Does Walmart Price Match Other Walmarts? [All You Need To Know]

American retailer Walmart is dedicated to providing reasonable prices on everyday household essentials. To maintain the competitive advantage, Walmart strives to offer lower prices than their local competitors.

For this reason, you’ll likely find a variety of prices throughout the 4,743 established stores. However, since there is a wide range of prices amongst stores, you may wonder if Walmart stores price matches other Walmart locations?

Here is what I discovered!

Does Walmart Price Match Other Walmarts?

Unfortunately, Walmart does not price match other Walmarts, including Walmart Canada. This is because each Walmart has different stock levels, which they discount store by store. However, Walmart customers can price match in-store products against the Walmart website if a cheaper product is listed.

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Why Doesn’t Walmart Price Match Other Walmarts?

Prices may vary from store to store to maintain a loyal customer base and beat local retailer and merchant prices.

Additionally, Walmart store managers can reduce the cost to clear low levels of stock at their particular store, which is why prices can vary from each Walmart location.

In recent years, Walmart discontinued Savings Catcher as the company claimed that it had already offered the lowest possible price on most items. 

Does Walmart Price Match Competitors?

Yes, Walmart’s online site will match other online competitors’ prices. Items must be sold by 28 retailers, including,,,,, Dollar, and many more!

Before completing an online purchase, you’ll need to ensure the matched products are identical in size, color, brand, model, and quantity, if applicable.

If you have found a cheaper item elsewhere, contact Walmart Customer Care, where an associate will verify your request and amend the price.

Also, note that online price match requests are limited to one item per customer per day except for customers based in New Mexico unless the purchase is for resale purposes.

Does Walmart Canada Price Match Walmart?

Unfortunately, Walmart Canada does not price-match other Walmart stores.

In fact, Walmart Canada has decided to cease in-store price facilities with the intention of reducing register queues and delays. The company noticed a decline in usage which led to the cancellation of the process.

Does Walmart Price Match Marketplace?

No, Walmart stores will not price-match Marketplace as prices are decided by third-party merchants. This applies to’s price match policy.

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Conclusion: Does Walmart Price Match Other Walmart Stores?

No, Walmart and Walmart Canada do not price match other Walmart stores, claiming to already sell products at the lowest possible price. will price-match 28 online competitors such as Target, Best Buy, and Home Depot. Walmart does not price match third-party seller prices on Marketplace.

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