Who Owns Uber Eats? (Is It Separate From Uber or Something Else?)

Uber Eats has become one of the most popular food delivery services in the world in large part because it’s associated with the Uber brand.

So, for anyone wondering whether Uber Eats is owned by Uber or if it’s a separate company, we did some digging, and here’s what we found!

Who Owns Uber Eats In 2024?

Uber owns Uber Eats in 2024. Uber launched Uber Eats as an additional service about 5 years after getting started itself. Uber operates Uber Eats as a different company in many areas but it’s still treated as just a subsidiary. Uber is a publicly-traded company with shareholders, and it includes earnings from Uber Eats on its financial reports.

To learn everything about the ownership of Uber Eats, including its management and how it ties to Uber, keep reading for more useful facts!

Why Did Uber Make Uber Eats?

Uber made Uber Eats in order to get into the food delivery market and increase its overall revenue.

Uber still isn’t profitable at this time, so Uber Eats might have been part of a plan to pursue that milestone.

Previously, Uber had grown its ridesharing network substantially.

Therefore, it made sense to try and expand it to cover food deliveries because it would be a strong competitor to established companies like Grubhub.

Who Is the CEO of Uber Eats?

Dara Khosrowshahi is the CEO of Uber and, by extension, Uber Eats. Uber is Uber Eats’ parent company, so the latter doesn’t have its own separate CEO.

Before joining Uber as CEO, Khosrowshahi was the CEO of Expedia between 2005 and 2017 and the CFO of IAC, a media company, between 1998 and 2005.

Khosrowshahi has a Bachelor of Science in Electrical and Electronics Engineering from Brown University in Providence, Rhode Island.

Also, according to Forbes, Khosrowshahi has an estimated net worth of $235 million.

Who Is the Owner of Uber?

Uber is a publicly-traded company, meaning it’s owned by people who have shares in it, from insiders to institutions and the public.

Some of the major shareholders of Uber include the following:

  1. Vanguard Group – 4.35% or 85.09 million shares
  2. Fidelity Management & Research – 3.7% or 72.32 million shares
  3. Morgan Stanley Investment Management – 3.38% or 66.06 million shares
  4. Jennison Associates LLC – 2.54% or 49.54 million shares
  5. BlackRock – 2.44% or 47.66 million shares
  6. SSgA Funds Management Inc. – 1.65% or 32.29 million shares
  7. Morgan Stanley Investment Management – 1.38% or 27.04 million shares
  8. Wellington Management Co. – 1.19% or 23.28 million shares
  9. Sands Capital Management LLC –  1.08% or 21.07 million shares
  10. ClearBridge Investments LLC – 1.00% or 19.58 million shares

Since we’ve already established that Uber is the parent company of Uber Eats, its shareholders also own the subsidiary.

Does the Uber App Include Uber Eats?

Does the Uber App Include Uber Eats?

The Uber app includes Uber Eats but is a very stripped-down web version of it that is intended primarily for cross-promotion.

Previously, Uber Eats was only available inside the Uber app but it was finally made into a separate service in 2016 starting in Los Angeles.

In 2019, Uber announced that it was going to introduce a web version of Uber Eats inside the main Ride app in order to promote it.

This integration is intended for people who have never used Uber Eats, allowing them to receive promotions and try it out without having to download a separate app.

As for drivers, they only need the Uber Drivers app because it was built to give them access to ride requests and food orders in one place.

Do I Need Both Uber and Uber Eats Apps?

Whether or not you need both Uber and Uber Eats apps depends on how often you use them.

Uber and Uber eats are separate apps, but both are accessible from their websites, so you can get service without the app.

That said, if you prefer to access any services through these apps, you should download both Uber and Uber Eats apps because both are optimized for use on those platforms.

For drivers, you only need the Uber driver app because it’s been built to give you access to both ride-hailing and food delivery services.

Do Uber and Uber Eats Use the Same Account?

Uber and Uber Eats use the same account, so you don’t need to sign up for both of them separately.

As we’ve established, Uber’s strategy with Uber Eats is to use its existing network to grow the service, and this extends to allowing users to sign in using only one account.

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Uber Eats is owned by Uber, and the services operate under a subsidiary and parent company type of relationship. Uber and Uber Eats have separate apps that are optimized for their respective core services.

However, Uber introduced a web version of Eats in its app in 2019. Drivers only need the Uber Driver app to get ride and food delivery requests.

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