Does Walmart Cash Payroll Checks? (All You Need To Know)

Walmart is well known for providing almost every service imaginable from sending money orders to cashing checks (and everything in between).

However, before heading into a Walmart store, you might be wondering if Walmart cashes payroll checks? And if so, how much does it cost and what are the limitations? Here is everything you need to know!

Does Walmart Cash Payroll Checks?

Yes, Walmart does cash Payroll checks for a fee of $4 on checks up to $1,000 and $8 on checks worth $1,001-$5,000. Additionally, customers will receive the funds immediately when cashing a payroll check at Walmart when passing the check verification process.

Keep on reading to find out how easy Check cashing at Walmart really is!

How To Cash A Payroll Check At Walmart

When you arrive at your local Walmart store, make your way to the customer service desk or MoneyCenter counter.

Simply hand over your payroll check to the cashier along with a valid government-issued photo ID such as a passport or driver’s license.

Ensure the company’s name, address, and contact telephone number are printed in the top left corner; otherwise, your payroll check may be refused (additionally, make sure all relevant signatures have signed the Check).

Once authorized, the cashier will deduct the relevant fees and immediately provide you with your funds.

Most Walmart MoneyCenters are open 8 am-8 pm except Sunday, where times vary with each store. Find your local store online to check.

Does Walmart Charge A Fee To Cash Payroll Checks?

Yes, Walmart charges $4 on payroll checks up to $1,000, whereas checks worth $1,001 to $5,000 cost $8. Fees will be deducted from the overall check balance.

Many customers prefer to cash checks at Walmart as banks generally charge higher fees of $8-$10 for lower-value checks.

How Are Funds Paid By Walmart?

Walmart will provide funds in cash as soon as a payroll check is authorized. Alternatively, an associate can load the amount onto a Walmart MoneyCard for $3 every time you reload via check cashing.

MoneyCards are located at store checkout lanes for only $1, and Walmart will allow customers to split the balance between cash and MoneyCard.

How Does Walmart Verify Payroll Checks?

Walmart will only cash a payroll check if you are the stated payee, and a Walmart associate will verify your identity using a valid photo ID.

Most Walmart stores and MoneyCenters will also use electronic third-party check verification systems such as Telecheck or Certegy.

Does Walmart Cash Handwritten Payroll Checks?

No, Walmart will not accept handwritten payroll checks. However, Walmart will process most payroll checks that are signed by hand.

The paying company name, address, contact telephone number, date of issue, payroll check value, and the payee’s name must all be printed. Additionally, all amounts must be stated alphabetically and numerically.

Are There Check Cashing Limitations At Walmart?

Yes, according to the Walmart policy, there are check-cashing limitations at Walmart.

From May to the end of December, Walmart will cash Checks up to $5,000. However, every year the limit is increased to $7,500 from January to April.

Two-Party Checks are the only exception, with a cashing limit of $200 for a maximum fee of $6. Customers are entitled to 3 Check cashing transactions per day. 

Can Walmart Refuse To Cash My Payroll Check?

Yes, Walmart has the right to refuse any payroll checks if the check is for someone else, if the check is handwritten, or signatures are excluded.

Payroll checks can also be denied if they fail to pass the electronic verification by either TeleCheck/Certegy, or if a Walmart associate suspects someone is trying to cash a fake check

Does Walmart Cash Other Checks?

Yes, Walmart aims to satisfy every customer that walks through its doors. For this reason, Walmart will cash a long list of Checks such as Payroll, Government, Tax, Cashier’s, Insurance Settlements, 401(k), Retirement Distribution, All Pre-Printed, MoneyGram Money Orders, and Two-Party Personal Checks.

If you are looking for other money services at Walmart, you can see our guides on cashing Wells Fargo, travelers, and handwritten checks at Walmart.

Conclusion: Does Walmart Cash Payroll Checks?

Yes, Walmart will cash Payroll Checks at the customer service desk or MoneyCenter counter. Cash Checks up to $5,000, increasing to $7,500 in May for a fee of $4-$8. You’ll be funded immediately in cash or MoneyCard Balance with a loading fee of $3. You must be the stated payee to cash Payroll Checks, bring a photo ID for verification. 

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