How to Report a FedEx Driver (All You Need to Know)

All over the world, FedEx is a name that’s synonymous with integrity and reliability. FedEx’s management and employees are dedicated to maintaining a high standard of business and personal ethics, such as being responsive when it comes to customer complaints.

More specifically, FedEx takes customer complaints about its drivers seriously. In this article, you’ll learn how to report a FedEx driver and what happens when you do, so keep reading to learn more!

How to Report a FedEx Driver in 2024

To report a FedEx driver, call FedEx customer support at 1-800-GoFedEx (1-800-463-3339). Alternatively, you can make a complaint to the local contractor the driver works for. When making a complaint, provide information about where the incident happened, the driver’s name, and give details about what happened. 

There’s a lot more to know when it comes to reporting FedEx drivers, so make sure you stay on this page for more useful facts!

If you want to file a complaint about a FedEx driver, you can call FedEx customer support at 1-800-GoFedEx (1-800-463-3339).

However, you might have better luck making your complaint to whichever local contractor the driver works for.

That’s because most FedEx drivers (especially Ground drivers) are actually subcontractors. As a result, FedEx can’t do much to discipline the driver.

Rather, FedEx will punish the contractor instead of the driver. If the contractor gets enough complaints, they will lose their contract.

Another way to file a complaint is to contact FedEx via social media.

This is an especially effective way to get attention if you have video or photographic proof of the incident and have exhausted all other potential channels.

What Can I Report a FedEx Driver For?

What Can I Report a FedEx Driver For?

As a FedEx customer, you have the right to report a driver anytime you think their conduct is unacceptable. Some examples include the following:

  • Leaving packages exposed to the elements (e.g. in a driveway or a front lawn) instead of bringing them to a protected area
  • Delivering a damaged package or failing to treat packages with care
  • Damaging property
  • Reckless or negligent driving
  • A rude interaction

What Information Do You Need to File a Complaint Against a FedEx Driver?

When filing a report against a FedEx driver (either to FedEx customer service or to a local contractor), make sure to provide the following information:

  • Information about the area where the offense happened. If you’re unsure, find out which ZIP code the driver delivers to.
  • Details of the incident. This includes information about the date and time of the occurrence, the address where it occurred, and a description of what happened.
  • Package information (e.g. tracking number, shipper, and recipient addresses)
  • Name of the driver who committed the offense, along with their license plate number and contact information (if available).
  • Video evidence of the incident (if available). While not required when making a complaint, video or photo evidence can greatly strengthen your claim

What Happens When You Report a FedEx Driver?

Because complaint types vary so much, it’s tough to say exactly what will happen when you report a FedEx driver.

Ultimately, it’s the driver’s supervisor who will make a decision about what to do. In some cases, they might give the driver a verbal warning.

In other cases, the driver might be written up, suspended, or even terminated.

If the supervisor decides to investigate the driver in more detail, they may contact you for more information. It’s also possible that you’ll receive an apology letter, email, or phone call.

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Luckily, most FedEx packages get delivered without any issues. Still, there are plenty of cases where FedEx drivers need to be called out for their misconduct. For example, you can contact FedEx customer service, the local contractor, or reach out to FedEx on social media.

It’s tough to say exactly what will happen after you file your complaint, but providing as much evidence as possible, including a description of the incident, information about the driver, and any video proof will help improve your chances of getting a favorable response from FedEx.

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  1. My experience with FedEx contradicts the assertions made in this article. I had no prior negative experience with FedEx, but quickly learned that if you have a very specific kind of problem they cannot and will not help you.

    So, on Tuesday I heard someone knock hard on my door. Since they didn’t ring the door bell it took me longer to get to the door, but I still made it in less than a minute. That was just enough time to see a FedEx vehicle drive off. I was confused because I wasn’t expecting a package from FedEx. I looked in the mailbox and there was nothing. I looked on the door and there was no Door tag. This experience repeated on Wednesday and so I tried calling to see what was going on. It was at this point that the problems really started.

    The automatic system will not allow you to speak to a real person if you do not have a tracking number or a door tag and if you keep trying they will permanently block your phone number. Afterwards we had to try another way to talk to someone using a different line and that at least allowed us to to generate a case number, but they still did not have any way to provide any information about the delivery attempt or even who it was from without the tracking number since their system isn’t designed for a reverse lookup.

    Since I expected a 3rd delivery attempt I waited by the door on Thursday, but no one arrived. I then saw a voicemail from an out of state number without caller ID information from someone who had my name and phone number and stated there was a package for me to pickup by Tuesday, but when I tried calling back I just got their automated system again and after a lengthy hold I basically just learned that if I don’t have a tracking number or a door tag I won’t be permitted to pick up my package and since the package was an hour drive away for me I couldn’t justify driving there to try anyway like I might if it was stored locally.

    I spent the next two days trying to figure out what the tracking number might be and eventually figured out that it was a package I ordered several months ago from another country which I did not expect to be delivered at this time or via FedEx, but once I had the tracking number I was finally able to see as well that the tracking history said that an attempt was made on Monday (making it 3 attempts), but I was home all day that day and no one knocked on the door or rang. I was at least able to schedule a pickup at a local facility so I will hopefully be able to pick it up there with a tracking number. I was also finally able to add more information to the complaint and with a tracking number in hand they actually took what I said much more seriously.

    So the problem is that while FedEx does state that they take every complaint seriously, and they certainly do in most case, they only do this for people who have tracking numbers and/or door tags. If the delivery driver chooses not to do their jobs properly and either not show up at all or show up, but not leave a door tag, the customer doesn’t have anything they can do if they don’t also have a tracking number.

    It’s possible that this oversight is because, typically, when a delivery attempt is missed a customer without a tracking number won’t even know about it if they aren’t home and therefore won’t complain anyway. Regardless, it really bothers me that if I couldn’t figure out what the tracking number was I never would have even been allowed to complain about not receiving my package and that if I wasn’t home I wouldn’t have even known that it happened at all until months later.

    What I suggested to FedEx was that they implement a system for taking pictures of door tags just like they take a picture of deliveries so that there’s proof of the delivery attempt. I reason that if drivers had to prove that they were there even if no one was home this would happen less. I also suggested that they stop blocking numbers of people without door tags and implement a reverse lookup feature for people in the situation that I was in.

    I asked them, “How can you make sure that drivers are doing their jobs at all if you have no system in place to verify that a delivery attempt was even made and no way for people to obtain information when this happens?” and the agent I spoke with at least seemed to agree that it’s a problem and agreed to escalate the matter. I also explained that since my partner regularly receives medical supplies which she depends on for survival that by blocking her number would prevent her from ever being able to call in the future if there is a problem with her shipments and it could be fatal. The agent agreed to send information to the team to unblock her number and to escalate my concerns about it blocking her number.

    In the meantime, what can you suggest for people in this type of situation? What are people expected to do when a delivery attempted isn’t made properly, they aren’t expecting a delivery so don’t have tracking information or a door tag, but know that someone was there because they were home to see them?

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