Target Underwear Return Policy (Underwear, Bras, Lingerie, No Receipt + More)

Target has established itself as one of the leading retail chains in the U.S. and sells a variety of undergarment items at its 1900+ stores, including underwear, bras, and even lingerie.

You might already know about Target’s clothing return policy, but what if you want to return underwear to Target? Here is everything I’ve found out about Target’s underwear return policy!

Target Underwear Return Policy

Target accepts returns for new and unused underwear within 90 days of purchase, with a 1-year return window for Target-owned brands. Used or worn underwear is not accepted for hygiene reasons. You can return underwear without the receipt if you have alternative proof of purchase.

If you want to learn more about the underwear return policy at Target, whether you can return underwear without a receipt, and what kind of items you can return, keep on reading!

Can You Return Worn Underwear To Target?

Since underwear is an intimate item, it cannot be returned to Target if worn due to hygiene reasons.

Any underwear, including socks, must be in new condition and returned within the 90-day returns window (or 365 days for Target-owned brands).

Additionally, the Target customer service team states that new and unused items can always be exchanged for a different size or color, and returned for a full refund.

However, if you have accidentally purchased underwear in the wrong size, and the item is in its original packaging, then you will be able to return it for a refund or exchange.

Note that there is a great emphasis on the policy that the items must not be worn.

Can You Return Bras To Target?

While Target does not specifically mention bras in its return policy, it does state that any unworn clothing can be returned.

Make sure to keep the tags and labels attached in order to return or exchange the bra for another size, since you might have to try the bra on to check the size.

Other than that, you should also retain your original receipt.

Can You Return Lingerie To Target?

Target does not mention lingerie specifically in its return policy, but our research suggests that the same policy for clothing and underwear applies to lingerie sets.

It is likely that a lingerie set in new and packaged condition will be accepted for returns.

Can You Return Underwear To Target Without A Receipt?

Can You Return Underwear To Target Without A Receipt?

If you no longer have the original receipt from the purchase, Target will still accept your return if you can provide alternative proof of purchase such as the packing slip.

Additionally, Target stores can attempt to look up your receipt for in-store and online purchases using the details from your original payment method.

However, there is no guarantee that your receipt will be found even with the help of the store.

In cases where it cannot be found, Target may offer you a refund in the form of a merchandise return card.

Additionally, this can only be used at Target, and is issued for returns that are accepted, but where no proof of payment can be found.

If you use the Target app or have a Target account online, you may be able to find your receipts there, so it is worth checking out before you visit the store.

Can You Return Underwear To Target After 90 Days?

According to employees on online forums, Target may accept returns for underwear after the 90-day return window is over as long as the item is unworn and you have the original receipt.

However, this is at the discretion of individual store managers, who may or may not accept the return after 90 days.

Additionally, you will have an additional 30 days after the 90 to return underwear if you paid using the Target RedCard, i.e. you can return underwear within 120 days after the purchase.

Target-owned brands allow for a full year during which you can return the item at any time.

How Will You Receive The Refund?

You will receive the refund back onto the payment method you used to purchase the item.

Expect 1-3 days for refunds to a third-party credit card and 1-2 days for a Target RedCard.

Moreover, you may have to wait for up to 5 days to get the refund if you returned the item through Target’s Online Returns Center.

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Target’s return policy for underwear allows returns of underwear, bras, and lingerie within 90 days of purchase, 120 days if you used the Target RedCard to pay, and 1 year if you bought a Target-owned brand.

However, as these are classified as intimate items, there is a stricter return policy in that any underwear must be brand new, unworn, and must have the tags attached.

It is best to arrive in-store with your receipt and your original method of payment for an easy returns process.

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