Why Is Walmart Pickup Not Working? (Why, Potential Fixes + Other FAQs)

Walmart is a massive retailer that sells everything you and your family needs, like groceries, household cleaners, clothes, etc. On top of that, Walmart does everything possible to make shopping as convenient for its customers as possible.

One shopping feature Walmart recently introduced is online shopping, allowing customers to pick up their orders at their local Walmart store. But what if Walmart pickup isn’t working? I was curious about this too, and here’s everything I discovered about the matter!

Why Is Walmart Pickup Not Working In [currentyear]?

Walmart Pickup may not be working because Walmart’s server is down, your order never went through, or because the Walmart app is not updated as of [currentyear]. Some solutions to Walmart Pickup issues include calling your local store, updating your app and phone, and clearing the app’s cache from your phone or tablet.

If you want to learn more about Walmart Pickup, how to clear the app’s cache from your phone, what the Walmart Pickup feature is, and much more, keep reading! I’ve discovered everything you need to know!

What Is Walmart Pickup?

Walmart Pickup is a feature that customers can access through the Walmart mobile app or Walmart website.

With that, it’s an easy way to order everything from Walmart online and pick up items at a designated time slot.

When you use Walmart Pickup, you can skip the long checkout lines and avoid wasting time browsing products in-store.

However, only select Walmart locations offer pickup services. Additionally, not all items available at Walmart qualify for curbside pickup.

Why Isn’t Walmart Pickup Working?

Occasionally, the Walmart Pickup feature doesn’t work and experiences lags or glitches while users try to order items.

1. Order Never Went Through

If you place a Walmart Pickup order and feel like it should be ready for pickup, it’s essential to check that the order went through.

For example, after placing a Walmart Pickup order, you should receive a confirmation email with a prediction of when the order will be ready.

So, before leaving your house to pick up your Walmart order, ensure you have received a confirmation email. If you do not receive a confirmation email, your order did not go through.

2. Walmart’s Server Is Down

One common reason Walmart Pickup fails to work correctly is that the server on the app or website is down.

That said, when Walmart performs updates on its website or app, the Pickup feature may not work as efficiently.

Unfortunately, there is no way to fix this issue, and you simply have to wait for Walmart to take care of it.

3. Several Users On The Site

Keep in mind that Walmart has millions of customers who shop there, whether online or in-store.

With that, when there is an influx of users on the Walmart website or app, the Pickup service may not work as fast.

Essentially, Walmart’s servers have to process millions of customer demands at one time. Therefore, the download and processing speeds might slow down.

4. The Walmart App Isn’t Updated

One common reason Walmart Pickup occasionally doesn’t work is that the Walmart app needs updates. Like other apps on your phone, the Walmart app needs regular updates.

That said, Walmart’s app updates fix glitches, improve the shopping experience, and ensure it is secure. So, make sure your Walmart app is completely updated before placing a pickup order.

Additionally, check that your device is completely updated for the same reasons listed above. When your phone is updated, it allows the apps and other features to run more efficiently.

What Should You Do If Walmart Pickup Isn’t Working?

What Should You Do If Walmart Pickup Isn't Working?

If some of the methods above do not work to fix Walmart Pickup, there are a couple of other solutions you can try.

1. Call Your Local Walmart Store

As previously noted, when you place a Walmart Pickup order, you will receive a confirmation email.

So, if you have received a confirmation email and feel your order should be ready, but it’s not, it’s best to call the store.

After reaching the store, ask a Walmart associate about the status of your order. Additionally, your local Walmart store’s phone number should be listed in the app.

Or, you can do a quick Google search to find your local store’s number.

2. Clear The Walmart App’s Cache

When using the Walmart app, tons of data from the app is saved to your phone.

That said, if there’s a lot of data stored on your phone, the Walmart Pickup feature won’t work as well as it’s supposed to.

Therefore, you should regularly clear the Walmart app’s cache from your device. Moreover, here is how you clear the Walmart app’s cache on an iPhone:

  • Go to Settings
  • Click on “General”
  • Tap”iPhone Storage”
  • Click on the Walmart app
  • Click on “Offload App”

In comparison, if you use an Android, here are the steps to take to clear the cache from the Walmart app:

  • Open Settings
  • Select “Storage”
  • Tap “Apps”
  • Find and select the Walmart app
  • On the app’s information page, click on the “Clear Cache” option

3. Uninstall The Walmart App

From time to time, deleting the Walmart app from your phone and reinstalling it after a few moments is an easy fix to glitches and lags with Walmart Pickup.

When you uninstall the Walmart app, it can fix small bugs and ensure it works more efficiently when you re-download it.

4. Restart Your Phone

Finally, one method you can try to fix the Walmart app and the Walmart Pickup feature is to restart your phone.

When you restart your phone, it serves as a way to refresh the phone’s system.

So, your Walmart app should work better after restarting your phone, and it only takes a few moments to do so.

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Walmart Pickup is a feature included in the Walmart app and website, allowing customers to shop online and pick up their orders. Sometimes, Walmart’s Pickup doesn’t work as it should because the app isn’t updated, Walmart’s server is down, or the order never went through.

Further, ways to solve issues with Walmart Pickup include updating your phone and the app, calling your local store, or clearing the app’s cache from your phone.

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