23+ Dollar General Statistics, Facts and Trends 

Founded in Scottsville, Kentucky, in 1939, Dollar General was introduced to America’s retail sphere with the concept that no item would cost more than a dollar.

In just over 50 years, Dollar General stores have become a billion-dollar franchise, with locations situated across the nation. 

So if you’d like to discover how Dollar General rapidly evolved, including up-to-date statistics, facts, and trends, read on! 

23+ Dollar General Statistics, Facts & Trends

The History of Dollar General

Dollar General Growth Statistics And Facts

Dollar General has become a retail hub within rural communities across the U.S., every day, thousands of Americans visit stores to purchase quality goods at low prices.

The company has undergone considerable growth over the years; let’s look at some memorable moments!

1. Rapid Financial Growth

Within three years of the first store opening in 1955, Dollar General generated annual sales of $5 million by the end of 1957, with sales made across 29 stores nationwide.

Financial growth did not slow down; by the end of 2000, sales at Dollar General exceeded $4 billion!

2. Dollar General Opened Distribution Centers Catering to Surrounding States 

Dollar General began investing in distribution centers in 1997, with the first one located in Virginia. Within 24 years, the company has expanded to reach rural communities by building 16 other distribution centers.

In 2003 Dollar General entered the grocery market; since then, the company has opened 9 centers facilitating fresh food.

There are currently 27 dry and fresh distribution centers, increasing vacancies and production across America.

3. Improving Fortune 500’s Rank Position

Fortune 500 ranked Dollar General at #459 in 1999. In just 20 years, the company steadily climbed its way to rank #112 in 2020. The company has earned its higher place on the esteemed list by increasing revenue by 7%-9% yearly.

Dollar General Trends

Dollar General has improved its reach by expansively setting up in many new locations, which has worked wonders for its overall income statistics.

With most Americans based just a short journey from a Dollar General store, it’s no surprise to see their growth! Continue reading for up-to-date statistics.

4. More Than 70% of Americans Live Within 5 Miles of a Dollar General

Currently, there are Dollar General-affiliated buildings in over 90% of states in America, including nearly 17,000 retail locations across 46 states (or 92% of states in America). This means that 70% of Americans live within 5 miles of a Dollar General store.

5. Plans to Expand Community Reach

In 2021, there are plans to build over 1,000 new stores, renovate 1,750 stores and relocate a further 100. 

Since Dollar General stores are often located in areas that experience economic hardship (as unemployment rates soar by 3%), consumers are more eager to shop their favorite brands at a lower cost.  

6. eCommerce Drives Sales

Intending to drive sales, Dollar General launched its online eCommerce site in 2011. Fast forward 9 years, and the Dollar General eCommerce site generated $375.5 million in net sales in 2020 alone.

This was widely due to the large range of products available online, from seasonal goods, pet care products, health and beauty products, toys, electronics, household commodities, groceries, auto and hardware tools.

7. Dollar General is The Leading Dollar Store in America, with Over $27 Billion in Sales Revenue

Dollar General turned over a more significant revenue than any other dollar store, overtaking Dollar Tree by $4.5 billion in 2020. 

Dollar General Employee Facts and Figures

Dollar General Employee Facts and Figures

The construction of additional stores and distribution locations introduces more significant opportunities to work. Read below for more information on employee statistics at Dollar General!

8. Dollar General Pays Above Minimum Wage

On average, store-based associates are paid $10.30 – $3.05 above the Federal minimum wage for adults. Typically, retail managers are paid between $9 and $12, while customer assistants are paid between $8 and $9.

Store workers are paid an hourly rate, usually every week. Forklift operators earn around $17 hourly. General Dollar General truck drivers can earn a salary up to $76,772 yearly, 7% above average rates.

To learn more, you can see our extensive post on much Dollar General employees makes.

9. How Many Employees Does Dollar General Have?

157,00 people are currently employed by Dollar General. For the previous 4 years, the company has seen a 4-6% increase in employment, and 2020 saw a rise of 5.95%, where Dollar General greeted over 10,000 new associates.

10. Dollar General ‘Takes Care of Its People’

Dollar General ensures their employees are covered with health and well-being benefits such as: 

11. Employee Satisfaction

According to Indeed, current and former employees averagely rated their job 3 out of 5 stars. Employees recommended Dollar General as a great workplace for those seeking part-time or flexible work. 

