Rite Aid Dress Code (Jewelry, Hair, Tattoo Policies + More)

Whenever you start working for a new company, it only makes sense to worry about the dress code. Not only will dress codes dictate what you wear for much of your time, but they can also be a serious hurdle for some employees.

Just like every other company, Rite Aid has a dress code. To learn about their dress code, keep reading below to see what else I discovered on this topic!

What Is the Rite Aid Dress Code In 2024?

Company-wide, Rite Aid does not have a dress code in 2024. For that reason, dress guidelines seem to vary a lot from store to store. Managers can set their own dress codes, and some of them are stricter than others. For the most part, people usually wear blue polos and khaki pants. However, it can vary slightly.

For more information on tattoo policies, pharmacy tech dress codes, and differences between stores, keep reading!

Does Rite Aid have a Uniform?

Rite Aid does not have a specific uniform. However, it does have a dress code that varies slightly per store location.

In most locations, employees usually wear khaki pants and a blue polo shirt.

For the most part, all employees at the company wear the same thing, including the supervisors. Assistant managers also wear the same uniform.

Usually, none of them just wear business attire and dress in a more casual manner.

Does Rite Aid Provide a Uniform?

Currently, Rite Aid does not provide a uniform. Instead, you have to purchase your uniform separately.

Therefore, the company is not extremely specific about your uniform. However, you do have to match its general requirement of khaki pants and blue polo.

Rite Aid does not provide you with money for your uniform, either. Therefore, you need to consider the cost of the uniform when you make your purchase.

Do Pharmacy Techs Wear Scrubs or a Uniform?

For the most part, pharmacy techs usually wear a uniform that looks just like everyone else – not scrubs.

However, there are some reports of pharmacy techs wearing professional attire instead of the usual uniform. For instance, there are some reports of techs wearing a tie.

Therefore, it seems to vary depending on the exact store.

What Is Rite Aid’s Policy on Tattoos and Piercings?

Generally, the company allows all piercings in “good taste” (nose studs must be stubs, for instance). However, Rite Aid does not allow rings, as there are safety concerns.

However, what can count as good taste depends on the manager. There is no company-wide policy on piercings, so it mostly depends on the exact manager and store.

When in doubt, it’s recommended to speak to the manager of the local store about what is allowed.

The tattoo policy also varies from store to store. In many cases, stores may disallow all visible tattoos and require that they are covered up.

However, in other circumstances, your manager may allow some tattoos. Again, there is no company-wide policy, so it is determined store-by-store.

What Is Rite Aid’s Shoe Policy?

What Is Rite Aid’s Shoe Policy?

Most stores are not very specific about the shoe policy, but they typically don’t allow open-toed shoes for safety purposes.

With closed-toed shoes, your toes are protected if you drop anything on them.

However, beyond that, Rite Aid typically allows you to wear any shoes.

With that said, some Rite Aid stores only allow brown or black shoes. Therefore, while you can always wear any kind of shoe, they have to be a specific color.

What Is The Hair Color Policy at Rite Aid?

Once again, it depends largely on the hair color policy of the specific store, and there is no company-wide recommendation.

Therefore, you’ll need to ask the specific manager of that store for their policy.

Some managers have specific guidelines for hair color, but for the most part, it seems that most Rite Aid stores don’t mind colored hair.

Can Rite Aid Employees Wear Hats?

Hats are typically not allowed for most employees who work at Rite Aid. However, the exact dress code does vary from store to store, some may not allow hats while others do.

Furthermore, some Rite Aid managers may allow employees to wear hats during certain weather conditions, but this depends on the area.

Does Rite Aid Provide Scrubs?

For the most part, Rite Aid does not allow scrubs and does not provide them. Instead, all techs that work at Rite Aid wear the same uniform that everyone else wears.

Furthermore, Rite Aid does not sell scrubs. The company does sell some clothes occasionally, but scrubs do not usually appear among the clothing selection. 

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For the most part, Rite Aid employees wear a blue polo shirt and khaki pants. They are also given a light blue smock to wear over the polo, which usually has some sort of store branding.

All employees have this uniform, including the pharmacy techs. However, it may vary slightly from store to store, since all managers set their own policy on clothing.

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