Is Walmart Considered A Grocery Store For Credit Cards? (Full Guide)

Walmart’s grocery department generates over 30% of its total income each year. So many customers recognize Walmart as a grocery store, but credit card providers may think differently.

This may leave you wondering whether Walmart is considered a grocery store for credit cards. I’ll tell you all you need to know!

Is Walmart Considered A Grocery Store For Credit Cards?

Major credit card networks do not consider Walmart (except for Neighborhood Markets) as a grocery store as only 30% of products are groceries. American Express, Chase, Bank of America, Discover, and Visa credit cardholders cannot earn bonus grocery rewards when shopping at Walmart. 

If you’d like to know how you could still earn rewards by purchasing groceries at Walmart, read on! 

Is Walmart A Grocery Store For American Express?

Walmart superstores are not classified as grocery stores; therefore, American Express credit cardholders cannot earn rewards at Walmart.

On the other hand, Walmart Neighborhood Markets are considered grocery stores meaning bonuses are available. 

Additionally, American Express allows rewards when you purchase gas at a U.S. fuel station where the business’ primary sale is gasoline.

Because of this, customers of the Walmart-owned Murphy USA and Murphy Express gas stations can earn rewards. You will not receive bonuses when purchasing fuel from a station located on a Walmart store site.

Is Walmart A Grocery Store For Chase?

Unfortunately, Chase credit cards such as the Freedom Flex, Sapphire Reserve, and Sapphire Preferred cards do not generate rewards at Walmart as it isn’t categorized as grocery store.

Despite this, Walmart Neighborhood Market codes as a grocery store where Chase cardholders can claim bonuses.

Additionally, Chase includes Walmart-owned Murphy USA gas stations in the bonus category, so Chase customers can earn 1.5% cashback when their tanks.

Is Walmart A Grocery Store For Discover?

The Discover card does not include big box stores such as Walmart on their grocery list. However, Discover has started introducing 5% cashback bonus awards when you make a purchase on, including grocery pickup and delivery purchases. 

Furthermore, Discover cardholders can earn rewards at more than 700 Walmart Neighborhood Market locations as they are typically recognized as grocery stores.

Additionally, Discover customers can earn 1-5% cashback when they purchase gas using the Discover It card at Murphy USA fuels station owned by Walmart. 

Be sure to keep an eye on Discover’s cashback calendar for reward offers at Walmart.

Is Walmart A Grocery Store For The Bank Of America? 

Is Walmart A Grocery Store For The Bank Of America? 

Walmart is not incorporated on the Bank of America’s grocery store list as it is a multiple-category retailer.

Therefore cardholders cannot earn grocery bonuses at Walmart. Despite this, customers can still receive the regular cashback rate of 1% when making a purchase at Walmart, including groceries.

Similarly, Walmart Neighborhood Market is often recognized as a grocery store where Bank of America cardholders can receive rewards and 2% cashback.

Can You Earn Rewards On Groceries At Walmart With A Visa Credit Card?

Unfortunately, Walmart is not registered as a grocery store, meaning Visa credit cardholders cannot earn rewards. However, shopping at Walmart Marketplace could earn customers 3X back on groceries when using the PenFed Platinum Rewards Visa Signature Card.

Additionally, earn 5X back at gas stations, including Walmart’s associate gas station, Murphy’s USA, when using the Visa Signature credit card.

How Do You Earn Credit Card Rewards On Walmart Groceries? 

Customers can earn grocery rewards at Walmart when they use the Capital One Walmart Rewards Card powered by MasterCard. You could receive 2% cashback when you purchase groceries from Walmart stores.

Additionally, earn 5% cashback at, including pickup and delivery for groceries. Use your rewards to cover the purchase of groceries from

If you regularly shop at Walmart, this credit card would be a more suitable alternative than the Discover It card, where the 5% cashback offer is only periodic. 

Alternatively, customers can earn rewards using the Walmart Rewards Card used exclusively at Walmart stores, online, the Walmart app, and Murphy USA gas stations. Receive 5% back when you purchase groceries at the listed locations.

Why Isn’t Walmart A Grocery Store For Credit Cards?

Credit card networks such as American Express, Discover, Chase, Bank of America, and Visa do not consider Walmart a grocery store. Consequently, credit cardholders cannot earn grocery bonuses.

Customers miss out on grocery rewards as credit card providers attach their own merchant category code (MCC) to Walmart. Walmart’s MCC is not a ‘grocery store’ as they sell products from over 70 alternative departments.

What Are The Best Grocery Stores For Credit Cards?

Suppose you’re looking to earn grocery bonuses with your credit card. In that case, you’ll need to visit a supermarket located in the U.S.

Stores such as ALDI, Meijer, Trader Joe’s, Whole Foods, FreshDirect, ShopRite, and Stop and Shop are just a few examples.

Specialty merchants that solely sell products such as fish, meat, cheese, and wine, do not typically qualify for rewards.

Can I Use My Credit Card For Groceries At Walmart?

Yes, Walmart accepts credit card payment methods from Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express providers online and in-store.

However, customers cannot earn rewards when they purchase groceries at Walmart. International credit cards are not accepted at Walmart. 

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Conclusion: Is Walmart Considered A Grocery Store For Credit Cards?

No, Walmart is not solely categorized as a grocery store as they sell goods from multiple departments. Therefore, Discover, American Express, Visa, Bank of America, and Chase credit cardholders cannot earn additional bonuses. Earn rewards Walmart Neighborhood Market as it is a grocery store. Receive grocery awards with the Capital One Walmart Card.

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