Amazon Warehouse Safety Policy (All You Need To Know)

Amazon has a large number of policies within their workplace, such as policies for workplace ethics, employee scheduling, third-party sellers, and safety protocols for their workers.

However, potential staff members at Amazon may be curious as to what the Amazon Warehouse Safety policy is. If you’d like to find out, keep reading this article to see what information I gathered!

Amazon Warehouse Safety Policy

Amazon does not currently have a formal safety policy for its regular and warehouse workers. However, the company is currently making strides to cut workplace injuries by 50% by 2025. Amazon plans to increase safety by integrating new technologies and programs into the workplace, such as the WorkingWell program and the Ernie robotic system.

If you’d like to learn more about Amazon’s full policy on workplace safety, how warehouse workers deliver packages safely from Amazon, and more, keep reading this article for more useful facts and tips!

What Is Amazon’s Full Safety Policy?

Amazon does not currently have a formal safety policy available for public perusal.

However, Amazon has a dedicated space on its About Amazon website for articles discussing their safety protocols, where they frequently update their safety resources.

In 2021, Amazon stated that they plan to cut their warehouse and other workplace injuries in half by 2025 by offering consistent safety training on a regular basis, as well as integrating new programs and technologies into their workplace set-up.

Nevertheless, Amazon’s policy on workplace safety is currently quite vague. Therefore, potential staff who are planning on applying at Amazon are encouraged to read through Amazon’s safety articles.

As well, potential employees are encouraged to read reviews from other staff members to determine if they feel comfortable and safe working in the Amazon Warehouse environment.

What Safety Precautions Are in Place for Amazon Workers?

While Amazon’s general policy for safety for warehouse workers is vague, Amazon does have a number of safety protocols in place for warehouse workers making deliveries. Some of these methods are listed as follows:

1. Safety Saves

Safety Saves is a program for Amazon warehouse workers that identifies hazards and repairs them before someone is injured.

Safety Saves incidents are recorded using a handheld device and immediately inform all present staff members of the hazard.

2. Robotic Tech Vest

Because Amazon’s warehouses operate heavy machinery and robotic equipment, Amazon has designed a safety vest to prevent workers from being injured by the machines.

Amazon’s warehouse technology has obstacle sensors built in, and the Robotic Tech Vest operates as a signal to warn the machinery that the workers near the robotic equipment are an obstacle, which prevents the machine from injuring workers when machinery needs to be fixed or tweaked.

3. Trailer Docking and Releasing

Trailer Docking and Releasing (TDR) is a job that trained Amazon warehouse workers are qualified to perform.

When preparing a trailer for departure, Amazon requires their workers to use the TDR app on the Fire Tablet, which provides a checklist for any safety hazards present on the trailers.

If workers find a hazard, they cannot allow the trailer to be released until all issues are resolved.

Does Amazon Follow Its Safety Policy in the Warehouse?

Does Amazon Follow Their Safety Policy in the Warehouse?

Amazon’s safety protocols and measures are regularly updated, meaning that some safety policies that were in place even a few months prior may be altered from time to time.

However, Amazon does provide regular training for any updated safety measures for their warehouse workers, as well as other staff members.

Additionally, they have integrated a number of programs and technologies to keep their safety measures updated and more effective.

Therefore, while Amazon is on record for having a number of workplace injuries occur, they are currently following the safety procedures that they outlined for injury prevention.

Are Amazon Warehouses a Safe Environment for Workers?

According to reliable sources, Amazon has had a number of safety crises occur, the most recent in 2020.

A report from the Strategic Organizing Center states that Amazon warehouse workers are injured more often than non-warehouse workers, both more frequently and more severely.

Amazon is, however, making strides with their updated warehouse technology and programs to better ensure their worker’s safety, and are reported to be following safety measures with the goal of reducing workplace injuries by 50% by 2025.

Potential staff should note, though, that while Amazon is currently in the process of decreasing workplace injuries, their warehouses are still considered by many sources to carry a number of safety risks.

Therefore, while Amazon is making improvements within the warehouse environment, potential staff should be aware that their safety may still be at risk while working in the Amazon warehouse.

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  1. I am employed at STL3 facility and I’ve inquired repeatedly for a copy of their safety policies and guidelines. They didn’t tell me they don’t have one. Just give me the runaround continually. As a member of safety committee, I can only go on common sense and personal knowledge to promote safety.

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