White Stag Walmart (What Happened, What Replaced It + More)

One detail that many customers recognize Walmart for is its selection of affordable brands, like White Stag. However, if you’ve been to Walmart recently, you may not be able to find this brand name anymore.

So, what happened to the White Stag brand at Walmart? If you’re curious about whether or not you can still find White Stag products at Walmart, you’re not alone! I’ve looked into the matter in depth, and here’s everything I discovered!

White Stag Walmart In 2024

As Walmart looks to rebrand and change its image, it phases older brands like White Stag, Faded Glory, and Just My Size from its store shelves as of 2024. Walmart’s discontinuing White Stag products in its store to offer more modern, low-priced fashion items from brands like Wonder Nation, Terra & Sky, Time and Tru, and George instead.

Continue to read to find out more about why White Stag is leaving Walmart stores, what’s replacing it and why!

What Is The White Stag Brand?

Before the brand was called White Stag, it was a leading clothing manufacturer for workers in Portland, Oregon’s logging and mill industry.

Later, the founder’s son Harold S. Hirsch began the White Stag brand in 1929 after returning to Portland from college.

That said, he decided to rebrand the company as a skiwear company due to his love of skiing. Notably, White Stag translated the founders’ names into English: Weis (White) and Hirsch (stag)!

In addition to selling clothes used for skiing, the brand quickly expanded to offer daily casual wear.

In the early 2000s, White Stag was purchased by Walmart and rebranded as an in-store women’s clothing, shoes, and accessories line.

Where Is The White Stag Clothing Brand Made?

Initially, the White Stag brand was manufactured in Portland, Oregon, regarded as the city’s historic Old Town.

However, it has moved out of Oregon, and Walmart controls all manufacturing.

Who Currently Owns The White Stag Clothing Brand?

Originally the brand was owned by the Weis family in Portland, Oregon. Currently, Walmart owns White Stag and other older Walmart in-store brands.

Is Walmart Discontinuing White Stag Clothing Brand?

Due to rebranding, the White Stag clothing brand and other older clothing brands found at Walmart are discontinued.

That said, Walmart is making significant changes to focus on low-priced, more modern fashion options.

Why Did Walmart Discontinue The White Stag Clothing Brand?

Why Did Walmart Discontinue The White Stag Clothing Brand?

Today’s customer expects a high-end private label experience, and retailers are racing to meet this need.

So, Walmart will be phasing out and discontinuing some of its other brands like White Stag, Faded Glory, and Just My Size.

Clearly, Walmart is making strides to remain competitive, so it’s rolling out new brands to offer the latest styles at low prices.

What Brand Replaced The White Stag Clothing Brand At Walmart?

As Walmart attempts to rebrand and offer more trendy and affordable clothing options in its stores, shoppers can look to see some of the following brands pop up soon on shelves:

Time and Tru

As a replacement for White Stag, Time and Tru is manufactured by Walmart, Inc. Further, Time and Tru has a wide range of women’s apparel, shoes, and inexpensive accessories.

Terra & Sky

Another brand set to be shelved is Just My Size, marketed towards the plus-sized female demographic.

However, Terra & Sky aims to replace this target market with modern low-priced options.

Wonder Nation

If you have children in your household, Walmart has new inexpensive and fashionable options in its stores for infants, toddlers, and children with its Wonder Nation kids line.


Technically, George is not a new line at Walmart. With that, it has been around for a while, but it’s being revamped! Originally, George was a famous brand in Britain.

For example, when George was first sold in US Walmart stores, it offered both men’s and women’s lines. However, Walmart has decided to focus only on menswear with the rebrand. 

Other Changes To Expect

In addition to shelves, Walmart shoppers can also expect to see differences to the Walmart website, as it wants to expand its offerings.

As a result, shoppers can expect to see more fashion offerings online such as:

Additionally, Walmart Marketplace’s online vendors offer even more clothing options from clothing brands like Steve Madden, Muk Luks, GAP, and many more!

Did White Stage Change Its Name?

When the company began, it was a branch of Hirsch-Weis Manufacturing in Oregon and later known as just Weis.

With that, Weis’ son founded the company we know as White Stag from the founders’ names.

Since then, the company has not undergone any name changes, and all products still carry the same White Stag name and logo.

Where Can You Buy Clothes From The White Stag Brand?

Although the original brands are no longer carried at Walmart locations, shoppers feeling nostalgic can still visit the Walmart Marketplace to purchase select White Stag, Faded Glory, and Just My Size merchandise.

During my most recent search, I could only find items on rollback and clearance.

So, unfortunately, the selection is much more limited than other store items, but they’re still out there!

To know more about Walmart, you can also see our posts on Walmart clothing return policy, Walmart shoe return policy, and Walmart jewelry return policy.


Retail stores are competing for shoppers who want inexpensive and fashionable clothing.

That said, many have begun to offer private label brands to gain an advantage against the competition.

As a result, Walmart has phased out certain older brands like White Stag to create more modern offerings like Wonder Nation and Terra & Sky.

Now, you can find more stylish, modern clothing at affordable prices at Walmart!

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  1. Walmart change in clothing is awful. I love white stag shirts. Their faded glory stretch pants were all I can wear but now that’s gone. No variety of colors. I can’t wear walmarts clothes now. Their selection is just ugly.

  2. I totally agree!!..I also have written about their clothing..White Stag Shirts & Old Glory where great guality for the price..Also the Levi Riders Jeans..really can not find those..everything is just about the skinnys..I used to be able to go in simply pick what I liked & head for the cashier..Now shirts might be cheaper but so is the material & the fit sucks!..The selection is to me awful..Makes me wonder who they sell to..Just no selection like before..Haven’t bought there in awhile..

  3. I loved the white stag
    So disappointed that walmart got rid of it. I love my white stag pants.they are my favorite. I don’t like walmarts new brands at all
    They need to go ba k to their other brands. They did us no favors by eliminating what we liked. Probably all about the money

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