, Walmrt doesn’t mark down meats that have gone bad, but only to clear space on the shelves for fresher cuts.

You have to hunt a little around the store to find the marked down bakery goods from the day before, but you’ll get bagels, breads, donuts, cakes, and pastries that are still perfectly good.

When Does Walmart Mark Down Grills?

Grills are seasonal items that get marked down at the end of summer, by September.

However, each store follows its own schedule, and the best way to find out is to call the store.

You can also search the Walmart website for grills that have been marked down and on clearance.

How Do I Find Clearance Items on Walmart.com?

How Do I Find Clearance Items on Walmart.com?

Another easy way to find clearance and marked down items at Walmart is to use the company website.

You can go to the Clearance section and shop by department for the items you want.

When you choose the In-Store or Pickup options, and specify your store, you’ll see the items that are available near you.

What Is Walmart Hidden Clearance?

Walmart Hidden Clearance is like an online treasure hunt that nets you real-world bargains, and one way to find the Hidden Clearance bargains is via Instagram.

You can use Instagram hashtags to show you current clearance items at Walmart. Some hashtags to try are the following:

How Do I Find the Lowest Prices at Walmart?

If you want to get the lowest possible price on an item at Walmart, you have to learn to read the price tags.

When you see a yellow Clearance tag, take a closer look at the price.

If it ends in the number 5, it’s the first markdown. Chances are the item will be marked down further, until it sells.

If the last number in the price is 0 or 1, this is the last markdown and the lowest price you’ll find on that item.

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Smart shoppers can find bargains on top of bargains at Walmart by keeping track of new markdowns on items they want. Most clearance merchandise is marked down at the start of the month, usually in the first five days.

There are also plenty of other ways of finding clearance items at Walmart, so you don’t miss out on the savings.

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