Why Is My Amazon Employee Discount Not Working? (List Of Potential Fixes + FAQs)

Did you just get hired by Amazon and have tried to use your employee discount online only to discover that it isn’t working?

Well, I’ve been researching why this might happen and ways you can fix the issue so keep reading to learn what I’ve found out!

Why Is My Amazon Employee Discount Not Working In [currentyear]?

Your Amazon employee discount might not be working because you haven’t been in the Amazon system long enough yet, as it usually takes 30 days to get the employee discount entered into the system as of [currentyear]. Additionally, you could have mistyped the discount during checkout, which could also cause it not to work.

Do you want to know about other potential fixes for the Amazon employee discount not working? If so, check below for even more fixes!

Why Isn’t My Amazon Employee Discount Working?

If your Amazon Employee discount isn’t working there might be a few reasons as to why, go through the list below to see if any of these problems relate to you:

1. You Mistyped The Employee Discount Code

You should first check to see if you’ve mistyped the Amazon employee discount code, which could lead to the discount not working during checkout.

For example, if you didn’t copy and paste the code, go back and check to see whether you’ve manually entered the letters or numbers correctly, and write it as it appears.

2. You’re Not In the System Yet – Give It More Time

One reason why your Amazon employee discount might not be working is that you’re not entered into the computer system yet as a new employee.

Therefore, if you haven’t waited at least 30 days from the time you were hired, you may want to give it more time and see if between 30 and 45 days the employee discount works.

3. It Only Works on Fulfilled By Amazon Items

If you’ve entered the Amazon employee discount correctly, but it’s still not working, it could be because you’re not buying products that were fulfilled by Amazon.

Additionally, employee discount codes only work on items shipped and sold by Amazon and will not work for third-party sellers, so try just purchasing items from Amazon to see if it works!

4. The Code You Were Given Has Expired

The Amazon employee discount code could have an expiration date, so if you notice that the discount isn’t working, check to see if it has expired and if so, ask for a new discount code.

5. You’ve Reached Your Yearly Limit

Amazon has a limit on the employee discount of 10% off $1,000 which means that you can only use it to get $100 off per year.

Therefore, if the employee discount code isn’t working, you may have reached the annual cap, and you’ll need to wait for it to reset before you can begin using the code on Amazon again.

How Do I Activate My Amazon Employee Discount?

How Do I Activate My Amazon Employee Discount?

The Amazon employee discount code will appear on your Amazon A to Z account after 30 days of you starting your job.

Furthermore, just log in to your Amazon A to Z account, then click on the “Profile” to see the employee discount code below your photo.

Where Do I Enter My Amazon Employee Discount Code?

If you have an Amazon employee discount code, you’ll need to enter it during checkout under the “Gift Cards and Promotional Codes” section of the website.

However, you’ll need to enter the code exactly as it appears through your Hub, or else it won’t work and you’ll get an error.

For example, you should not enter a space after the promotional code, before the promotional code, or in the middle of the promotional code.

Can I See My Remaining Amazon Employee Discount Balance?

You can look to see how much is remaining on your Amazon employee discount by first logging into your Amazon A to Z account and clicking on “Profile.”

From there, you can look on that page for the balance remaining for the year, which will reset on your yearly anniversary.

Can Someone Else Use My Amazon Employee Discount?

The Amazon employee discount is to be used by the Amazon worker only, should not be shared with anyone, and can only be used on the employee’s Amazon account.

However, you could purchase items for other people using your Amazon employee discount if you purchase the items through your Amazon account.

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If your Amazon employee discount is not working, it could be that you entered the code wrong onto the Amazon website, the items are ineligible for the discount, or you’re not in the system yet.

Additionally, you may have reached your yearly discount benefit on Amazon, and you’ll need to wait for it to reset before you can use the employee discount again on the website.

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