Amazon Military Discount (Do They Have One + More)

Military members keep our country safe and make incredible sacrifices. It’s important to recognize these life-saving contributions, and that’s why many companies offer military discounts.

If you or someone you love is a military member, you may be wondering if Amazon has a military discount. I wanted to find this out too, so I started researching, and here’s what I can share with you!

Amazon’s Military Discount

Unfortunately, Amazon does not offer a specific military discount on the cost of items or subscriptions. However, Amazon does offer Amazon Prime Military shipping with a two-day shipping guarantee, ensuring items get to loved ones while a military member is stationed overseas. In the past, Amazon has offered discounted Prime memberships for military members, but not at this time.

If you want to know more about Amazon military discounts, including how much military members can save on delivery costs and alternate stores with military discounts, then keep reading our full guide!

Why Does Amazon Not Have a Military Discount?

Amazon has not commented publicly on why it doesn’t have a year-round military discount like some other retailers.

However, in recent years Amazon has offered specials on Prime memberships for Veterans Day in November, which has helped the company cover ground in terms of acknowledging military members.

Currently, there are no known plans for Amazon to have a military discount in the future, although many veterans and military organizations anticipate possible announcements from Amazon closer to Veterans Day.

For example, in recent years, Amazon announced a $40 discount on Prime memberships for all active military members and veterans from November 6-11.

Although Amazon does not have a standard military discount, the retailer is still a popular place for military members and their loved ones to shop, just because it’s so easy to order items and get them shipped wherever they need to go.

How Much Can You Save With Prime Military Shipping?

While there is no specific discount for military members shopping on Amazon, they are encouraged to take advantage of Prime Military Shipping.

This is a guarantee that Prime’s two-day shipping will get the vast majority of items to friends and family while soldiers are stationed overseas.

Two-day Prime shipping is included in the cost of membership, so essentially, military members can save hundreds of dollars on shipping costs depending on what they buy and how often they shop.

Without Prime, standard Amazon shipping costs range from around $5-$20. International shipping is even more, ranging from $10-$50 or even higher for some products and destinations.

Shipping costs can add up to be much more than the annual Prime membership fee of $119.

Prime Military Shipping is a good way for military members to save on shipping costs while still arranging regular deliveries, whether it be household needs for their families or things they need while out on duty.

It’s easy to sign up for this program just by following the normal prompts for a Prime membership.

Military members can set up their shipping information and shopping preferences to best suit their situation, whether they are deployed or at home.

Does Amazon Offer A Military Discount On Amazon Prime?

Does Amazon Offer A Military Discount On Amazon Prime?

As of [currentyear], Amazon has not announced a military discount on Amazon Prime for Veterans Day. In 2019, Amazon made headlines by offering Prime memberships for $79 instead of the usual $119.

Back then, Amazon said this limited-time offer was a way to recognize the commitment and service of military members going into the significant Veterans Day holiday.

If Amazon does plan on offering this military discount on Prime memberships in the future, the company hasn’t made it public yet.

Many retailers confirm Veterans Day discounts at the end of October, and if Amazon decides to bring back the military Prime discount, shoppers can expect the retailer to publicize this information to acknowledge military sacrifice.

In the case of any future military discounts on Amazon, military members will likely need to show their ID to confirm their eligibility.

This is standard practice for most stores that offer military discounts, just to ensure the right people are receiving recognition for their contributions.

What Stores Have Military Discounts Instead Of Amazon?

While Amazon isn’t the best option for military discounts, there are plenty of stores that offer special savings for military members, veterans, and their families.

Some of these stores have year-round military discounts, while others have dedicated discount days like Fourth of July and Veterans Day.

If you’re looking for somewhere to shop with military discounts, you may want to try:

Keep in mind that many stores run Veterans Day sales and military discounts may be higher during the first two weeks of November.

Otherwise, a lot of military discounts range from 10% to 30%, but it depends on each retailer and their policy on military discounts.

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