Dollar General truck drivers expressed their enjoyment of the job, rating their experiences 4 out of 5 stars, and stated they were satisfied with pay and benefits, alongside access to quality equipment. 

12. Dollar General Aims To Look After Employers Later In Life

Dollar General provides 401(k) savings and retirement plans for many of their associates. Employees can choose from various investment options and are faced with generous company matches with immediate vesting.  

13. Assisting Employees with College Entry

Dollar General’s university partnerships (The University Alliance Program) benefit from tuition discounts and deferred billing. Employees who take part in the schemes will be supported by customer advisors who can help you decide which path is most suitable.

14. Statistics Indicate Progressive Employees at Dollar General

Associates that are fully trained and committed to their job have the opportunity to climb the job ladder. The longer you are there, the more you will likely achieve senior roles; 75% of store managers were promoted from within the organization.

Dollar General’s Community Interest

Dollar General’s Community Interest

Dollar General believes in equal opportunities for all. While supporting communities with retail needs, the company has also created initiatives to support their lifestyle. Discover enterprises Dollar General offers below!

15. Dollar General’s Award-Winning Graduate Initiatives

The Dollar General Tuition Scholarship Program provides full-time employees with the opportunity to join reviewed tuition reimbursement programs, books, fees, or certifications. 

16. Millions of Dollars Are Put Towards Literacy Grants

$186 million has been granted to literacy organizations by the Dollar General Literacy Foundation, founded in 1999.

Grants help prepare youths with literacy support such as acquiring reading skills, preparing for high-school equivalency, and learning English.

In 2020 alone, over $4 million was granted, funding educators at nearly 850 schools, libraries, and non-profit organizations.

17. Thousands of employees entitled to ‘Better Life Wellness Programs’

Dollar General associates have access to legal assistance and counseling under the initiative. Employees can become involved with Healthy Lifestyle and Disease programs and Financial Wellness Support, including pet, home, and auto insurance.

Dollar General Market Statistics

Dollar General Market Statistics

Dollar General’s extensive efforts have positively impacted its annual revenue, with figures increasing yearly. But exactly how much are they making? Read on to find out!

18. Billion Dollar Revenue By The End of 2020

Statistics show that Dollar General generated $27.7 billion in sales revenue by the end of the 2020 Fiscal year. That equates to 8.31% sales growth from 2019.

19. How Many Items at Dollar General Are Just a Dollar?

Over 2000 health, food, and home items are priced at $1 or less at Dollar General stores. In comparison, you are more likely to find a more significant amount of $1 items at Dollar Tree; however, the shopping experience may not be as enjoyable.

Modernizing Dollar General Stores

To maintain convenience with every shop, Dollar General is continuously renovating hundreds of stores. Continue reading to find out how.

20. Digitizing Your Shopping Experience

Already, 45% of shoppers use digital tools from Dollar general when shopping. Using the Dollar General app, you can access the Cart Calculator, available in 75% of stores! You can calculate your shop’s exact cost, including tax and discounts, before reaching the check-out.

Digitally engaged customers are likely to spend twice as much. Over 300 stores operate a scan-and-go process..

21. Scan and Go Shopping Now Available at Dollar General

DG and Go enable you to scan items as you shop using your mobile phone at 100 stores. Skip the line and complete payment at the self-checkouts!

22. Download The Dollar General App For Free 

  • Earn digital coupons each week 
  • Select a DG pick-up time 
  • Keep a shopping list 
  • Cart Calculator 
  • DG GO!

Dollar General is currently modernizing stores across the nation to allow more customers to shop with the app.

Dollar General Transportation Statistics 

Transportation Statistics 

Dollar General sites are greeted by thousands of deliveries each day. If you’re interested in logistic statistics, carry on reading.

23. Truck Drivers Reach Dollar General Stores Every Two Minutes 

Statistics predict that tractor-trailers deliver to approximately 3,000 Dollar General Stores across America each day. Deliveries supply around 12,000 products in over 16,000 stores.

24. Growing Distribution Centers Reduce Travel Costs

The investment into the construction of a new distribution center in Nebraska aims to support states in midwest America. The center hopes to improve job prospects by 400.

To learn more, you can also see our guide on why Dollar General is so cheap, Dollar General franchises, and whether or not DG is owned by Walmart.


Dollar General has progressively shown its ability to quickly adapt to the modern world while maintaining its remit. The company shows superiority amongst other Dollar store competitors. Their vast expansion will improve employment rates in low-income areas and boost the economy. 

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