Subway Tip Policy (All You Need to Know)

Subway is known for their range of fresh food options that are completely customisable depending on a customers preference, meaning some customers may wish to tip their sandwich artist for the service they perform.

That being said, you may be wondering what the Subway tip policy is, if you should tip Subway Sandwich artists who prepare your food, and how much you should tip. I’ve done the research, and here is what I have learned about the Subway tip policy!

Subway Tip Policy In 2023

If you wish to tip Subway workers, a recommended tip is around 20% in 2023. Tips at Subway are often split between all employees on the shift, unless specifically designated for an employee. As Subway workers are paid a full wage, many do not request tips, though tips meant for one specific worker will usually be granted.

For more information about the tip policy at Subway, including if employees get tips, if Subway managers are allowed to take tips, if you should tip Subway curbside and more, then keep reading to learn more!

Do Employees Get Tips at Subway?

As Subway is a franchise, it is dependent on the specific store whether or not they have a designated tip jar for customers to show their appreciation.

If Subway has a tip jar, the amount inside is usually split between the employees working the shift. However, if a customer gives a tip to a specific Subway employee, they will usually be permitted to keep the full amount.

Are Subway Managers Allowed to Take Tips?

Depending on the state which the Subway store is located in, there may be laws pertaining to how employers are allowed to handle tips.

For example, California law prohibits employers taking any tips, meaning that tips left for Subway workers within this state must be split between the workers, usually those who have worked the relevant shift.

Therefore, researching your state laws regarding tipping and the Subway policy of your franchise is the best way to ensure you are receiving what you are entitled to while working at Subway.

Do You Tip Subway Curbside?

Do You Tip Subway Curbside?

It’s your choice whether you choose to tip Subway Curbside, though tipping is a common protocol to show your appreciation for a worker. However, you are recommended to check if your local Subway franchise can accept tips before you offer one.

While there is no obligation to tip Subway curbside, if you choose to tip, a recommended amount is around 10% of your total order.

Should I Tip at Subway?

The general consensus for tipping is that you should tip anywhere you attend regularly as this can often mean better service. If you frequent a Subway location that allows tips, it can be recommended to show your appreciation for their work.

In contrast, many online customers have stated that tipping is not necessary at Subway as they do not perform many of the actions that are commonly rewarded, including table service, checking the status of the food, and cleaning after customers leave.

As Subway is a fast food chain, it lacks the elements of formal dining that often require tips, leading many to suggest you do not need to tip at Subway.

As well, Subway employees are paid a regular working wage and therefore do not have to rely on tips for their livelihood. However, if you regularly visit your local Subway, tipping can be a polite gesture.

Can Subway Employees Accept Tips?

Subway stores have different policies regarding tipping, depending on the state, location and the policy within that Subway franchise.

Therefore, always check with your local Subway franchise what their policy on tipping is. You can either tip all the Subway workers using a tip jar, or specify an employee you would like your tip to be given to.

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There is no set tip policy across Subway, as the franchised stores may have different policies depending on state requirements. Therefore, if you wish to tip at Subway, it is best to check their tip policy before you donate.

Additionally, tipping for Subway service or curbside service is not necessary, but can be a nice way to show your appreciation for the staff and their services if it is a location you frequent regularly.

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