Who Delivers USPS In Canada? (All You Need To Know)

Shipping internationally has a certain air of importance, and it’s even more exciting being the recipient and seeing how different the packaging, labeling, and postage look.

As our neighbors on the North American continent, Canada is a common destination for mailpieces from the US, but have you ever wondered who delivers it over the border? The answer feels surprisingly familiar, so keep reading below to find out what it is!

Who Delivers USPS In Canada In [currentyear]?

The United States Postal Service is partnered with Canada Post mail in a mutual arrangement where each handles the others’ mailings into their own country as of [currentyear]. USPS handles Canada-bound mail from the US until it’s at the border, at which point, once it gets through, Canada Post takes it up for delivery.

To learn more about shipping from the US to Canada, what Canada Post is, how long you can expect your international shipment to take and how to track packages delivered in Canada, keep reading!

Does USPS Ship To Canada?

The United States Postal Service does indeed ship to Canada, though its involvement with the parcel’s progress (besides tracking) ends at the border.

Further, USPS gets the parcels or mailpieces to customs, at which point they must make it through before being handed over to Canada Post.

Still, you can choose from a variety of shipping classes, depending on your budget and the speed at which you’d like the mailpiece to reach its destination.

For example, some of the most popular shipping classes to Canada include:

  • First-Class International
  • First-Class Package International
  • Priority Mail International (including Flat Rate boxes and envelopes)
  • Priority Mail Express International (including Flat Rate envelope)
  • Global Express Guaranteed

Overall, shipping to Canada is actually a lot faster than shipping to many other countries in the world since mail doesn’t have to cross any oceans.

In fact, Priority Mail International to Canada has its own set of prices on USPS.com, and Global Express Guaranteed can reach many locations in Canada in just one business day.

Who Fulfills USPS In Canada?

Canada Post fulfills USPS orders with a destination in Canada.

That said, Canada Post is known as a Crown corporation, meaning it’s government-based and operates in both the interest of public policy and commerce (or business).

You are aware, of course, that Canada technically falls under the rule of the Canadian monarchy.

And that is the same as the British monarchy, embodied by the Queen of England, Elizabeth II. Also, Canada Post being a Crown corporation makes perfect sense when looking at its purpose.

Like USPS, Canada Post provides mail service to the entire country, with over 16 million addresses and a wider service area than Russia.

Moreover, Canada Post was founded in 1867 and currently has its headquarters in Ottawa, Ontario (the most populated province, thanks to Toronto).

Additionally, the President and CEO of Canada Post is currently Doug Ettinger.

How Long Does Mail Take From The US To Reach Canada?

How Long Does Mail Take From The US To Reach Canada?

The speed at which mail moves from the US to Canada is dependent on a few different conditions.

First and foremost, what mail class you are using/can afford/are willing to pay for determines the speed.

Further, if you use Global Express Guaranteed and live near the border, you can expect your mailpiece to reach Canada in one business day.

But if you opt for a slower class, like Priority Mail International, you’ll have to factor in six to ten business days.

Additionally, your location and where you send your piece of mail affect the time it takes to reach its destination.

So, for example, if you’re sending something Priority Mail International from the bottom of Florida to somewhere remote in Canada, expect the longest estimated delivery date.

How Do You Track Your USPS Package In Canada?

Because USPS and Canada Post are partnered, even when your mailpiece crosses over into Canadian territory, you can still use USPS Tracking to follow its progress.

Also, you don’t have to do anything; simply view the USPS Tracking page as usual.

As scans occur, you will see the parcel or mailpiece move through customs and then out on its way to the Canadian recipient.

Is The Post Office Federal Government In Canada?

The Canada Post Corporation, Canada’s version of our USPS, is a federal government entity, though it is a Crown corporation.

That said, this means Canada Post is owned by the government and serves the people of Canada while also generating money like a business.

To know more, you can also read our posts on whether or not USPS ships to Singapore, does USPS ships to Vietnam, and does USPS ships to the UK.


Canada Post delivers USPS-sent mail to Canada, and thanks to the cooperation between our two countries, it’s one of the easiest and quickest international destinations.

Also, it’s among the most affordable, especially under Group pricing, where Canada either has its own Group rates or is part of Price Group 1.

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