IKEA Return Policy For Damaged Furniture [All You Need To Know]

IKEA has one of the most generous return policies in the industry that allows customers to return items within 365 days of purchase.

However, you may be wondering what IKEA’s policy is regarding the return of damaged and broken items. Here is everything I have managed to find out!

IKEA Return Policy For Damaged & Broken Furniture

IKEA will accept returns of broken, faulty, and damaged furniture as long as the default was made prior to purchase or was damaged upon delivery. Unfortunately, IKEA will not accept returns of damaged goods and furniture items that were made by the customer, however, customers with an IKEA Family Card may be insured.

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Will IKEA Accept Returns Of All Damaged Items?

IKEA may not accept returns of all damaged items, especially if those items were damaged by obvious customer misuse.

Generally, IKEA only takes back furniture that has its original packaging and returns that are made with the original receipt or proof of purchase.

IKEA may take back items without these things and may even take damaged items, but this should not be depended on.

Additionally, if you have received a damaged flat pack or a broken item from IKEA, you will be eligible for a return as this was either made in the manufacturing process or when delivered.

What Happens To A Damaged Item After It Is Returned To IKEA?

A number of things can happen to damaged items returned to IKEA stores.

If you are returning an unopened item that is still in its original saleable condition, then the item will simply be put straight back onto the shop floor to be sold again.

For other items, such as those that have been damaged, they may end up in the ‘as is’ section of the IKEA store, where items that have been damaged or their price otherwise reduced are placed for resale at a significantly dropped price.

In order to be moved to the ‘as is’ section, the item must still be functioning, and damages should be superficial.

If an item is heavily damaged, or even fully recalled, then it is most likely that the item will simply be destroyed or recycled.

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Conclusion – IKEA Return Policy For Damaged Furniture

IKEA offers a very flexible return policy to their customers, allowing for up to 365 days for customers to make any returns on a number of items. This can, in some cases, even cover damaged furniture, especially if the item was clearly damaged during manufacturing.

Damaged returns may be discounted and sold in a special area of the store, or may be otherwise destroyed or recycled.

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