Where Is Hummus In Walmart? + Other Grocery Stores 

Walmart’s huge stores aim to fulfill just about every customer’s retail needs from groceries, furniture, and everything in between.

However, with an extensive range of products, you might be wondering where hummus is located in Walmart and other grocery stores. Here is what I uncovered!

Where Is Hummus In Walmart?

Walmart customers can typically find hummus in the refrigerated section along the deli foods aisle near the olives and dips. Additionally, Walmart also stocks hummus in the dietary aisle near low-calorie chips, while canned hummus is located in the condiments aisle. Vegan hummus is located by refrigerated plant-based products.

Read on to find out how you can find hummus easily at Walmart and other grocery stores!

Use The Walmart + App To Find Hummus In Walmart Stores!

If you’ve only got a limited time to shop, you may consider planning ahead (or doing this while you are in the store) with the Walmart + app to save yourself from getting lost amongst the grocery aisles.

Firstly, download the Walmart + app to your Apple or Android phone free of charge and create a unique Walmart log-in.

Once installed, input the details of your local Walmart store, then search for “hummus” using the navigation bar.

If the store contains the relevant stock, the app will tell you the exact position of hummus within the store, alongside the remaining stock levels.

Where Is Hummus In Grocery Stores?

In grocery stores such as Kroger, Whole Foods, Publix, Safeway, Meijer, and Trader Joe’s, hummus is stocked in the refrigerated section near deli foods and chilled dips. Canned hummus is typically located along the pantry aisle near condiments and tinned goods, while vegan hummus will be situated with chilled plant-based products.

What Types Of Hummus Does Walmart Sell?

Walmart offers a range of hummus flavors, including classic garlic chickpea, black olive, and roasted pepper. As hummus is best served fresh, Walmart offers Fazlani Foods’ small ready-to-serve tubs in packs of six for just $15.

Customers can also purchase traditionally mixed hummus in larger quantities of 10.74 oz. If you’re looking for a longer-lasting product that you can season to your personal preference, you may consider canned Ziyad plain hummus.

Chickpeas aren’t to everyone’s taste. Therefore Walmart sells cauliflower-made hummus infused with green olives, lemon, garlic, peppers, or spicy harissa. Alternatively, Walmart stocks plenty of vegan options.

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