Why is Amazon’s Two-Step Verification Not Working? (List Of Potential Fixes + FAQs)

If you’re trying to use Amazon two-step verification but are having issues with it not working, you probably want to know some potential fixes to help you solve this problem.

Well, you’ve come to the right place because I’ve been researching this topic and I’ll tell you the best fixes for when Amazon two-step verification is not working below!

Why is Amazon Two-Step Verification Not Working In 2024?

If Amazon’s two-step verification is not working then you need to try to clear the cache and cookies on the device you are using and this may help as of 2024. There could be other browser settings preventing two-step verification from working, so you also can try logging in with another device or browser to see if that fixes the issue.

Are you looking for even more fixes for Amazon two-step verification not working or have other questions? If so, continue to read further to learn so much more about how to solve the issue!

What Can I Do to Fix My Amazon Two-Step Verification?

Here are several different things you can try to fix your issue with Amazon:

1. Clear Your Cache

On the device you are using, you may want to clear your cache to see if that solves Amazon’s two-step verification, not working problems.

Furthermore, it’s easy to do if you’re in a browser because you’ll just need to go to “History” and then select the time frame you want, and check “Cache” and then “Clear Now.”

2. Clear Your Cookies

Clearing your cookies could also fix the two-step verification issues on Amazon, which you can do by going into “History” and then selecting a time frame you want to clear out.

Additionally, you just need to select “Cookies” and “Clear Now” and then try to reload the Amazon website to see if that helps.

3. Try Another Browser

If you have more than one browser on the device you are using, you can try to use another browser to clear out the Amazon two-step verification not working problem.

For example, if you normally use Firefox, you may want to use Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome and try logging into Amazon there to see if that fixes the problem.

4. Try Another Device

4. Try Another Device Amazon

If you don’t have another browser to try, you can try to sign in to your Amazon account using another device to see if that clears the Amazon two-step verification not working error.

Additionally, since browser settings can cause a lot of issues, using another device might be the quickest way to log in to your account to find out it’s your other device.

5. Log In With Alternate Sign-In

If Amazon’s two-step verification is not working, you can try to log in with the alternate sign-in option, which can be done by following the steps below:

  • Enter your Amazon email address and password
  • Click on “Submit”
  • Look for the error message
  • A security code will be sent to you through voice call or text message
  • Enter this security code onto the end of your Amazon password
  • Click on “Submit”

6. Click “Didn’t Receive The Code”

If you’re trying to get the two-step verification code and you don’t see that it arrived, you can click “Didn’t Receive the Code” to have a code resent to your backup method.

7. Restart Your Device

Memory or RAM issues and other similar problems can cause Amazon’s two-step verification to not work correctly, so you can try to restart your device to see if that works.

Furthermore, rebooting a device will clear out any glitches and bugs that could be causing a website or app not to run properly.

8. Contact Customer Service

Users have reported not receiving the two-step verification code before, so if you’ve tried the above steps then contact customer serviceto see if there is an internal issue happening.

How Do I Bypass 2-Step Verification on Amazon?

You can disable two-step verification on Amazon by following these simple steps below:

  • Sign in to your Amazon account
  • Select “Your Account”
  • Select “Login & Security”
  • Look for Two-Step Verification in the menu
  • Select “Edit”
  • Select “Disable Two-Step Verification”
  • Enter your security code from your backup method
  • You’ll be notified that it’s disabled

Why Am I Not Getting My 2-Step Verification Code?

There could be a host of reasons why you’re not getting the two-step verification code, especially on Amazon, but one issue could be your network connection.

Therefore, try rebooting your device to refresh your network connection and also clear out cache or memory issues that could be causing problems.

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If Amazon’s two-step verification is not working, you can try another browser or different device to see if the issue is with you or the browser you’re using. Furthermore, you can reboot the device you’re using to see if it’s an issue with the RAM or cache, to try and fix the issue.

However, sometimes the issue is internal with Amazon as users have reported, so you can also try to contact Amazon Customer Service to see if a problem or bug is happening.

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