Amazon Ebook Return Policy (Can You Return Kindle Books, Return Limits, Refunds + More)

Since 2011, Amazon Kindle has been a very popular source for reading material, enabling customers to fit multiple book titles into one device and access them at any time.

However, if a customer wishes to return an Ebook they purchased from Amazon, they may be wondering what the return policy is. If you’d like to find out, keep reading to see what I learned!

Amazon Ebook Return Policy

Amazon customers are allowed to return any Ebook within seven days of purchase from their account. As well, customers have seven days to return accidental Ebook purchases, and Amazon will issue a refund on the books being returned. Customers may also rent Ebooks from Amazon, which can be returned at any point within their allotted time.

Keep reading through this article if you’d like to learn more about how to request an Ebook return on Amazon, how to return rented Ebooks, how to qualify for a refund, and more useful tips!

How Do I Request an Ebook Return on Amazon?

If customers would like to return an Ebook they purchased from Amazon, they can do so by using the following method:

  1. Go to and log in to your Amazon account, which will bring you to the page containing all your previous Ebook purchases.
  2. If the book you wish to return is eligible, there will be a bolded text beneath the book indicating when the return window is going to expire.
  3. Select the “Return for Refund” option on your qualifying book.
  4. Once selecting the return option, choose the reason for return in the pop-up window.

Once the return request goes through, customers will be immediately refunded with credits, which can be used to purchase another e-book on their account.

However, customers who use Amazon Kindle should note that they may only have up to 10 books downloaded on their device at a time.

Therefore, if they wish to purchase another book to read immediately and they already have 10 books in their account, they must offload or archive one of their previous purchases.

Can You Return Kindle Books to Amazon?

Amazon Ebooks that are accessed through Amazon Kindle also qualify for the seven-day return policy. When customers request a return, they will be refunded with Amazon Ebook credits.

However, customers who return an e-book to purchase a new one should note that they may only have up to 10 e-books downloaded to their Amazon Kindle at once.

Therefore, if they wish to read their new book immediately and already have 10 books downloaded, they must temporarily offload another book in their library.

Can You Return a Rented Ebook on Amazon?

Can You Return a Rented Ebook on Amazon?

Customers who don’t wish to risk spending money on e-books can rent physical books from Amazon Rentals, which can be returned at any time if customers choose to extend their rental period.

Customers should note that at this time, Amazon does not offer Ebook rentals.

However, in order to return a rented book from Amazon, customers can do the following:

  1. Log in to your Amazon account and select the “Manage Your Rentals” page.
  2. After locating the book you’d like to return, select the “Return rental” button.
  3. Next, select a drop-off location, which can either be an Amazon pick-up location or a local parcel service.
  4. Print the shipping label and provided packing slip, and box up the rental with the packing slip contained.
  5. Drop off the rental at the mailing location.

Can You Return Kindle Books After Reading?

Customers can return any e-book from their Kindle within seven days of their original purchase. Therefore, customers have seven days to read the book before choosing to make a return.

However, customers may not return any Ebooks once the seven days have passed.

Therefore, if customers are concerned about making multiple purchases of books they don’t like, they are recommended to either rent books from Amazon Rental, or purchase books from Audible, which can be returned for a refund at any point.

Does Amazon Offer Ebook Refunds?

Customers will be automatically refunded when they request a return for their e-book.

Amazon will generally refund customers with credits, which they can use to purchase other Ebooks through Amazon.

How Do I Cancel an Accidental Ebook Order on Amazon?

If customers have made an accidental e-book purchase through Amazon, they can easily rectify it by going to > Digital Services & Device Support > Kindle Content Help > Return a Kindle Book Order and selecting the yellow button labeled “Start Your Kindle Book Return.

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