Kohl’s Clearance Return Policy (All You Need To Know)

Clearance sales offer an excellent way for customers to purchase a variety of items at incredibly low prices, but retail stores that offer these sales generally place restrictions on the return of such items.

So if you’ve bought an item in a clearance sale at Kohl’s, you may be wondering whether Kohl’s will allow you to return it for a refund? Here is everything I’ve found out about Kohl’s clearance return policy!

Kohl’s Clearance Return Policy In [currentyear]

Kohl’s allows clearance items to be returned within 180 days of purchase as of [currentyear]. Customers don’t require a receipt to make the return, as Kohl’s will grant the refund on store credit. Additionally, Kohl’s will base the refund on the lowest sale price of the item in the last 13 weeks.

If you want to learn more about whether you can exchange clearance items at Kohl’s, whether you will get a refund for returns made without a receipt, and much more, keep on reading!

Can You Exchange Kohl’s Clearance Items?

Kohl’s will allow clearance items to be exchanged, as long as they are brought back into the store within 180 days of original purchase.

Additionally, customers must be able to provide proof of purchase via a receipt or alternative look-up method to get the item exchanged.

However, if a customer is unable to provide proof of purchase, Kohl’s will not offer an exchange for that item and instead will only give store credit.

Can You Return Clearance Items To Kohl’s for Kohl’s Cash?

If customers used Kohl’s Cash to purchase clothing and other merchandise on clearance, they will be refunded with Kohl’s Cash as long as it is still valid.

Note that Kohl’s Cash must be used within ten days of being issued, and within the month of issuance as well.

So if a customer is returning clearance items purchased with Kohl’s Cash after the promotion has ended, they will be refunded with regular cash, on their credit/debit card, or on store credit.

Can You Return Clearance Items to Kohl’s Without A Receipt?

Can You Return Clearance Items to Kohl’s Without a Receipt?

Kohl’s allows customers to make returns without a receipt, as long as the return is made within 180 days of the original purchase.

In this case, Kohl’s will refund clearance items with the lowest sale price of the last 13 weeks and place the refund on store credit.

Because of this, it is recommended that Kohl’s customers keep their receipts and/or pay with a credit card if they are purchasing clearance items since this allows associates to track the purchase easily.

Do You Need A Credit Card To Return Clearance Items To Kohl’s?

Kohl’s does not require clearance items to be purchased with a debit or credit card.

However, it is recommended that customers do so in order for Kohl’s to be able to access their purchase history when they come back for a return.

If a Kohl’s customer does not use a credit/debit card and does not have the receipt on hand when making a return, they may not receive their entire refund on store credit.

Will Kohl’s Grant An Even Exchange For All Clearance Items?

If a customer is returning their clearance items to the same Kohl’s location they purchased them, Kohl’s will allow an even exchange as long as the customer has a receipt or proof of purchase.

However, not every Kohl’s location will use the same prices for clearance items, as each district sets its own prices based on past sales.

So if you’re returning your clearance item to a different Kohl’s location and the prices are different, you may not receive an even exchange.

Instead, you will have to process a return and then repurchase the item.

Can You Return Clearance Items To Kohl’s Through The Mail?

Kohl’s considers its clearance items to be regular store items and so allows mail returns of any clothing, jewelry, shoes, or other items that are in a clearance sale.

According to Kohl’s customer service, the return must be mailed within 180 days of the original purchase.

Note that Kohl’s does not allow mail returns of its premium electronics that have been added to clearance.

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Conclusion: Kohl’s Clearance Return Policy

Kohl’s clearance return policy states that any clothing, shoes, or other items on clearance may be returned within 180 days of purchase with valid proof of purchase for a refund or exchange.

In case a customer does not have the receipt or did not purchase the item with a credit/debit card, they will only receive store credit equal to the lowest sale price of the item in the last 13 weeks.

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