Best Buy Dead Pixel Policy (Monitors, Tv’s, What To Do + More)

As much as it is rare to encounter dead pixels on newly bought electronics, they may occur due to a manufacturing defect that results in the assembly of defective pixels amongst functional ones.

In order to understand the next line of action if Best Buy delivers monitors or TVs with dead pixels, customers might inquire about the Best Buy Dead Pixel Policy. Here’s what I found out!

Best Buy Dead Pixel Policy

Best Buy allows customers to request for return, exchange, or repair of electronics with dead pixels. If you receive a new monitor/tv/laptop with defective pixels, you can notify Best Buy for a refund or exchange or alternatively contact Geek Squad for repair services.

If you want to gain more information on whether Best Buy’s warranty covers dead pixels, whether the warranty covers dead pixels caused by accidental damages, and much more, keep reading!

Does Best Buy Warranty Cover Dead Pixels?

Fortunately, Best Buy’s warranty does cover dead pixels.

If the damage on your monitor or TV is not caused by dropping or any other physical damage, the device can be covered by the manufacturer’s warranty or the Geek Squad Protection Plan.

The period of warranty offered by the manufacturer varies depending on different manufacturers and brands.

Similarly, Best Buy’s Geek Squad protection plan will require a $199.99 yearly membership for you to receive cover and tech support on dead pixels.

Does Best Buy Accept Returns For Dead Pixels?

Yes, Best Buy accepts returns for dead pixels.

If you purchased a gaming PC or monitors such as Dell, HP, or Lenovo monitors that bear dead pixels, Best Buy allows you to return the item within the return and exchange period.

Best Buy offers a return and exchange period of 15 days for standard members, 30 days for Elite members, and 45 days for Elite Plus members for most products.

It is important to note that returning dead pixels to Best Buy’s stores during the return and exchange period has to follow a set of terms and conditions for Best Buy to process the return request.

For instance, you will have to provide proof of purchase, such as a receipt or credit card statement, for Best Buy to verify the model, price, and date of purchase of the item with a dead pixel.

Additionally, Best Buy will require that you provide the original packaging and accompanying accessories, failure to which Best Buy may deduct an amount to replace missing items.

Best Buy will not accept the return if your item develops a dead pixel outside the return and exchange period.

However, it will offer repair services based on the manufacturer’s warranty and Geek Squad membership.

Does Best Buy Cover Accidental Damages Causing Dead Pixels?

Does Best Buy Cover Accidental Damages Causing Dead Pixels?

Fortunately, Best Buy covers dead pixels caused by accidental damage through the Geek Squad Protection plan.

Ideally, Geek Squad Protection Plan offers parts and labor protection plans for items bought at Best Buy and outside Best Buy to guarantee performance beyond the manufacturer’s warranty.

Does Geek Squad Protection Cover Dead Pixels?

Yes, Geek Squad Protection covers dead pixels when your TV or monitor develops defective pixels on the screen.

All you need to do is take your dead pixel monitor to any Best Buy store for Geek Squad services or request in-home repair services for your dead pixel.

How Many Dead Pixels Are Acceptable At Best Buy?

Best Buy accepts to repair or replace three or more sticks or dead pixels on monitors or TVs.

Geek Squad will provide a replacement panel to rectify the defective pixels on your equipment’s screen.

How Long Do You Have To Return A Dead Pixel To Best Buy?

If Best Buy delivers an item with dead pixels, you will have to return the item within the return and exchange period of 14-45 days, depending on your membership at Best Buy.

Best Buy may deny a return request that falls outside the return and exchange window.

How Do I Return An Online Order With Dead Pixels From Best Buy?

If Best Buy delivers a dead pixel, you can return the item either at Best Buy in-store or

For Best Buy to process your dead pixel return request faster, ensure that you present proof of purchase and a valid photo ID.

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Best Buy allows customers to return dead pixels and request a refund, exchange, and repairs. All return terms and conditions must be met for Best Buy to process a dead pixel return request.

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