IKEA Price Match & Price Adjustment Policy (All You Need To Know)

IKEA prides itself on being able to offer highly competitive prices to its millions of everyday customers. From bathrooms to kitchens and bedrooms, IKEA can cater to just about every domestic need there could ever be!

However, you may be wondering if IKEA offers a price match or price adjustment policy and how it works. Here is everything I have managed to find out!

IKEA Price Adjustment Policy

IKEA does have a 45-day (90 days for IKEA Family members) price adjustment policy that allows customers to receive a partial refund on the price difference on items that have been reduced in price or put on sale after the purchase. IKEA does not send any alerts on price drops or changes, so customers have to track price changes after the purchase.

To learn more about the IKEA price matching policy and how you can save money when shopping at IKEA, keep on reading!

How Do You Ask For An IKEA Price Match Or Price Adjustment?

If you find that an IKEA product that you have purchased has recently had a considerable price drop, then you should head to your closest IKEA store and request a price match with the current price.

You must make sure that you have your receipt or other proof of purchase, as well as your method of payment if you have paid with a card.

If your purchase is verified, then you will be issued with money worth the difference in price between the original price and the new reduced price.

If you are receiving this money on a credit or debit card, you should expect it to take at least ten days for that money to reach your bank account.

Does IKEA Price Adjust All Products?

Unfortunately, IKEA does not price adjust all products. Here is a list of products and items that IKEA is not able to make price adjustments on:

  • As-Is products (items that are sold second-hand from IKEA)
  • Any furniture item or product that has been modified or changed after purchase
  • Custom kitchen countertops 
  • All bedroom linen products (pillows, duvets, sheets, pillow-tops, etc.)
  • Cut fabrics

Does IKEA Price Match Other Stores?

Does IKEA Price Match Other Stores?

Unfortunately, IKEA does not price match any other stores. This is mostly due to the fact that all of IKEA’s furniture and products are designed in-house and are exclusive to their stores. Because of this, IKEA cannot price match as no other retailers sell their products.

IKEA also likes to keep their prices matched on both their website and in-store, so price matching with local stores would be counter to this goal.

What Is IKEA’s Pricing Strategy?

IKEA aims to keep their prices low and affordable, to attract customers who need quick and easy furniture to cover almost every need.

They are able to keep their prices low for a number of reasons. IKEA furniture is mostly all flat packed and requires that the customer constructs each piece.

This saves IKEA the cost of hiring craftsmen and also saves them a considerable amount on delivery, as flat-pack furniture ensures that multiple items can be shipped in one go.

IKEA also makes use of recycled materials, meaning they can keep costs down and also help to do their part in protecting the environment.

Is IKEA Cheap Quality?

Although IKEA offers highly competitive and valuable prices to their customers, they do not skimp on quality.

This is reflected by their 365-day returns policy, which guarantees that customers will be offered a refund or exchange for any shoddy workmanship, which implies a degree of faith in their own products.

Of course, IKEA’s mass production and ease of access mean that their products don’t have quite the same prestige as something constructed by a craftsman and may not last as long.

However, IKEA customers have reported many years of satisfaction with a number of IKEA products, provided the products are taken good care of.

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Conclusion – IKEA Price Match & Price Adjustment Policy

IKEA will willingly price match their own line of products. If an item is reduced in price shortly after a customer purchases it at full price, then they are eligible to receive the difference as a refund.

IKEA does not price match with other stores.

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