Walmart Drone Return Policy [Simply Explained] 

There isn’t much you won’t find at Walmart, from high-tech gadgets, electronics, and even drones!

However, if you are looking to purchase a drone from Walmart or have recently bought one and it’s not right for you, you may be wondering what the Walmart drone return policy is. Here is what I discovered.

Walmart Drone Return Policy

Walmart accepts returns of drones (DJI Phantom, DJI Mavic, DJI Mini, Vivitar, etc.) within 30 days of purchase. Walmart customers should ideally bring the drone in with all packaging, accessories, and a receipt to receive a full refund. Without these, customers may be eligible for store credit only.

If you’d like to know whether Walmart returns drones without a receipt and how to do it, keep on reading!

How To Return A Drone To Walmart?

To return a drone to Walmart, you will need to package the product with all its accessories (blades, remote, case, batteries, booklets, etc.) in the original box before bringing it to Walmart.

Additionally, Walmart only allows returns of drones within 30 days of purchase or delivery. However, you still can return products after this time frame, but it is quite tricky (see more below).

Once you have the drone packaged, bring your receipt (if you have one), the card you purchased the drone with, a valid government-issued photo ID or online order email, and visit the customer service returns desk at your local

After a Walmart associate has verified and processed your return/exchange, you can expect to receive the funds within 3-5 business days.

Can You Return Drones That Have Been Opened?

Yes, Walmart generally allows customers to return opened drones (DJI Phantom, DJI Mavic, DJI Mini, Vivitar, etc.) if the customer is unsatisfied.

One thing to note is that you must return the drone within the appropriate time frame, along with the necessary proof of purchase documents. 

Additionally, Walmart will happily provide a full refund or replacement when a customer opens a damaged or defective drone.

However, if you have caused damage to the drone, your request may be denied. Walmart can often send broken drones to the manufacturers for repairs when you bring them to the store.

Do I Need A Receipt To Return A Drone To Walmart?

Do I Need A Receipt To Return A Drone To Walmart?

Yes, customers will need a receipt or online order number to return a drone at Walmart. The decision of whether to allow a no-receipt return is entirely down to the store manager. 

Without proof of purchase, associates can usually scan the drone’s barcode to see whether it is eligible for return. Customers will need to provide a valid form of photo ids, such as a passport or driver’s license to authenticate the transaction.  

Verified customers are entitled to cash if the transaction was less than $25. Otherwise, the value of goods worth $25 or more will be loaded on a Walmart gift card. Alternatively, you may exchange the drone for another item.

How Do You Return Drones To Walmart By Mail?

Open your online Walmart account to access your recent order history. Select the drone you no longer need for either a refund or replacement, followed by the reason for returning.

Elect ‘return by mail’ as the method. Print and attach the free shipping label to the drone package.  

Post Walmart returns from your local USPS or FedEx location. Customers can expect the overall process to take 2-3 weeks. Refunds and replacements begin to process once the drone has returned to Walmart.

Can You Return Drones Purchased From Walmart Marketplace?

Yes, customers can return drones purchased from Walmart Marketplace. Third-party merchants operate their own policies; however, Walmart’s guidelines allow customers a minimum of 14 days to return a Marketplace-bought drone.

Locate third-party merchant information by the drone’s online product information under ‘sold and shipped by.’ Most Marketplace drones are returnable in-store, via mobile express, or by mail. Customers should note that they may need to pay shipping fees for returns.

To learn more, also see our guides on returning cameras, appliances, TVs, and headphones to Walmart.

Conclusion: What Is Walmart’s Drone Return Policy?

Customers have 30 days from purchase or delivery to return a Walmart drone. Head to the store service desk, Mobile Express Returns lane, or via free mail to complete a return. Walmart will issue a refund, replacement, or repair. Ensure to bring your store receipt or online order number. Walmart will accept opened drones in a returnable condition. 

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