Does Walmart Have Gas Rewards? (All You Need To Know)

Watching the number climb at the gas pump is painful for most Americans. Commuters and travelers know factoring in gas money each month is no fun.

The largest retail chain in the world, Walmart, has a history of offsetting these costs with special discounts at their thousands of Walmart, Sam’s Club, and Murphy USA-partnered stations.

But does Walmart have gas rewards, right? Here is what I discovered!

Does Walmart Have Gas Rewards?

Walmart does not currently run a gas rewards program, but customers can still save at the pump via their gas savings program. By signing up for the Walmart+ subscription service, shoppers can save five cents off every gallon of gas at all Walmart, Sam’s Club, and Murphy USA fueling stations in the U.S.

To learn more about how the gas savings program works, how you can pay and get those savings using the Walmart app, and other tricks for getting Walmart rewards by buying gas, keep reading for all you need to know!

How Does Walmart Gas Savings Work?

Rather than run a gas rewards program, where shoppers receive rewards as they purchase fuel, Walmart runs a gas savings discount.

The gas savings discount is tied into Walmart’s newer Walmart+ subscription service.

This service is designed to rival their biggest competitor, Amazon, and offers considerable perks:

  • Free one-day or two-day shipping
  • Free grocery delivery
  • Prescription savings
  • Mobile scan and go
  • Member prices on fuel

Shoppers can access this for $12.95 per month or save with a year-long subscription for $98.

For their member prices on fuel, Walmart+ gives customers 5 cents off every gallon of gas at participating Walmart, Sam’s Club, and Murphy USA gas stations.

And unlike other fuel savings programs, there is no limit to the number of gallons on which you can receive the discount.

(For example, some fuel savings programs max you out at 20 gallons per month.)

In order to access your five-cent discount at the pump, you will have to have your phone, with the Walmart app logged in, with you.

Unfortunately, if you forgot your phone at home, you cannot access the member savings for fuel.

From there, you will bring up the Walmart app, access your Walmart+ account, navigate to “Member prices on fuel” and follow the instructions.

For a more detailed look at how to pay for gas on the Walmart app, see the section below.

How Do You Pay For Gas On The Walmart App?

While you can’t use the Walmart app’s Walmart Pay to pay for gas, you can access your Walmart+ fuel discount and pay at the pump.

Pull up your Walmart app and access your Walmart+ subscription when you arrive at the pumps.

With just a little scrolling, you should see “Member prices on fuel” and a “Get started” button. The locations near you will pop up; choose the one where you’re currently located.

Once your location is set, you’ll receive the instructions for whichever type of fueling station you’re currently standing at. Select “Get pumping” to enter the QR or numerical code.

Walmart and Sam’s Club stations use a QR code to access the discount; Murphy USA stations have a numerical code.

You’ll enter or scan the code (with your camera), and you can begin pumping.

After you’re done, the app will charge whatever card you selected (or the only one on file), and you’ll receive an e-receipt that you can access in the future if you need to.

Again, there are no limits to how much gas you can get at the discounted rate, and you can fill up as many times per day as you need to – the discount applies every time you access it.

The discount is also good on all of the fuel types at the pump (not just regular unleaded, for example), and if you have any trouble applying the code, ask an attendant for help.

Does Walmart Do Fuel Points?

Does Walmart Do Fuel Points?

Unfortunately, Walmart does not do fuel points.

Instead, shoppers can receive a five-cent discount per gallon of gas when they sign up for Walmart+, a subscription service offering free shipping and grocery delivery.

The discount is good at all participating Walmart, Sam’s Club, and Murphy USA fueling stations.

Walmart+ shoppers can access their fuel savings through the Walmart app; the savings never expire, and the discount can be applied every time they fuel up.

The discount on fuel via Walmart+ means that shoppers don’t have to spend a certain amount or use points by a specific date.

The five-cent discount is a flat rate, good for the life of the subscription.

Does Walmart Discount Work On Gas?

No Walmart discounts currently running work on gas; the only way to access the five-cent discount is to become a Walmart+ member.

In previous years, when Walmart was still playing around with its fuel discount structure, they had offered special promotions where customers could get 10 cents off each gallon.

For example, in 2012 and 2013, they ran four, or two-month promotions timed to benefit holiday travelers.

Gift card users got 10 cents off per gallon, while Walmart credit card shoppers received a full 15-cent discount!

Where Can You Use Your Walmart Credit Card For Gas?

If a subscription plan isn’t your thing, but you still want to benefit at Walmart and get fuel, you should consider the Capital One Walmart Rewards Mastercard.

There are a number of perks, but one of the choicest is that shoppers get 2 percent cash back when they use the card at Walmart and Walmart-affiliated fuel stations.

That cashback can then be applied toward gift cards, deductions on their credit card bill, and deductions on their online shopping at

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Walmart does not have gas rewards, per se, but rather offers a flat five-cent fuel discount at Walmart, Sam’s Club and Murphy USA participating stations.

Shoppers can access this discount via Walmart+, a subscription service that costs between $100 to $150 per year.

If you think it might be worth your time, Walmart currently offers a two-week trial membership so you can try it and see!

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